Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still Here

I always have the intention of posting but for some reason I just can't find the time. Surely I jest. I have more time than probably anyone on here yet my posts are about once a week. Sorry to let down the handful of readers who make their way here only to think, "That lazy fuck hasn't updated again?" My July resolution is to post three times a week so you unfortunates in places like Iowa or New York can get a taste of living the life in Vegas. Enough bullshit lets move on to the real bullshit.

I have not been to the Rio in two plus weeks. The cash games there are so hit and miss and too many tournament donks at one table makes for a brand of poker I try to avoid. Let's play five streets maybe? It's also like playing online in there are usually two or three shorties just waiting to find a spot to jam all their chips in. So back to the strip I've gone.

Most all the poker rooms on the strip are rocking, with action all day and night long. MGM has 10 $1/2 games and 4 $2/5 games running by 2pm. We went to the Bellagio Saturday at 2pm and the list was 60 players long. We bagged that and went to Caesar's where it was also packed with $1/3 and $2/5 games. The Venetian is running their deep stack MTTs and the cash games, which don't start until 4pm of so due to the need for the tables, are very juicy. It's a great time to live in Vegas.

There have been a number of people who have come into town, with a few more on the way, and I've found myself at times playing some $1/2 while having some cocktails and what a difference between that and the $2/5 I've been used to playing. The games are very passive where probably 75% of the pots have 5 or more limpers seeing the flops. So if you hit something on the flop you can have some fun and hope to get paid and if not you muck. Any raise of the standard $12-15 screams JJ-AA or AK. I found myself getting in a rut playing this way instead of being the aggro donkey and slapping the limpers around. Play the opposite of the table right?

I'm down about $130 since last weeks sudden departure from the Venetian Final Table which is not too bad since I've taken a couple tough beats on the river. I had 8T on a 8879 board that I bet hard all the way only to see a 3 on the river and I lost to 83. I got in a nice three way pot with KK vs TT vs AJ on a 9624 board only to see an Ace on the river. Nice play lady, way to get all your money in the middle on a pair draw. I also ran QQ into a set of sevens that some guy played very well, making me think he had TP and a busted flush draw. That cost about $300 so all things considered I shouldn't be complaining.

Here's a quick recap of the Venetian albeit a week late. I still have a bad taste in mouth and if you look at the payouts you can see why.

Very first hand of the day I get Ac Kc sooted in MP. I raise and its HU with me and the SB. Flop comes Ad 6d 4h. I bet he calls. Turn is a Ks. I bet he calls. River is a 9d and he makes a huge overbet and I muck. Right away I'm down $2K and chips but I don't see how I can make the call there because if I was wrong I'm down $5500 on the first hand.

I manage to chip up to $12K or so and get involved in a big hand with AK again only to lose on the river to an all-ins KQ. Now it's right before the 2nd break I'm down to like $3K in chips and in the BB I'm going to be forced to go all-in. There is a raise, then an all-in so I go all-in in the dark figuring I can triple or go home. Intial raiser folded so I'm HU and I turn over 4d 6d. He shows only Js 7s. Flop is Qs Ts 3d. I start to gather my shit, turn is a Ad river is 7d and I hit the miracle runner-runner to stay alive. Three hands later I pick up JJ and double again vs 99 and I'm right back in it.

KOD who had busted checks on my progress a couple times and we both think I'm going to be done at any moment. He's playing cash and thinking about playing the 2nd chance but somehow I linger for about 3 hours with right around 12K in chips. Just before dinner break I get AA and in EP and raise and get one caller in the SB. Flop comes 9 high and he jams into me. If he has a set I'm done but I have to call and he turns over TT and double. Somehow I make the dinner break with 27K when average is 52K.

I get blinded down to about $22K in chips and my initial table finally breaks. I know its time to make a move to either double or I'm going to be done soon so within the first orbit at my new table I get 7h 8h in the SB. I decide fuck it I'm going to resteal with this hand because it will live, its sooted, and I'm not going to blind out like a pussy. It folds around to the button who I barely have covered and he open jams right into me. Of course his range could be anything so I call and he gets the Oh Fuck look and turns over 63o. Too fucking funny. He's a total internet donk and he starts going on and on about how the fuck do you call that, you fucking donkey, you're an idiot and as I pair my 8 and he goes home. That had to be one of the funniest moments in my poker career listening to him whine and carry on while I stack his chips.

Three hands later I pick up JJ and I jam over UTG +1 who had raised 3x. The guy goes into the tank, probably thinking I'm a donkey after showing 78 and finally calls with 77. My JJ holds up and fuck I double again and I'm at 90K in chips. I text KOD with the update and I'm sure he was thinking alright he finally busted but no I'm right in this mess.

I bleed off some chips get moved again and in late position I find AA. Some tilt monkey who had blown off 100K in chips on bluffs jams his remaining stack into me with K4 my hand holds and I'm up to $120K. We finally get in the money and then we get down to 27 and redraw to three tables of nine. I try to steal twice but face resteals so I have to fold both times. Some eurodonk open jams the button into my SB and since he's short and could have anything I call with A6. He turns over 94o. Nice! Flop comes A62 and I'm in great shape. Turn is a 9 River is a 9. No fucking way. The table gets real silent at the sick beat and I have a little tirade. Man was I fucking pissed.

Next hand it fold around to the button who jams and I have no choice but to once again call from the BB in the dark. He turns over 88 I turn over J6. I catch a 6 on the flop J on the turn for the suckout and I'm still alive. Three hands later my the eurodonkey with the running 9s raises and I look down to see QQ. He turns over KQ my hand holds and I double once again. I steal a few more pots and we close day one with 17 left and me with $255K chips. Man what a good feeling to bag chips for the first time in my life.

You've all read what happened at the Final Table but Day One was quite a roller coaster ride. Three forced all-ins and they all won. How lucky is that? Three brutal sucks outs how unlucky is that? So things evened out really and I was able to survive way longer than I ever though possible. It was also a great experience to get that far in a MTT, make a final table and play for $80K. It doesn't make me want to play a WSOP luckbox lotto event but it will have me searching for big scores in some of the good local tournaments here in Vegas.

For instance looks at this event, The Orleans Open and look at the fantastic Structure. KOD and I will take shots at the NLHE events and I'm sure the $500 and the $1000 events will have $75K+ first prizes so who knows. Maybe the Venetian was a prelude to something bigger?

Alright enough rambling from me. Some of us are playing the Bellagio on Friday and either MGM or Caesars on Saturday so hopefully I can get the live cash game rolling again. Don't forget about those tokens for this Sunday's Biggest Big Game Ever.


At 1:01 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

well played Don. you got some cojones.

that Orleans structure looks awesome.

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Don, hasn't the BBT taught you anything? FOLD TO THE POINTS! ;-)

At 1:26 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Doh, just missed the the hell are you gonna win Player of the Year now? Ha...

The Orleans structure looks really good. Not as deep as Venetian but is the blind structure/time better?

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Chad C said...

HAHAHA, Mookie the Venetian "Deep Stack" crap is way overrated. Those tournaments are all in fests from 5pm till the next day. If you don't double twice before 5pm you are screwed! Unless you are Don, in which case you can ride the short stack and win every forced all in until you are chipped up. We all can't be Don though.....

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

At 8:58 PM, Blogger cmitch said...

Nice work - sucks to go out so close to the big payouts, but you can't fault your play - just unlucky.

I'm putting together an excel spreadsheet of all the tourneys (above $100, maybe $150) that are running while I'm out there (7/5/-7/13). I have Bellagio, Rio, Caesars, Venetian, Mirage, Wynn - anything I'm missing?


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