Monday, July 30, 2007

It is Monday

What a happy Monday. I think that collective roar was everyone except Waffles signing on to Neteller this morning and withdrawing their long lost funds.

Training camp has started in the NFL which means its almost time to get ready for some football. Two new eras begin in Miami so lets see who brings home the Championship first. I'm thinking Randy Shannon and the Canes but I'm also impressed with Cam Cameron so far with the Dolphins. Did we make a mistake not drafting Brady Quinn for Ted Ginn? I think not. This kid can certainly take it to the house. Enjoy Love Elf.

Speaking of Bratty Quinn, you know that stiff from Notre Dame with the accuracy issues? Why is he holding out still? Dude you got drafted 22nd for a reason. Sign the contract and get your ass to camp. It won't help you hit an open WR but it might help you to learn the offense and get some reps. It was good fortune I wasn't born and raised in Cleveland...or Philly, or Detroit, or New York City for that matter.

Speaking of shitty Cleveland QBs, no not Charlie Frye, we'll ex-QBs, did Tim Couch after three years not playing in the NFL finally figure out arm strength, how to read defenses and how not to get sacked 80 times a season? Why would Jacksonville sign this guy?

This is too funny. Nothing like firing your caddie on the 15th hole. Wonder why he waited so long.

How long until the permanently cancel the Tour de France? Is there anybody that's not cheating over there?

Back to poker tomorrow. Remind me again why I chase MTTs like I have a chance to win something big?

Hope everyone had a profitable weekend.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Orleans Open

I gave the Orleans Open a go yesterday and finished around 80th out of 160. The amount of players was dissapointing but we were still playing for a $24K first prize. My demise was flopping two pair and losing a bunch of chips to a flopped set, then crippled I was sent to the rail with AK vs 88.

I'm not a big tournament player obviously and I've never played either a WSOP or WPT event but this Orleans Open was easily the toughest starting table I've ever been at, with the exception of maybe a Math or Mookie. There were a lot of second tier local tournament pros at my starting table and the action was somewhat tight but still very solid. Sarah Casey, Connie Kim, Chad Layne were three name pros that I recognized and also playing was this aggro internet donk with full poker stars gear, and this young up and comer Michael Dengah who I sat next to for a few hours at the Venetian Deep Stack I final tabled.

It was also a big adjustment playing long levels with low blinds. We started with 4000 chips and hour levels and 25/25 then 25/50 for an hour each was interesting. Lots of speculative hands and lots of pots that got big fast. As the blinds did increase Chad Layne did an impressive job of chipping up without having to show many cards. I think over the course of three levels he was in a lot of pots and I think he only showed down three times and increased his starting stack from 4K to 16K.

When the blinds got to 50/100 the internet kid starting raising about five hands per orbit. Now what set this up was some table talk about live play versus internet play. Most of us at the table prefer live play and a couple said they don't ever play online. The Poker stars kid then went on and on about how internet players are so much better because "they can beat online and live games whereas the live players can't beat online games." So the debate was started.

After the first orbit, every time the internet kid raised, Chad Layne on his immeditate left reraised him with any two cards. The kid started to get pissed and proceeded to tilt off his remaining chips in no time. He lost a big pot with third pair to second pair that crippled him and he then started jamming every single hand until someone finally put him out of his misery. It was actually very funny to watch.

So even though I went out mid pack it was definitely a learning experience starting at a table with only two soft spots. It was also extremely boring at times like during level three when I played exactly one hand during the whole hour.

Oh well poker is fun again. I do know results are important in that I need to make X amount of dollars a month but the mindset is to have fun and make the best possible decisions and I feel if I do that the money will take care of itself.

Don't forget one week from Sunday is the August edition of the big game. Go win those tokens early and often.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Another weekend of spinning my wheels. Don't laugh too hard. Friday +$7 Saturday (-$18). Don't know how you play poker all weekend and basically break even. Of course it's fitting since my last three months have been break even. Now for a downswing to be break even I can't really complain but for three months straight of breaking off my roll to pay bills has me somewhat frustrated.

I played online a bunch yesterday and guess what I broke out even. I whiffed at a satellite to the $15K, turned a Tier I token into a seat for the $55K, although I was gone in 30 minutes to a sick SB vs BB hand followed up by losing a coin flip, and I ended the night playing cash. Net +$1.20.

So what have I found out about myself during this run? I'm haven't been having fun playing, my attitude has suffered, and I'm dreading what nasty suckout is next. I've decided that is no way to play poker so it's either back to having fun and playing with confidence or it's take some time off. I'm going to pull out the Zen and "shrink" poker books to see if I can find some mental flaws, and I'm going to continue to play smart poker and make good decisions and eventually my hands will hold up.

So it looks like today will be an online day culminating with the BBT Freeroll in place of the Mookie. Nearly $500 for the winner with a nice slow structure so let's see how tight it is. Tomorrow is the $540 Orleans Open with KOD and Bayne then all weekend will be spent at the Bellagio cash tables as I try to make a late run in as we close out July.

It's late notice and I'm sure the numbers will be down but hopefully we can still get three tables for the August Big Game. Go win a token and join us.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Not quite sure if I'm sold on the Caesars tournament just yet. It's definitely a bargain at $200 but by level 4 it's 200/400/50 so $1100 an orbit means you have to build up a stack early to get through the push monkey poker that I'm sure takes place in the middle levels.

Of course by saying I'm sure is speculation because I wasn't around long to find out. I won some chips early buying a couple pots then get Ah Kd UTG. I raise it 4x and get 4 callers. Flop comes Ks Js 2d. I lead out with about a two thirds pot bet, get reraised then there is a caller so when it gets back to me I muck. Outflopped by KJ probably.

Card dead for a while then midway through level three (100/200/25) I have Ts Js. UTG makes its 3x, I call, four of us see the flop with a pot already of 3K. Flop is Jh Th 4c. UTG checks, while I'm deciding what to do player after me bets out $1000. They stop the action, it goes back to me and I check my top two. He again puts in the $1000 and it folds back to me. Now there is $4K in the pot I have about $6K left to his $4K so I jam. He calls and turns over Ah 4h. Heart on the turn and I'm crippled.

Shortly thereafter I get Kd Td on the button, there is one limper I jam, BB calls with As 6c and winds up with a full house. Oh well. I gambled taking what was basically a coin flip in the hopes of doubling to get some chips for the next blind level. I lost and I walk over to Bellagio for some cash action. For $200 I'm all about gambling early trying to double or going home.

There was just over 90 players so good turnout for a dead post-WSOP Thursday in Vegas. I'm sure it will be packed this weekend for the $330 so I'll give it another look. The structure gets to antes fast which I like as I think it favors the better players but Caesars does not use the shufflers for tournaments and although I didn't time things I bet we only saw 15-16 hands per 40 minute level.

Speaking of tournaments the Orleans Open, after much complaining from players, is back to one hour levels for their tournaments. Next Thursday I'm playing the $540 with KOC (King of Cash?) and that BBT monster himself, Bayne who will be rolling into Vegas on Wednesday. Hope I didn't blow your cover there champ.

So on to Bellagio for some cash game exploits. I start at a must move table and this is without a doubt the worst table of players I've ever seen. Seriously. Just plain horrible. Just an example, five limpers in a pot. KT5 rainbow, 6 turn, 5 river. The betting is unimportant but after the river this lady/man/transvstite--ask Chad he was at his/her end--makes a pot sized bet, dude next to me min reraises, he/she jams, dude next to me tanks then calls off another $150 or so. He/she turns over 56 for the full house dude turn over A8o for A high? I was fucking stunned.

Anyway I get AK in MP and have to fire three bullets at a flush chasing monkey before he folds and I quickly get up $100. I was really in a quandry whether of not to fire the third bullet for another $160 with A high seeing how so many donks can't fold 4th pair but thankfully I did.

I get moved to one of the main games and this table is stacked full of money. Some aggro dude has $2700 in front of him and three more guys easily have over $1000. Soon enough Chad gets moved to my table along with this aggro Canadian guy who loves splashing chips. So we have a good mix of nits and aggros so this game should get juicy right away and it does.

I get QQ UTG (of course) and make it $20 to go. I'm not going to overbet that hand UTG so I figure $20 will get some callers, it'll build a nice pot, and I can get off cheap when the A or K flops. Five of us see a flop of Jc 3s 3c. Okay, lets see where we are. I lead out for $75 into the $100 pot. Aggro guy with the monster stacks calls as does the button who has $1200 or so and is super tight. So I'm against a club drawn and TP?

Turn is a Q. Sweet I fill up. I check. Aggro checks and button makes it $100. The pot is only $325 so I'm wondering if he's on a flush draw here and he's semi-bluffing in hopes to build a bigger pot if he hits his flush. I call and aggro calls so pot is now $625. Club, Club, club, I silently wish as we see the river. Nope 9d. Here I think I make a mistake.

I jam my last $400 or so in the hopes of looking like I'm trying to buy the pot really hoping the aggro big stack calls. Instead its fold fold. I take down a nice sized pot but I wonder if the better play is to check and hope on of those two has something decent enough to bet the river or bluffs at it. I really think I left money on the table not waiting there. Worse case is it folds around and I get the same thing I got by jamming.

During strategy sessions Chad and I had talked about check raising on the river in hopes of that the player will either be strong or will try to bluff and No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice has some really good points on the same subject so I really feel that my push was the wrong play. Chad had a hand the day before that he posted about where he checked the turn, then checked the river getting the player to bet. He then check raised enough to get the player to call so he actually squeezed every dollar he could from the dude. So after seeing that, our discussion about that move, reading it in the book, I fuck it up. Not that I would have gotten paid and I did win a nice pot, but next time I hope to play it better in that situation.

Anyway I dumped some of my profits back with QQ into the aggro Canadians AA. He was short and had min reraised me on the button preflop. That's actually twice in a week an aggro player has had AA on the button and I've lost big pots against them with QQ. Bad fucking timing and about $900 of profits pissed away. Not sure how I play either hand differently but I'm going to try and be more cautious in those situations. It has though made me more aware though that you will get paid off when you crack hands like those. Most people are incapable of folding overpairs, myself included at times.

Oh yea I had the Cubs on the run line for +130 and took a bad beat in that game. Up 4-0, 8-3, and 9-5, Lou Pinella decides to pitch to Bonds with two men on and a four run lead in the 7th and Steroid freak goes yard and Cubs win 9-8. I hate Bonds, the Cubs, and Pinella all prior to this game even so the trifecta of assclowns took money right out of my pocket by sucking out on me. Fuckers.

I'm looking forward to a fun and hopefully profitable weekend. LJ, new of the screenshots, is coming in for a long weekend, so her and I will surely be meeting up with Chad for three more days of poker. Saturday will be the Caesars $330 and Sunday I think LJ is playing the $330 Ladies Lipps Event at Orleans and there will be plenty of cash games, cocktails, and good meals sprinkled in.

Do well this weekend. Have fun and stay profitable.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pair Draw?

$2/5 at Bellagio. In the BB I get KK. Three limpers, SB completes I make it $35 get caller, UTG +1. Flop comes 872 rainbow. I bet $60 and get check raised to $160.

I think for a minute and go through the process, I rule out a set, he's too tight to limp 78 never mind call a raise with it so thats out too. I finally decide on either TT or JJ so I jam.

It's now $236 more to him. He goes in the tank which means to me that I'm ahead. Finally he calls and turns over ATo. A pair draw? No straights or flush draws? Brick Brick and dude pays me off. I net $450 with pocket Kings. Man do I love playing again back at the Bellagio.

You might want to keep an eye on KOD's blog for some live cash game tips. Yes you read that right. Our little KOD has grown up and turned into a live cash game monster. Dude is running scalding hot, so stop by and bust his balls.

I played the 50-50 last night and was in the top 50 almost from start to finish. Got card dead late and could barely even find spots to open push. Man it was aggro time with raises and reraises almost every hand. I jammed every spot I could but the opportunities where too far in between. Finally ran 89 sooted in QQ and I get 82nd. The lesson that I learned that you can't always wait for cards. I needed to be more aggressive when I had 9K in chips even though the blinds were like 50/100.

Today it's back to tournament mode as me and KOD are heading to Caesars for the opening of their new tournament structure. $200 buy-in with T7500. This will be sort of a test drive as it's the same structure for this weekends $330 with T10K. It will also be interesting to see what it's like playing with antes (100/200/25) in only level 3. I'll fill you in.

Depending on how deep I get at Caesars, I'll probably follow that up with some more cash games right next door at the Bellagio. That's it from here. Hope everyone is staying profitable.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Caesars Cash and their $330

The tournament at Planet Hollywood was ghey. KOD summed it properly saying it's a dressed up Sahara. Nice room, horrible structure, un-fucking-believably terrible players, but a cheap $60. Also nary an ante. What?? We all donked out fairly early and The Satellite Machine might actually have been first out losing with AA to AQ all-in preflop on like the third hand.

We went over to Caesars after that and played their $1/3 $500 max game. We were lucky enough to have a new table open and man what a table it turned out to be. Before I get into any detail my session was one of being a spectator. My cards completely sucked and the action was so fast and furious so I didn't see the point in trying to play and bluff with wonderful hands like 38, 37, 29, 3K, T4, 26, etc. In five hours I saw exactly two pocker pairs, 44 and 99, two AKs, one AQ, and one AJ. Fuck I barely had 9T, 89, 78, 67, or any of the two gappers in that range to even attempt to get some of the money that was flowing all over the table. Anyway 5 hours (-$73) and 200 folds. As bad as my card were losing a small amount is certainly bearable, it definitely beats second best hands all night, but not getting to mix it up with these players really sucked balls.

For a $1/3 game there was probably $7-8K on the table for most of the night and the initial raises pre flop were $25 or $30 with two to five players seeing every flop. We had one crazy Danish guy, a good player yet somewhat manical, some luckbox Asian guy who turned monsters all day, some white LA donkey who played very Commerce style, me, KOD, Smokkee for a bit, and a mix of older Spanish/Mediteranian guys who could not fold and loved to gamble. All this made for a juicy fucking game with huge pots with winning hands from TP to Full House.

Here are a few hands of note.

Chad flops a set of 8s on a 986 flop and gets three way all-in with T7 and JT. T7 holds but he nets maybe $150 since he had JT covered for the side pot.

Guy bluffs off $550 with KK on a board of J52, A, X paying off player with AJ.

I have J9 sooted in SB. It's raised to $25, three callers, I call, BB calls. Flop comes T85 rainbow. Initial raiser bets $100, fold, I call, BB calls. Turn 2. Initial raiser jams $325, danish guy jams $800, I have to fold, BB folds. River was my 7. Initial raiser turns over AT for TPTK and Danish guy turns over T5 for two pair and a monster pot.

Guy with JT bets aggressively into chick with 44 on a JT4 flop. Turn is a 4 and he puts her all-in. Oops, nothing like jamming into quads.

I turn a straight with 89 on a board ATJ, 7, 2 and have guy bet into me with only a pair of Ts. I only called the turn and river bets with him having KQ too worrisome for me to repop him.

Aggressively played three-way pot with a board of AKJTx, that saw two all-ins with players actually chopping with AT. Are you fucking kidding me? Who jams on that board and worse who fucking calls on that board.

Monster hand of the night was a T high board, no straights but a flush possibility, LA guy who was tilting hard jams on the river only to be called by older Spanish dude. Betting had been strong with raises and reraises and the pot was nearly $1500. LA guy turns over AT, Spanish guy called all-in $525 river bet with KT. Thats right. TPTK vs TP 2nd kicker for $1500.

Those are just a few examples off the top of my head. You can sense the frustration on playing in a game like that and being completely card dead. Two or three very good hands and you could easily walk out of that game up $2000. Oh well. A day off today and Bellagio cash on Wednesday.

I did see the new structure for the Casesars tournaments and it looks like Saturdays will be the place to be this summer and fall. $330 buy-in, 10K in chips, 40 minute levels. We are thinking 250-300 players every week.

Level 1 25/50
Level 2 50/100
Level 3 100/200/25 (This is odd usually its 100/200 for a level before the antes start)
Level 4 200/400/50
Level 5 300/600/75
Level 6 400/800/100
Level 7 600/1200/100
Level 8 800/1600/200
Level 9 1000/2000/200
Level 10 1500/3000/300
Level 11 2000/4000/400

Lots of chips with $10K to start and whats also nice is that antes kick in way early which hopefully will help pick up play. We are heading down there on Saturday so I'll let everyone know about field sizes, prize pools, competition etc. Just to be Monday-Thursday is a $200 $7500 chips, Friday-Sunday is $330 $10K in chips and the structure are identical. So if you are coming to Vegas, say Mookie, make sure put this on your list of tournaments to play.

And for those in question out there I am still a cash game player even though I'm taking some shots at MTTs. Cash will always be King but you have to take some shots at a big prize when you're living in Vegas and trying to grind it out.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Good and Bad

Maybe this will help turn things around? Although I went deep I couldn't close the deal but maybe it's the start of a good run.

I did catch some cards at the right time and had two huge suckouts with about 50 players left--running 56 sooted in KK and rivering a straight and 77 into AA and flopping a set--got me deep. It's nice to be the one laying the bad beat instead of taking them all the time. I got a nice return on the $8.70 I spent playing a Tier 1 but missed the real money. Next time I shall triumph.

Played the Orleans open with KOD and the birthday boy, yes I finally found someone older than me, and a surprising 593 person field. One issue though was levels were only 40 minutes instead of the one hour posted on their web site which did have quite a few players moaning.

At the break after level three I had T5500 which was second most at my table and a nice stack seeing we only started with T2000. I won a decent pot early on then doubled up with a flopped set of Jacks trapping a donk with his middle pair and a flush draw. Yes he missed the river wow.

Then UTG I look down and find two red Aces. With blinds at 75/150 I raise it to T525 and it folds around to the SB who raises to T1200. Perfect as this guy is the donkey at the table. In an earlier hand in the SB he jammed over a raise and a reraise with J9 sooted only to get called by JJ. Runner Runner and he hits the straight. He also won a big pot playing T2 sooted OOP hitting trips. Man I hope he has some crap so I overbet for value and jam my AA. He insta calls and turns over two black Aces.

We joke about chopping, which happens a lot in cash games, but its a tournament so its not an option. Fucking foreshadowing. Flop two clubs and a spade. Turn a club. River a club and I'm fucking out. I was stunned beyond belief. Too stunned perhaps to even create a scene but I did comment how he should get to the crap table with his luck and also that he has no shot at going deep.

My table was soft and very weak-tight and I was really intending to roll it over and accumulate some chips to get deep in this event which probably had a $30K first prize. The plan was to play some cash later but I took my ball and went home to pout and get my drink on, which I successfully did in case you were wondering.

Now since the Venetian Final Table four weeks ago I've been running bad. Real bad. Flopped full houses lose. Flopped sets lose to naked flush draws. I run QQ into KK or KK into AA an abnormal amount of times. I can hit a draw with huge odds and implied odds to save my life. On and on it's gone. So much that its affected my game and my mind set, certainly not a place you want to be trying to grind out a living at this beautiful game.

I think now I'm over the hump though. Losing AA to AA has to be the absolute worst case percentage wise when all the money is all-in preflop so my thinking becomes I've bottomed out and it can't get any worse. Makes sense right? So a cash in the $50/50 on Saturday night followed by a deep run in the $24K last night and I just might be back on my game. We'll find out soon enough as me, KOD, and Smokkee are playing the $65 donkament at Planet Hollyweird today and following that up with a cash session somewhere.

Caesars starts a new tournament schedule this Thursday so it will be interesting to see the improvements. Since the Venetian started the $540 with T10K in starting chips, the other casinos have been forced to make some changes to compete and what appears to be in line for direct competition is Caesars. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they are now offering a noon $330 buy-in with T10K in chips and 40 minute levels.

This tournament usually gets a decent field for its Saturday tournaments and I'm thinking the fields will now be at least 200 strong which means $60K prize pools and a chance for a nice score. Hopefully they will improve the structure which had some missing levels and it sucks that if you go deep you have to fill out a 1099 G2 for tax purposes but this tournament should be a good bang for the buck. Anybody visiting should consider playing this at some point. During the week its only $200 with T7500 so the fields should stay strong.

Between that and the awesome structure of the Wynn hopefully either me or KOD can go deep a few times this summer. One tournament a week at Wynn, one at Caesars with the other days playing $2/5 cash at Bellagio or $1/3 at Caesars and hopefully the bankroll can see a nice increase by the end of the summer and heading into football season.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Monday, July 09, 2007

New York New York

Well again I haven't posted in a week but hey I'm still on vacation in NYC and man what a great time it's been. Fantastic company, great dinners, plenty of Ketel One, a couple smoke sessions, a small home game with some bloggers and yes even a couple donk around sessions online.

Speaking of online, lots of us post screen shots of our MTT successes so I thought you might enjoy my version. LJ and I decided to donk around and play a $5.50 DS 90 player SnG. What the fuck I figured, a little practice getting through donkeys can't hurt for future use. Check out what happened.

Save your applause please. What I really want you to do is check out the time and how long this fucking thing took to complete. LJ and I were cracking up and ya there might have been a cocktail or four consumed in the process but nearly four hours to net $64? The last three tables were painful and I thought this would never end but we finally get HU and we get our money all in on the flop to see this happen.

That my friends will be the only parody of the day.

It was 95 degrees here yesterday and with the humidity it was nearly unbearable. Give me that 115 Vegas sauna over 95 and humid any day of the week.

Yesterday after my online marathon, LJ and I made it uptown to the home of this donkey for a small homegame. First we went out for another awesome dinner then met up with some locals including Jordan who I was really excited to meet.

I donked off my $20 buy-in in the tournament chasing a draw then proceeded to get stacked three times for $20 each in the cash game. Very first hand in cash I get it all in with two pair only to be counterfeitted on the river and it was all down hill from there. Had a blast though and it was fun to watch LJ steamroll the table winning big pots with some of my favorite hands like J9, 34, 45. How many wheels can one person hit in a night?

I'll get into more details about this fabulous vacation I've had in NYC when I get back to Vegas which will be tomorrow. Good luck to all the donks playing in the ME and I look forward to seeing you guys later this week for some live action.

Monday, July 02, 2007

BBT Finale

Well the BBT has come to an end and what a great series it's been. Thanks to the idea men Hoy, , and especially Al who took time out to run the numbers, set up the prizes, and to keep us lazy degenerates up-to-date on with all the info. Great idea boys and a smashing success.

Congrats to Trip Jacks for taking down the Big Game last night and thanks to everyone who supports it. We had a rough patch this winter when we hit a low of 17 entrants but the BBT certainly helped put the Big Game back on the map with 53, 49, and 45 entries for the three games making a whopping $10,143 in prize money. Even though the BBT is over the Big Game will continue for as long as players keep showing up so continue to win those tokens and take a shot at the biggest blogger prize pool available.

Alright lets get this out of way; I truly apologize if I may have offended anyone with my tirade last night at the Final Table. Even though I did predict who would play HU to win things, my comments toward a lot of different people were harsh, mean-spirited, and quite simply out of line. I sincerely hope that the multiple people I ranted towards will accept my apology and as we go forward it will be a focus for me to have fun in these events and leave the trash talk out.

I've always been highly competitive and with that a poor loser and although its quite embarrassing at times I still seem to put my foot in my mouth more often than I should. Heck I've even been directed to some blogs I don't even read who are apparent haters. Something about 'fuck me and every thing I stand for' and 'I'm a terrible poker player and the only reason I survive is I have a bankroll?' I've always been fairly self-absorbed and one thing about me is I wear my emotions on my sleeve so at times my words do not get channeled through the filter that most of you have and later I regret saying them. For the sake of personal growth this is something I will consciously work on and my comments towards any ones play is mine and mine alone I will try to keep those thoughts under wraps. Fair enough? If not keep on hating I do get a kick out of that.

This is no way derogatory towards the BBT or the guys who put this together but it will be interesting to see the discussion on a new scoring system if and when the BBT starts Series II. It's obvious to everyone I'm sure that while this was a great series and the participation was beyond expectation the scoring system was flawed. I think when Al posts the spreadsheet with Net $ won, a lot of heads are going to turn. I bet, of people who qualified for the free roll, which is 20 events I believe, that maybe 15% actually made a profit during the BBT and that some people that even finished in the Top Ten will show a net of (-$700).

We keep score at poker with money so hopefully net cash or a formula that balances net cash with the buy-in amount will be used in the next series. I do know that there are a lot of smart people out there and as a group we can get some consensus on how to keep track in a more fair way. Folding to the points and losses of several hundred dollars does not in my mind constitute who the best players are. Again no bad words here, just voicing some thoughts on how to improve a kick-ass idea.

As for me I'm burnt out and in need of a vacation so I'm heading to NYC for a week. Great timing too as the mega donkeys from around the world will be hitting town this week for the start of the Main Event. Since the Venetian final table two weeks ago, I'm not running so well, I'm feeling burnt out, and frustrated, so the time spent away from poker will be much needed. I'm certain I'll come back fresh and ready to go with a good attitude to match so beware all you haters, nice Don will be back.

I will probably give a few updates from the road and I hope everyone has a great week. Also enjoy the 4th of July and while I know so many people are disgruntled with the current administration, hopefully all Americans out there will remember how great our country is and will think about all the true freedoms we really enjoy.