Friday, April 13, 2007

Live Action and Donkin the Mookie

The Bellagio is an absolute zoo with the Five-Star Tournament in town so yesterday's live action was the $2/5 $1000 max at the Venetian. They had a main game running when I got there and quickly the list filled up so they started a must move game on the 2nd table. Most of the table bought in for around $500, so I started there but as a couple others sat I bought up to $800.

I only got involved with one hand at the must move when I raised four limpers to $35 from the button with KJo got one caller and saw a flop of K83. He checked I made it $50 he called, turn was a T and he leads into me for $100 leaving only $50 or so behind. I folded and he showed KT so I dumped $85 but saved money on the lay down.

After only 30 minutes or so I got moved to the main game which had a good amount of money on it. There were three stacks at about $2000-$2500, and three stacks at around $1000-$1200 and the rest were like mine around $700. I played there five hours and was card dead basically the whole time, I saw only three pocket pairs, one AK sooted and the rest mostly garbage. I open raised a few times with hands like 57, or 8T just so I didn't seem like some local rock, and those hands mostly broke even either wining on a C-bet or seeing such an ugly flop with too many callers that I surrendered the hand.

I did float on one guy that was a decent player and I picked up a few small pots whenever he didn't fire the second bullet but that was really it as far as playable hands until I got in the mix on this particular juicy pot.

There is an EP limper then a tightish Asian dude makes it $20 from the Hijack, CO who I'd been been floating on calls so I call on the button with Ad3d. Both blinds and the limper call so the pots is $120. The flop is Ah 8d 5d. Decent enough, TP shitty kicker but a nut flush draw, lets hope I can see a turn cheaply enough.

It checks around to the CO who makes it $75 to go. Now I'm in somewhat of a tough spot because do I reraise here on my draw or do I call and hope that none of the four who checked don't check raise it and take away some of my odds. I decide to call with the intention of reraising if one of these guys makes a play on the pot. Both blinds fold, the initial limper calls the $75 and the initial raiser folds so I got my odds only having to put in $75 into what is now a $340 pot.

Turn is the Jd. Very nice. The initial limper makes it $150 and CO mucks. Now with three diamonds on the board my immediate thoughts are how much do I bet so I get this guy to call. If I push I'm almost certain he mucks so this is not a time to overbet for value, and I also want to leave some money behind in case he also has a flush and might just push in instead of calling me and it also might have given the appearance I was weak and trying to steal the pot. I had about had about $600 or so left behind me and he had about $550.

I decide to make it $350. He instantly jams and of course I call. He has a set of 5s gets no help on the river and I take down about a $1450 pot. Now IMO he made a huge mistake on the flop by not check-raising the two $75 bets. I'm not a fan of check-raising flops but if ever there was an opportunity to do it this was it. With $275 or so in the pot and even having only bottom set he definitely should have made a move as you would have to think one of the six players who saw a flop in drawing to the flush. If he raises the two $75 bets to $250, he probably gets two folds and takes down a nice sized pot. Now I'm also a huge fan of slow playing and trapping but its always situational and this was definitely not the time.

That was about the only significant hand I got involved with. The game was tight for a while and then as a table we agreed to put a live straddle on so the game loosened up quite a bit. My cards were crap and I took a shot with some speculative hands pre-flop but nothing clicked. Still for having barely any cards I hit that one big pot to have a winning session.

On to the Mookie from Wednesday. I made a bad call that resulted in losing my stack and it was such and obvious play I was kinda pissed at myself for falling for it.

I had JJ in SB. The blogger in the CO raises 3.5x and I call. Now in the SB I'm not reraising this hand and really I'm hoping to either flop a set or that they have AK, AQ or some smaller pocket pair and miss the flop and they'll let go of the hand post flop. We see a T high flop HU. The pot is $360 I think and he bets $180 at it. Now this is where my first red flag should have been. A half pot C-bet means either I hit the flop hard or I have KK or AA and I'm setting a trap.

I check-raise to $375. This is a basic move for info. Did he have AK and miss or does he have a hand. Well he waits and waits and lets the timer move down and re-raises me. Duh. Thats one of the most obvious plays in the book, acting as if its a tough decision and jamming right before the timer expires. Now combine that with the half pot C-bet and the hand screams AA or KK.

Now here is how stupid my play is. I type in the chat box AA? Then I type in fuck it lets gamble. I push in my remaining chips and he of course turns over KK. If I fold the hand I still have 950 chips and its plenty early that I could have gotten back into the tournament without having yet to be on push monkey mode.

Online I've found 90% of the time players will play a hand exactly as described above. If you find yourself in a situation where you have a half-pot C-bet, then a stall until the timer is gone followed by a jam, don't be dumb like me, fold to the AA or KK. Its a blatantly obvious play.

That's it. Live poker today and tomorrow followed up with Sunday's Big Game.


At 12:48 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

I love reading your live game reports. Good stuff.

"and I take down about a $1450 pot."

When you are raking in the chips, just how good does it feel to pull that big ass pot in ?

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Honestly man, in about 20 months of playing mostly every night online, I don't recall a single instance where someone let the timer run down to almost nothing before raising, and then didn't turn out to hold a monster. Just like you said, that truly is one of the oldest tricks in the book and we should never fall for it.

Funny enough, I remember being eliminated from a WWdN against another blogger when he basically typed into the chat something like "well F it I want to go to bed anyways" before putting in a huge allin over-raise into a pot on the flop. It was so goddam obvious that he had a set or something that it's not even funny, and I knew it then and there. Just like you, I typed into the chat that I knew he was strong. But then, just like you, I made the call anyways. Two minutes later I was sitting on the rail, thinking what an effing schmuck I am. Gotta love it.

Great post as always.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Fuel55 said...

Crazy a set of fives is pure evil - but nice POT!

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Raveen said...

nice pot...presto=devil

At 7:19 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Can you explain how a player like myself, could play that hand differently? Suggest a way I could disguise my hand a bit better, and still maximize my winnings? I think I played it ok. I guess it is the size of my c-bet? I actually don't remember my bet on the flop, but maybe I should have made more of a pot-sized bet to make it look like I was just firing with air...

I'm not sure if I should be offended or not... LOL I know I won a bounty and to be honest I think that is where my head was at the time. Take out the BACK TO BACK defending champion.

Poker is so mind bottling...

Good luck tonight, I wish I could be there. I have a token and everything ready to go. However, I have a soccer game AND more importantly the Canucks are playing game three against Dallas.

At 3:43 AM, Blogger Veneno said...

I finally donated to the Big Game. So do I get a gigli prize?


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