Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's been a fun run in the BBT but I think at most I'll only be playing a couple more events so hopefully you can cancel any wagers you made on me with Blinders and you have still have time to load up on some of the other competitors on the leaderboard. Here's the deal, the WSOP starts on Friday and for the next two months I will be playing live poker almost every single day.

This is the two months that besides all the big-time pros the rooms are filled with donkeys from all over the planet, taking their shots at tournaments and testing their meddle at the cash games. Give me a Euro calling station or an internet hotshot with their hats, sunglasses, and ill-timed check raises and I hope to have a couple bricks of $100s when its all said and done. It's time to get my lazy fat ass from the convenience of my comfy office chair and into the poker rooms of Vegas.

I plan on playing mostly cash games but I'll also be taking some shots at single table SnGs, which if successful I plan on both trading the lammers for cash and for a couple WSOP events. I'm going to try to play at least two $1500-$2000 events and I'll also take a couple shots at the Mega satellites in the hopes of winning a Main Event Seat for cheap. Here is a list of daily SnGs as well as the Mega-Satellites to be played at the Rio and if you were here last year you'll probably notice the addition of two and three tables events. Since there is no third-party registration this year, the organizer have given the players many more options at qualifying for the WSOP events.

Last year you could trade any lammers won in single table SnGs, except for the $1060s, and get 100% cash value back from most anyone planning on buying in for cash. It's kind of a courtesy for those not wanting to play in the WSOP but wanting the cash instead and there is a good number of players who only play satellites just for cash. One of the dealers I know from MGM takes a six weeks leave of absence and plays in nothing but single table SnGs and he did extremely well last year profiting some $30K in those six weeks.

Now the Mega-satellites are for Main Event seats only and those lammers are non-transferable so if you are going to play in any of those make sure you know that you can only win a seat to the Main Event and that you can't sell those. I'm assuming that also like last year, any SnG that pays a $10K prize is also non-transferable. So plan you're SnGs accordingly.

Also if you are in town, and I know a lot of you bloggers are planning to attend the Summer Classic, Venetian, Caesars, and Binions all have daily deep stack tournaments lined up to catch a lot of the overflow of tournament donks. I've been talking to the King of the Donks and throughout the month we will be hitting up some of those non-WSOP tournaments in the hopes of catching a decent score.

I did have a decent run in the $400K on Sunday finishing 215th for a $415 cash. What's nice is that I won a token playing a Tier I SnG for $8.70 then used that token to play a $26 satellite where I qualified for a seat. That made the $400 slightly better although it took three hours to win the seat and four hours before I was eliminated so it was a long boring day of folding cards basically.

The June Big Game will be played on Sunday July 1st and it will be the last scheduled tournament, the Grand Finale if you will, before the to be determined freeroll concludes things. Hopefully we can get 58 players and break the $4000 mark for the highest blogger event on record.

That's it from here. I'll keep you updated with the goings on in Vegas for the next two months and with my results and also some interesting hands I see at the live tables. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and good luck to those fighting it out at the top of the BBT.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Don, good luck kicking some serious arse on all the cash donkeys coming to Vegas. I was in Vegas during the WSOP two years ago and I thought there were donks then... and considering I was much more of a donk back then, for me to think that (and have a very profitable week), I know you'll be raking in some serious dough. I'll be looking forward to seeing the posts from some of the live game recap.

At 1:07 AM, Blogger jamyhawk said...

Good luck, although you don't need it. You know how to get the donks money. I'm looking forward to stories from the next couple of months so keep posting. And keep working on those "summer school classes". You never know when you might pick something up from them.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

Can I be your fish wingman?

I'll hunt you down on Tuesday.

At 7:01 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Does that mean you are actually going to leave the house once in a while or are you going to somehow figure out a way to play live poker from home?

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Good Luck Don.


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