Friday, July 20, 2007


Not quite sure if I'm sold on the Caesars tournament just yet. It's definitely a bargain at $200 but by level 4 it's 200/400/50 so $1100 an orbit means you have to build up a stack early to get through the push monkey poker that I'm sure takes place in the middle levels.

Of course by saying I'm sure is speculation because I wasn't around long to find out. I won some chips early buying a couple pots then get Ah Kd UTG. I raise it 4x and get 4 callers. Flop comes Ks Js 2d. I lead out with about a two thirds pot bet, get reraised then there is a caller so when it gets back to me I muck. Outflopped by KJ probably.

Card dead for a while then midway through level three (100/200/25) I have Ts Js. UTG makes its 3x, I call, four of us see the flop with a pot already of 3K. Flop is Jh Th 4c. UTG checks, while I'm deciding what to do player after me bets out $1000. They stop the action, it goes back to me and I check my top two. He again puts in the $1000 and it folds back to me. Now there is $4K in the pot I have about $6K left to his $4K so I jam. He calls and turns over Ah 4h. Heart on the turn and I'm crippled.

Shortly thereafter I get Kd Td on the button, there is one limper I jam, BB calls with As 6c and winds up with a full house. Oh well. I gambled taking what was basically a coin flip in the hopes of doubling to get some chips for the next blind level. I lost and I walk over to Bellagio for some cash action. For $200 I'm all about gambling early trying to double or going home.

There was just over 90 players so good turnout for a dead post-WSOP Thursday in Vegas. I'm sure it will be packed this weekend for the $330 so I'll give it another look. The structure gets to antes fast which I like as I think it favors the better players but Caesars does not use the shufflers for tournaments and although I didn't time things I bet we only saw 15-16 hands per 40 minute level.

Speaking of tournaments the Orleans Open, after much complaining from players, is back to one hour levels for their tournaments. Next Thursday I'm playing the $540 with KOC (King of Cash?) and that BBT monster himself, Bayne who will be rolling into Vegas on Wednesday. Hope I didn't blow your cover there champ.

So on to Bellagio for some cash game exploits. I start at a must move table and this is without a doubt the worst table of players I've ever seen. Seriously. Just plain horrible. Just an example, five limpers in a pot. KT5 rainbow, 6 turn, 5 river. The betting is unimportant but after the river this lady/man/transvstite--ask Chad he was at his/her end--makes a pot sized bet, dude next to me min reraises, he/she jams, dude next to me tanks then calls off another $150 or so. He/she turns over 56 for the full house dude turn over A8o for A high? I was fucking stunned.

Anyway I get AK in MP and have to fire three bullets at a flush chasing monkey before he folds and I quickly get up $100. I was really in a quandry whether of not to fire the third bullet for another $160 with A high seeing how so many donks can't fold 4th pair but thankfully I did.

I get moved to one of the main games and this table is stacked full of money. Some aggro dude has $2700 in front of him and three more guys easily have over $1000. Soon enough Chad gets moved to my table along with this aggro Canadian guy who loves splashing chips. So we have a good mix of nits and aggros so this game should get juicy right away and it does.

I get QQ UTG (of course) and make it $20 to go. I'm not going to overbet that hand UTG so I figure $20 will get some callers, it'll build a nice pot, and I can get off cheap when the A or K flops. Five of us see a flop of Jc 3s 3c. Okay, lets see where we are. I lead out for $75 into the $100 pot. Aggro guy with the monster stacks calls as does the button who has $1200 or so and is super tight. So I'm against a club drawn and TP?

Turn is a Q. Sweet I fill up. I check. Aggro checks and button makes it $100. The pot is only $325 so I'm wondering if he's on a flush draw here and he's semi-bluffing in hopes to build a bigger pot if he hits his flush. I call and aggro calls so pot is now $625. Club, Club, club, I silently wish as we see the river. Nope 9d. Here I think I make a mistake.

I jam my last $400 or so in the hopes of looking like I'm trying to buy the pot really hoping the aggro big stack calls. Instead its fold fold. I take down a nice sized pot but I wonder if the better play is to check and hope on of those two has something decent enough to bet the river or bluffs at it. I really think I left money on the table not waiting there. Worse case is it folds around and I get the same thing I got by jamming.

During strategy sessions Chad and I had talked about check raising on the river in hopes of that the player will either be strong or will try to bluff and No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice has some really good points on the same subject so I really feel that my push was the wrong play. Chad had a hand the day before that he posted about where he checked the turn, then checked the river getting the player to bet. He then check raised enough to get the player to call so he actually squeezed every dollar he could from the dude. So after seeing that, our discussion about that move, reading it in the book, I fuck it up. Not that I would have gotten paid and I did win a nice pot, but next time I hope to play it better in that situation.

Anyway I dumped some of my profits back with QQ into the aggro Canadians AA. He was short and had min reraised me on the button preflop. That's actually twice in a week an aggro player has had AA on the button and I've lost big pots against them with QQ. Bad fucking timing and about $900 of profits pissed away. Not sure how I play either hand differently but I'm going to try and be more cautious in those situations. It has though made me more aware though that you will get paid off when you crack hands like those. Most people are incapable of folding overpairs, myself included at times.

Oh yea I had the Cubs on the run line for +130 and took a bad beat in that game. Up 4-0, 8-3, and 9-5, Lou Pinella decides to pitch to Bonds with two men on and a four run lead in the 7th and Steroid freak goes yard and Cubs win 9-8. I hate Bonds, the Cubs, and Pinella all prior to this game even so the trifecta of assclowns took money right out of my pocket by sucking out on me. Fuckers.

I'm looking forward to a fun and hopefully profitable weekend. LJ, new of the screenshots, is coming in for a long weekend, so her and I will surely be meeting up with Chad for three more days of poker. Saturday will be the Caesars $330 and Sunday I think LJ is playing the $330 Ladies Lipps Event at Orleans and there will be plenty of cash games, cocktails, and good meals sprinkled in.

Do well this weekend. Have fun and stay profitable.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger lj said...

i think it's hard to check river, but in that situation maybe worthwhile. or maybe make a smaller value bet, and hope someone re-raises you thinking you're weak or at the least calls.

i think the caesar's structure actually sounds not that great. i certainly don't want to play in a tournament that "favors better players." i want one that favors donkeys like me!

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Fuel55 said...

The QQ jam will get paid a fair bit so I think it is a "good" play over your lifetime.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger knicksgrl0917 said...

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At 3:55 PM, Blogger knicksgrl0917 said...

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At 4:12 PM, Blogger Astin said...

I think you were more limited by your stack in this case. The psychological aspects of someone going all-in for 2/3 of a pot bet makes that bet seem even bigger. If you had less chips (so the odds were better) or more (so it looked like more of an overbet), it might have resulted in the call you were looking for.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

knicksgrl0917 really likes you... lol.

Have fun this weekend!


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