Friday, June 29, 2007

A Big Big Game

Nothing spectacular but it's a start. Folded for two hours, doubled a couple times, and got up to 30th or so with 80 left. I tried to steal from the hijack with J9 sooted and was cold called from some donkey on the button. Flop came Jxx I jam he calls and turns over...thats right the all mighty KJ and I'm crippled. I linger for a while and finally jam K6 into BBs AQ. Seriously though, how the fuck does anyone cold call with KJo? I've seen a bunch of you bloggers do it so maybe one of you can explain the reasoning here because I'm totally baffled.

This should be a great weekend of live cash game action. Today I'm heading down to the Bellagio fairly early in hopes for a couple racks and tomorrow will be spent at MGM which usually rocks all day on Saturday. Sunday will be an online day trying to get some MTTs dollars and Sunday night will be the greatest blogger game of them all, the Big Game.

58 players for a $4000 prize pool and 73 players for a $5000 prize pool. Get those tokens and if not just buy straight in. No way anyone should miss out on what will be the biggest blogger prize in history.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

It is What it is

Nothing tilts me more than some assclown chasing a three outer in the Mookie and when he luckily hits tries to explain how astute his play was. Of course I blew up the chat box but it's mostly and act and a way to vent off a little steam. So thank you Mookie for hosting such a fine event.

I've been chasing a big score in MTTs lately and it has not gone well. Bad plays, bad timing, and bad luck have kept me from going deep into something like the 50/50. After my Venetian near miss I really feel like I can get deep for a big score in an online MTT. But I've had to adjust my mindset. I was getting a little pissy because of the bad results in these MTTs and I have to understand that this is the norm and unless you are KOD big scores don't happen every day.

Speaking of KOD I've had a lot of conversations with him about tournament strategy and his recent post explains pretty much how he plays the donkfests and really who am I to argue. Now what I find funny is guys who refute his posts based on how they play MTTs. You can't play too tight, you can't get blinded down, you are a pussy if you just play to cash, and when the situation calls for it you have to open shove any two cards. I'm going to listen, if you donks don't then stop crying at how you occasionally go deep but get blinded out and run A rag into a higher A rag. A closed mind in poker is slow death.

Anyway I've been financing my MTT run by killing the cash tables lately. Now I've been a little pouty/frustrated by the MTTs but yesterday I finally rememembered I'm a cash game player and thats my bread and butter. So now instead of getting upset with MTTs I will realize that these are exclusively for a big score and if I lose so what.

Check out this recent run playing $200 NL.

Its not a lot of hours but I try to play two hour of highly focused sessions and what the key has been is to play totally opposite of the table style. If its a bunch of lagtards I play tight and if it's all nits I'm the lagtard. You can see the difference in VP$IP for the different sessions and my preflop raise % coincides. Adjust to the games and play the opposite style and bust open these online cash games.

A shout out to new blogger Jamyhawk who is from my hometown of St. Louis. Go check out his blog and tell him wassup.

Big Game this Sunday. Be there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still Here

I always have the intention of posting but for some reason I just can't find the time. Surely I jest. I have more time than probably anyone on here yet my posts are about once a week. Sorry to let down the handful of readers who make their way here only to think, "That lazy fuck hasn't updated again?" My July resolution is to post three times a week so you unfortunates in places like Iowa or New York can get a taste of living the life in Vegas. Enough bullshit lets move on to the real bullshit.

I have not been to the Rio in two plus weeks. The cash games there are so hit and miss and too many tournament donks at one table makes for a brand of poker I try to avoid. Let's play five streets maybe? It's also like playing online in there are usually two or three shorties just waiting to find a spot to jam all their chips in. So back to the strip I've gone.

Most all the poker rooms on the strip are rocking, with action all day and night long. MGM has 10 $1/2 games and 4 $2/5 games running by 2pm. We went to the Bellagio Saturday at 2pm and the list was 60 players long. We bagged that and went to Caesar's where it was also packed with $1/3 and $2/5 games. The Venetian is running their deep stack MTTs and the cash games, which don't start until 4pm of so due to the need for the tables, are very juicy. It's a great time to live in Vegas.

There have been a number of people who have come into town, with a few more on the way, and I've found myself at times playing some $1/2 while having some cocktails and what a difference between that and the $2/5 I've been used to playing. The games are very passive where probably 75% of the pots have 5 or more limpers seeing the flops. So if you hit something on the flop you can have some fun and hope to get paid and if not you muck. Any raise of the standard $12-15 screams JJ-AA or AK. I found myself getting in a rut playing this way instead of being the aggro donkey and slapping the limpers around. Play the opposite of the table right?

I'm down about $130 since last weeks sudden departure from the Venetian Final Table which is not too bad since I've taken a couple tough beats on the river. I had 8T on a 8879 board that I bet hard all the way only to see a 3 on the river and I lost to 83. I got in a nice three way pot with KK vs TT vs AJ on a 9624 board only to see an Ace on the river. Nice play lady, way to get all your money in the middle on a pair draw. I also ran QQ into a set of sevens that some guy played very well, making me think he had TP and a busted flush draw. That cost about $300 so all things considered I shouldn't be complaining.

Here's a quick recap of the Venetian albeit a week late. I still have a bad taste in mouth and if you look at the payouts you can see why.

Very first hand of the day I get Ac Kc sooted in MP. I raise and its HU with me and the SB. Flop comes Ad 6d 4h. I bet he calls. Turn is a Ks. I bet he calls. River is a 9d and he makes a huge overbet and I muck. Right away I'm down $2K and chips but I don't see how I can make the call there because if I was wrong I'm down $5500 on the first hand.

I manage to chip up to $12K or so and get involved in a big hand with AK again only to lose on the river to an all-ins KQ. Now it's right before the 2nd break I'm down to like $3K in chips and in the BB I'm going to be forced to go all-in. There is a raise, then an all-in so I go all-in in the dark figuring I can triple or go home. Intial raiser folded so I'm HU and I turn over 4d 6d. He shows only Js 7s. Flop is Qs Ts 3d. I start to gather my shit, turn is a Ad river is 7d and I hit the miracle runner-runner to stay alive. Three hands later I pick up JJ and double again vs 99 and I'm right back in it.

KOD who had busted checks on my progress a couple times and we both think I'm going to be done at any moment. He's playing cash and thinking about playing the 2nd chance but somehow I linger for about 3 hours with right around 12K in chips. Just before dinner break I get AA and in EP and raise and get one caller in the SB. Flop comes 9 high and he jams into me. If he has a set I'm done but I have to call and he turns over TT and double. Somehow I make the dinner break with 27K when average is 52K.

I get blinded down to about $22K in chips and my initial table finally breaks. I know its time to make a move to either double or I'm going to be done soon so within the first orbit at my new table I get 7h 8h in the SB. I decide fuck it I'm going to resteal with this hand because it will live, its sooted, and I'm not going to blind out like a pussy. It folds around to the button who I barely have covered and he open jams right into me. Of course his range could be anything so I call and he gets the Oh Fuck look and turns over 63o. Too fucking funny. He's a total internet donk and he starts going on and on about how the fuck do you call that, you fucking donkey, you're an idiot and as I pair my 8 and he goes home. That had to be one of the funniest moments in my poker career listening to him whine and carry on while I stack his chips.

Three hands later I pick up JJ and I jam over UTG +1 who had raised 3x. The guy goes into the tank, probably thinking I'm a donkey after showing 78 and finally calls with 77. My JJ holds up and fuck I double again and I'm at 90K in chips. I text KOD with the update and I'm sure he was thinking alright he finally busted but no I'm right in this mess.

I bleed off some chips get moved again and in late position I find AA. Some tilt monkey who had blown off 100K in chips on bluffs jams his remaining stack into me with K4 my hand holds and I'm up to $120K. We finally get in the money and then we get down to 27 and redraw to three tables of nine. I try to steal twice but face resteals so I have to fold both times. Some eurodonk open jams the button into my SB and since he's short and could have anything I call with A6. He turns over 94o. Nice! Flop comes A62 and I'm in great shape. Turn is a 9 River is a 9. No fucking way. The table gets real silent at the sick beat and I have a little tirade. Man was I fucking pissed.

Next hand it fold around to the button who jams and I have no choice but to once again call from the BB in the dark. He turns over 88 I turn over J6. I catch a 6 on the flop J on the turn for the suckout and I'm still alive. Three hands later my the eurodonkey with the running 9s raises and I look down to see QQ. He turns over KQ my hand holds and I double once again. I steal a few more pots and we close day one with 17 left and me with $255K chips. Man what a good feeling to bag chips for the first time in my life.

You've all read what happened at the Final Table but Day One was quite a roller coaster ride. Three forced all-ins and they all won. How lucky is that? Three brutal sucks outs how unlucky is that? So things evened out really and I was able to survive way longer than I ever though possible. It was also a great experience to get that far in a MTT, make a final table and play for $80K. It doesn't make me want to play a WSOP luckbox lotto event but it will have me searching for big scores in some of the good local tournaments here in Vegas.

For instance looks at this event, The Orleans Open and look at the fantastic Structure. KOD and I will take shots at the NLHE events and I'm sure the $500 and the $1000 events will have $75K+ first prizes so who knows. Maybe the Venetian was a prelude to something bigger?

Alright enough rambling from me. Some of us are playing the Bellagio on Friday and either MGM or Caesars on Saturday so hopefully I can get the live cash game rolling again. Don't forget about those tokens for this Sunday's Biggest Big Game Ever.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Disappointing 10th

Blinds are 20,000/40,000/5000. Donkey with about 475,000 min-raised to 80,000, I shove for 365,000 with Ac Qc and donkey goes in tank, before finally makes a crying call saying, "I think I'm priced in." and turns over Qd Td. Flop comes Th 4d 3s, turn is Tc, river is a blank and I'm done in 10th place.

We decided to make the final table ten-handed so officially I made the final table but what a fucking disappointment. I win that hand I have $830K in chips and I'm in position to make a run at a very timid final table. So instead of playing for an $80K first prize I get $3K after tip.

I was playing to win though. Yes the money would have been nice and every step up meant I lot more money but unlike many I play to win. I was basically short at the final table and first two hands on button and CO I open shove without looking. Then came the fateful hand. Most of the players were only playing premiums and with a bigger chip stack, I would have been the aggressor at this table and I really felt like I could have good very deep.

Oh well. For a cash game player like myself I was nice to get a taste of going deep in a bigger event. The structure did suck as it got late and I think it's much better to play online MTTs for big scores even though I'm a much better live player. So it's back to the cash tables with the KOD this weekend as we seek out the donkey tourists to build our bankrolls one stacking at a time.

I'll try to go into more detail about the tournament and hands but right now I'm still just a bit disappointed to go through it.

One a bright note, I came home and played the blogger $200 cash game that thankfully appears to be a regular thing and I made $325 in two hours so that will be my satellite into a couple $50/50s and other MTTs as I try to carry my live momentum online.

Reminder, go get those tokens. The Big Game should have an all-time high prize pool and its certainly an event nobody should miss.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Going to Day Two at Venetian

Man 14 hours of playing tournament poker especially when many levels of it are push monkey fun time, and I'm beat. I got sucked out on, I sucked out, it was a absolute roller coaster ride all day and night long.

I think we started with 536 and I go back tomorrow for the final two tables with 17 of us left. First place is a just a shade north of $79K. If I bust out first I only get around $2200 so some hopeful good luck and timing is going to make the difference in pretty large sums of money. Luck and Timing.

I have $256K so I'm not that far below average but we'll be ballin' with blinds at 8000/16000/3000. The Venetian structure is not as deep as it may sound and where they really get you is in the antes. It will also be very interesting to see how the play is once both tables get short-handed.

I'll do a more extensive write-up when the deal is closed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ballah Bayne

Congrat to the bad ass ballah Bayne for taking down River Chasers last night and effectively locking up the BBT Championship. I got to spend a lot of time with him during blogger weekend and he's definitely a classy guy. Continued success Bayne.

I went out in 11th when on the button five-handed I jammed AJ sooted right into the all powerful 99. A 9 on the turn and I just miss the final table. It figures that beat was coming because I was open pushing any two and had gotten away with 28 sooted and 95o the previous two hands. Oh well you have to win those coin flips and at least it wasn't some vicious suck out like usual.

Tomorrow I'm playing the $540 at the Venetian with this Bad Ass. The fields have still been full so I'm going to take a crack at the $90K first prize. Wow would that cake look good in my bankroll and it would give me plenty of cushion to start to regularly sit in the $5/10 uncapped games which are always juicy. Not much would be more fun than to crack some nits AA with 68o for a few thousand.

Speaking of that, Tuesday while playing $2/5 I took a beat with AK vs a shorties AQ when a queen spiked on the river but I then busted AA with 45o and followed that up with winning a big three-way pot with 46 sooted making a hidden straight. Lately I've really been concentrating on seeing flops as cheaply as possible and widening my range in position. By widening I'm playing one, two, or three gappers between 4-T which I've found work perfectly in a tight game.

Most all the nits are playing premiums and the good thing about having position with mid range cards is they are easy to get away from if you miss the flop, you can push people off hands when they miss ahead of you, and when you do hit two pair or straights, most people don't see it coming. Win big pots lose small pots is the mantra right now.

What I do find humerous is my table reputation is fairly tight and I've also wrongly been called weak-tight by various donks and bloggers. So its always fun to be open raising and hitting 68o against players who think I only play premiums. I've also picked up my post flop aggression, allowing me to get to more turns, which is where the big money in cash games is won or lost. My mind set is good and I'm running well after a slow start to the WSOP so lets see if I can keep it going.

Alright go win $12K this Sunday during the 100 seat giveaway. Best thing about that is Full Tilt will give you the cash so you can pad your bankroll with $12K instead of dropping $10K on a lottery ticket known as the Main Event. I'm hoping to satellite in myself so maybe I'll see some of you on Sunday.

And finally the Big Game is set-up for July 1. Start working on those tokens now. This addition of the Big Game will be the final points event of the BBT and a we are hoping for the biggest prize pool in blogger history. 58 players give us a $4K prize pool and $1400.70 for first place and 73 players gives us a $5K prize pool and $1611.84 for first. This is big money we're talking about here so help spread the word.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do You Like Waffles?

Wow, it's been almost a week since my last post. Seems like I haven't been home in a few weeks with most of my time spend either grinding, railing, or having a blast during blogger weekend. After a slow start I'm starting run well so hopefully the momemtum can continue through the rest of the month.

Let's start with Congrats to Hoyazo, SprStoner, and LJ for their cashes at the WSOP. Well done.

Man was Buddy Dank Radio the shit last night. I was laughing my ass off listening to the tunes and the shit talking and like everything else us bloggers come up with it will get better and better every week. Tune in. I think I'm going to make Wednesdays my day off so I can enjoy in all the festivities. Oh congrats to the host for his win also.

I, like usual, took some shitty beats and went out in 25th I think. Nothing like getting your money in ahead over and over and not having your hands hold up. Last night is was a three outer and a naked flush draw that put me on the rail.

The blogger weekend was sensational. No real write-up for me although Hoy did the weekend great justice in a post earlier this week but 8-10 hour multiple sessions of $1/2 at the MGM with my good friends was a complete blast. Yes the donkeys got us on Friday but we more than made up for that when we steamrolled all the non-blogger donkeys on Saturday. I played $1/2 again Monday at the MGM with Chad and LJ and had another good session.

I have found the games at the Rio are much tougher than I thought they would be. Yes there are some tourists but all the local grinders like myself are out and about there is not as much dead money as expected. So basically it's been back to the strip for me for the softer cash games. Chad and I are giving the Venetian $550 another go either Friday or Saturday and I'll also mix in some cash games at MGM, Bellagio, Venetian, and the new donkey palace Treasure Island.

Word I'm getting about TI is the play is horrible. The game is $1/3 with a $500 max buy-in and having those deeper stacks makes for more cash to be won. I'll give you a report about that place early next week.

Okay I'm still getting caught up with things so that's it for this post. I have some interesting hands to post about and I'll start working on some of those later this afternoon.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Venetian $540

Congrats to Hoyazo for making the money in the six-handed WSOP event. Nice job bro.

I played in the Venetian $540 today and busted 90th out of 563 entrants. First in this bad boy was $90K, a very healthy payday, with top 40 coming in the money. Final hand was AQ. Blinds were 1000/2000/300 Hijack made it $8000, I jammed on a resteal. The chip leader in the BB wakes up with KK. Hijack folded Ax so I miss a two outer.

This is why tournaments are frustrating. Nine hours of play zero payout. I make a good play on the resteal and I get unlucky. Oh well, I really did enjoy playing in this event and I will definitely take some more shots in the near future at one of these big payouts.

I stayed aggressive most of the way through, including stealing for three levels when I was absolutely card dead to stay even, I won a crucial coin flip in Level 6 to double up and get slightly above average, and I did a good job of stealing and restealing at least once an orbit as things started getting late. Also I only had to open push in late position twice to stay alive in Level 6 which was right before the coin flip, so I played well enough to mostly stay out of danger.

My game and this structure works out well I think, and I really feel I can final table one of these before too much longer. Some good luck and timing in the later stages are the key. Man get a stack and lean on the tighties as it approaches the bubble and you can really build a stack to go deep. Soon!

Back to cash tables for a little while tomorrow afternoon, then blogger fun tomorrow night and Saturday. I've see a few people, I look forward to seeing the rest tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Back to Even

The games are slightly better than I thought they'd be although I'd still consider them soft since there are usually 3-5 super donkeys at any table. Just about every sharp I know from all the poker rooms I frequent in Vegas is playing at the Rio. Shit the other day before I knew it we had eight local ballahs at one table before we all decided to mix it up. The word from those experienced is as the WSOP continues the softer the games get so I'll see first hand if that is true or not.

So with all that said, yesterday I finally pulled myself back to even for the WSOP after two rocky starts. The progression has been from good hands getting beat, to card dead small losses, to card dead small wins, to good hands getting paid off.

Friday things started so promising. Within the first hour I got AA in the hijack raised it, get re-raised by the CO, I smooth called, flop came 8c 8d 9d, I jam, he goes in the tank finally says I think you have AK and calls. I turn over my Aces he turns over JJ. So right away I'm thinking this is gonna be sweet.

I while later I get QQ UTG. I make it $25 to go and get two callers. Flop comes Tc 7s 2d. I lead out for $50 and get min-raised to $100 by a good player. The other guy folds and I give this one some thought. Mostly good players will slow play a monster here and most tournament donks re-raise or check-raise with their monster so I thought maybe he was making a play but I was still somewhat leary that he had a set so I just call. Turn is 4d. I check he bets $75 into a $275 pot and I muck my QQ face up. He was stunned and turned over TT for a set. "How the fuck do you lay that down?" he complained. I told him straight up, "Your a good player and you were trying to trap, a min re-raise and a huge underbet?"

Very next hand in BB I have T3. This guy raises to only $15 gets four more callers so with odds I call. Flop comes Ah Td 3c. I check, he bets out $45, it folds around and I call. I put him on Ax and since it's HU I decide to slow play this one. Turn is a 6h, I check he checks. Shit, I was going to check-raise him on the turn and he peels one off instead. River is and 8h making it three to a flush and also a possible straight. I lead out for $125 thinking I'm golden here and he thinks a minute and calls. He turns over 88 for a rivered set. Fucker catches two sets in two hands. Just like that I'm back to even.

Next fun hand, I get Ah Kh and raise it to $25 only to get five callers. Flop comes Ac 9h 4h. I bet $75 next guy pushes all-in for $550 more. Talk about an overbet. It folds around to me and I'm like fuck oh well, I gotta call, he turns over A9 I go brick brick down a buy-in. So from up $500 to down $500 in just a few short hours.

I rebuy, chip up a bit and we play another fun hand. I get Kd Kh in the BB. UTG leads out for $30, it's called in four spots, I make it $150 to go and get one caller. So I'm thinking alright, either QQ, JJ, or AK. Flop comes Ts Js Qs. WTF!?
Should I just muck these fuckers now? I make it $200 to go, he check-raises me all-in. I muck and he shows my AK for flopped broadway. Looking back I probably should have just checked that hand down or folded as soon as he bet because I really don't see how I didn't get outflopped there.

That was an unfortunate day to wind up down as much as I did but sometimes that happens. Now that I'm back to even overall though it's like starting fresh all over again. Hopefully I can get some traction and make today profitable, hopefully using the cash game as my satellite into tomorrows $540 at Venetian. Obviously I'm mostly a cash game player but I look forward to the change of pace, and I'm actually a decent live tournament player so the sights will be set on Final Tabling that bad boy which is the first step to taking down that $50K first prize.

Hope everyone is staying profitable I look forward to seeing some old friends and making some new friends this weekend. Also don't forget to dress warm, it may be 100 degrees outside but its always very cold inside.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Venetian Rocks

The WSOP at the Rio is back to semi-normal this weekend and it should be smooth sailing for pre-registration and satellites. I will say this, the cash game area has precedent much to my delight.

Tournament donks get the outdoor tent with their overflow, cash game players get indoor tables in our own little isolated corner in the far back, tournament donks get the old shitty controversial cards, cash game players, even us low limit grinders playing 2/5, get the nice old school cards that you can read clear as day. We also have chip runners and drink servers at our beck and call, and its only a short jaunt to the pisser, which is right outside our doors. All the hype and bullshit follows the tournament donks us cash gamers get left alone to grind away hour after hour.

Alright, the Venetian is very much happening and in my opinion it a must stop if you're coming to town any time soon especially if you want to play a tournament. Check these counts out; Friday $550 319 entrants, Saturday $550 396 entrants, today $1060 309 entrants. For 10K in chips and 40 minute levels these are some very serious prize pools. $52K for the winner on Saturday and $85K for the winner today.

How is this for a comparison. Enter a tournament with a field of 2998 donks for $1500, play for three days, final table, take a bad beat and go out in 8th place you get back $55K, enter a 396 player tournament for $550, take that bad boy down, get $55K. It's a no brainer. Also they have $80, $130, and $240 single table satellites where two players get seats so you can get in on the cheap. One $240 victory can get you in two separate events. The cash game are rocking here too, Saturday afternoon they had three $5/10 NL and eight $2/5 NL games going so there is plenty of variety.

I do know that Iak, Tool 55, Weak, Chad and myself are playing the $550 on Thursday. If you get here early you'll know where to find us.

Go see one of the coolest guys on the planet for more insight on the comings and goings over at the Rio. I did scoop you on the Poker Kitchen though Pauly. Also congrats to Carmen for landing a gig at this fine site. If anyone is looking for a another online tour to play go check out Gadzooks and find out all about the Poker Sluts.

BTW I took today off. Some BBQ, Sopranos, margaritas, made for a nice a nice break and good prep to at least the next nine days at the felt. I didn't do any hand histories yet but I'm going to start writing them and once a get a handful together I'll post them all at once. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend and I hope to have made some decent scores by then.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

WSOP Day One


That's the only way I can think to describe Day 1 at the WSOP. Two hour lines to play in SnG satellites, five to six hour lines for tournament registration, delayed starts in both Event 1 and Event 2.

Event 2 which was the casino employees event started 90 minutes late and many players got shut out because the registration lines were so long. No bullshit five to six hour waits and at some points the lines stretched from the tournament room, down the long hallway and out the door, to almost the valet parking area. As you can imagine lost of players were pissed.

I'm sure you've all heard by now about the playing card controversy. Players were threathening to stop playing and management had to get new cards into play. It was impossible to tell between a six or a nine unless you actually counted the pips. I was playing cash and they finally gave our table new regular decks at around 5pm.

They do have new plasma big screens for the cash games with the electronic waiting list, exactly the same as what they use at the Venetian. The only problem was it took management about 15 minutes to fill empty seats at the cash tables so really what good it the list. I would suggest to anybody wanting to play cash games to find the limit game you want to play and just take an open seat. If anyone asks, and I doubt they will, just say they sent you over. At first there was an absence of chip runners but they got that problem solved early so it was easy enough to get chips. Just sit your ass at the table of your choice and start playing.

Cocktail service was outstanding in the cash area, but I have no idea how it was elsewhere. The had servers walking around with trays full of bottle water and cans of Red Bull so all you had to do was stop one and you got that beverage. If you ordered drinks or coffees they were there within minutes. That I'd have to rate as excellent.

They have a grill where you can get burgers, pizza, and salads just outside the main room but the only problem is they're cooking right in that room, which is really a conference room so there are no vents and the smoke was thick when I went in to get a bite. I can only imagine the fire marshalls stop that shit real quick. How the fuck can you cook burgers and chicken sandwiches inside but not in a kitchen but a conference room.

Oh well, it's Day One and what will either happen is that Harrah's management will get things figured out or it will get much worse. Regardless the room will be packed and the world series will go on.

I have about five interesting cash hands from today that I'll post on Monday. I'm already curious to here some comments on how those were played. I'll get something else posted this weekend to see if things get any better tomorrow.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Prelude to the WSOP

Started the warm up for the WSOP with two sessions at the Bellagio with mixed results. I lost the first day and won the second day for a slight net loss. The Bellagio has been absolutely packed with all the pros playing some sick games and lots of donks in town for the start of the WSOP.

Besides the Big Game I saw some name pros playing $200/$400 mixed game, $50/100 NL, 75/150 O8, all with sick stacks. Heck even the $100/200 stud and the $40/80 mixed games that the no-name pros were playing had some sick stacks and action. It's somewhat funny looking at our baby $2/5 game with stacks in the $500 to $1000 range compared to all the other monster games with their green and black chips.

Nothing too crazy as far as hands went. Wednesday I lost a decent pot with AJ vs JT when a player called my reraise and turned his T and then lost some chips when I had to lay down an overpair to aggression with what turned out to be a set. Other than that I was card dead and didn't get to mix it up too much.

Yesterday, I caught KK in the SB and made it $60 to go after 5 limpers and UTG called getting us HU. Flop came T72 I led out and he reraised me. Only thing that beat me was a set and I only set I considered was TT. He didn't have much money behind him after the reraise and after consideration I figured at best he was drawing so I reraised him forcing him to commit the rest of his chips with ATo. This was some internet donk here for the Saturdays $1500 so you see what you're facing. What did he put me on? He was probably playing his own cards and didn't put me on anything is all I can think but how do you limp UTG then call that big of a raise preflop with ATo?

I like asking everyone who sits down at the table where they're from and are they here for the WSOP. When they answer yes and you watch them play for a few minutes you can insteadly see that unless they get lucky they are dead money. One got me yesterday when I had an overpair on 7d 6h 2h flop, I bet he called, turn rag, I bet he called, river a 7 and he jams right into me. I went in the tank and folded and he proudly showed Ah 7h. Chasing a flush with with shitty odds and hitting trips is one of those minefield hands and my reads live are still very good so even though I got away from the river bet that hand cost me what should have been more profit for the day.

I will say this, I'm glad I'm concentrating on live poker again. I'm lazy and I got in that play online rut for convenience and I'm glad thats behind me. The action is too good and live play is so much better because its so much easier to read players and to spot their tells. I'm counting on big results in the next two month and with the WSOP going on I'm confident I'm going to get them.

Have a nice weekend.