Thursday, June 28, 2007

It is What it is

Nothing tilts me more than some assclown chasing a three outer in the Mookie and when he luckily hits tries to explain how astute his play was. Of course I blew up the chat box but it's mostly and act and a way to vent off a little steam. So thank you Mookie for hosting such a fine event.

I've been chasing a big score in MTTs lately and it has not gone well. Bad plays, bad timing, and bad luck have kept me from going deep into something like the 50/50. After my Venetian near miss I really feel like I can get deep for a big score in an online MTT. But I've had to adjust my mindset. I was getting a little pissy because of the bad results in these MTTs and I have to understand that this is the norm and unless you are KOD big scores don't happen every day.

Speaking of KOD I've had a lot of conversations with him about tournament strategy and his recent post explains pretty much how he plays the donkfests and really who am I to argue. Now what I find funny is guys who refute his posts based on how they play MTTs. You can't play too tight, you can't get blinded down, you are a pussy if you just play to cash, and when the situation calls for it you have to open shove any two cards. I'm going to listen, if you donks don't then stop crying at how you occasionally go deep but get blinded out and run A rag into a higher A rag. A closed mind in poker is slow death.

Anyway I've been financing my MTT run by killing the cash tables lately. Now I've been a little pouty/frustrated by the MTTs but yesterday I finally rememembered I'm a cash game player and thats my bread and butter. So now instead of getting upset with MTTs I will realize that these are exclusively for a big score and if I lose so what.

Check out this recent run playing $200 NL.

Its not a lot of hours but I try to play two hour of highly focused sessions and what the key has been is to play totally opposite of the table style. If its a bunch of lagtards I play tight and if it's all nits I'm the lagtard. You can see the difference in VP$IP for the different sessions and my preflop raise % coincides. Adjust to the games and play the opposite style and bust open these online cash games.

A shout out to new blogger Jamyhawk who is from my hometown of St. Louis. Go check out his blog and tell him wassup.

Big Game this Sunday. Be there.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

LMAO at 40+ VPIP for 113 minutes. Holy cow! That's too funny.

Btw, funny you mention because the guy that caught the inside straight, he's my friend and he forwarded me the hand saying there was a lot of "discussion" after the hand. Once I saw who was involved, I started laughing. I responded to his email saying "Don must have been pissed."

Btw, has the "z" worn off your keyboard? Seems like you were using it more frequently last night... :)

At 11:54 AM, Blogger WillWonka said...

Who knew.. Another St Louis player. We are everywhere.

Yeah, I hate it when the z button gets stuck during an exciting headsup match.... lol


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