Sunday, June 03, 2007

Venetian Rocks

The WSOP at the Rio is back to semi-normal this weekend and it should be smooth sailing for pre-registration and satellites. I will say this, the cash game area has precedent much to my delight.

Tournament donks get the outdoor tent with their overflow, cash game players get indoor tables in our own little isolated corner in the far back, tournament donks get the old shitty controversial cards, cash game players, even us low limit grinders playing 2/5, get the nice old school cards that you can read clear as day. We also have chip runners and drink servers at our beck and call, and its only a short jaunt to the pisser, which is right outside our doors. All the hype and bullshit follows the tournament donks us cash gamers get left alone to grind away hour after hour.

Alright, the Venetian is very much happening and in my opinion it a must stop if you're coming to town any time soon especially if you want to play a tournament. Check these counts out; Friday $550 319 entrants, Saturday $550 396 entrants, today $1060 309 entrants. For 10K in chips and 40 minute levels these are some very serious prize pools. $52K for the winner on Saturday and $85K for the winner today.

How is this for a comparison. Enter a tournament with a field of 2998 donks for $1500, play for three days, final table, take a bad beat and go out in 8th place you get back $55K, enter a 396 player tournament for $550, take that bad boy down, get $55K. It's a no brainer. Also they have $80, $130, and $240 single table satellites where two players get seats so you can get in on the cheap. One $240 victory can get you in two separate events. The cash game are rocking here too, Saturday afternoon they had three $5/10 NL and eight $2/5 NL games going so there is plenty of variety.

I do know that Iak, Tool 55, Weak, Chad and myself are playing the $550 on Thursday. If you get here early you'll know where to find us.

Go see one of the coolest guys on the planet for more insight on the comings and goings over at the Rio. I did scoop you on the Poker Kitchen though Pauly. Also congrats to Carmen for landing a gig at this fine site. If anyone is looking for a another online tour to play go check out Gadzooks and find out all about the Poker Sluts.

BTW I took today off. Some BBQ, Sopranos, margaritas, made for a nice a nice break and good prep to at least the next nine days at the felt. I didn't do any hand histories yet but I'm going to start writing them and once a get a handful together I'll post them all at once. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend and I hope to have made some decent scores by then.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Yay! New gig! Can't wait to quit my day job. ha ha

Thanks for the plug and the YUMMMY meal yesterday.

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey Don, what time is that Venetian tournament on Thursday? Should I be playing that with you guys instead of the WSOP 6-max event?

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