Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Caesars Cash and their $330

The tournament at Planet Hollywood was ghey. KOD summed it properly saying it's a dressed up Sahara. Nice room, horrible structure, un-fucking-believably terrible players, but a cheap $60. Also nary an ante. What?? We all donked out fairly early and The Satellite Machine might actually have been first out losing with AA to AQ all-in preflop on like the third hand.

We went over to Caesars after that and played their $1/3 $500 max game. We were lucky enough to have a new table open and man what a table it turned out to be. Before I get into any detail my session was one of being a spectator. My cards completely sucked and the action was so fast and furious so I didn't see the point in trying to play and bluff with wonderful hands like 38, 37, 29, 3K, T4, 26, etc. In five hours I saw exactly two pocker pairs, 44 and 99, two AKs, one AQ, and one AJ. Fuck I barely had 9T, 89, 78, 67, or any of the two gappers in that range to even attempt to get some of the money that was flowing all over the table. Anyway 5 hours (-$73) and 200 folds. As bad as my card were losing a small amount is certainly bearable, it definitely beats second best hands all night, but not getting to mix it up with these players really sucked balls.

For a $1/3 game there was probably $7-8K on the table for most of the night and the initial raises pre flop were $25 or $30 with two to five players seeing every flop. We had one crazy Danish guy, a good player yet somewhat manical, some luckbox Asian guy who turned monsters all day, some white LA donkey who played very Commerce style, me, KOD, Smokkee for a bit, and a mix of older Spanish/Mediteranian guys who could not fold and loved to gamble. All this made for a juicy fucking game with huge pots with winning hands from TP to Full House.

Here are a few hands of note.

Chad flops a set of 8s on a 986 flop and gets three way all-in with T7 and JT. T7 holds but he nets maybe $150 since he had JT covered for the side pot.

Guy bluffs off $550 with KK on a board of J52, A, X paying off player with AJ.

I have J9 sooted in SB. It's raised to $25, three callers, I call, BB calls. Flop comes T85 rainbow. Initial raiser bets $100, fold, I call, BB calls. Turn 2. Initial raiser jams $325, danish guy jams $800, I have to fold, BB folds. River was my 7. Initial raiser turns over AT for TPTK and Danish guy turns over T5 for two pair and a monster pot.

Guy with JT bets aggressively into chick with 44 on a JT4 flop. Turn is a 4 and he puts her all-in. Oops, nothing like jamming into quads.

I turn a straight with 89 on a board ATJ, 7, 2 and have guy bet into me with only a pair of Ts. I only called the turn and river bets with him having KQ too worrisome for me to repop him.

Aggressively played three-way pot with a board of AKJTx, that saw two all-ins with players actually chopping with AT. Are you fucking kidding me? Who jams on that board and worse who fucking calls on that board.

Monster hand of the night was a T high board, no straights but a flush possibility, LA guy who was tilting hard jams on the river only to be called by older Spanish dude. Betting had been strong with raises and reraises and the pot was nearly $1500. LA guy turns over AT, Spanish guy called all-in $525 river bet with KT. Thats right. TPTK vs TP 2nd kicker for $1500.

Those are just a few examples off the top of my head. You can sense the frustration on playing in a game like that and being completely card dead. Two or three very good hands and you could easily walk out of that game up $2000. Oh well. A day off today and Bellagio cash on Wednesday.

I did see the new structure for the Casesars tournaments and it looks like Saturdays will be the place to be this summer and fall. $330 buy-in, 10K in chips, 40 minute levels. We are thinking 250-300 players every week.

Level 1 25/50
Level 2 50/100
Level 3 100/200/25 (This is odd usually its 100/200 for a level before the antes start)
Level 4 200/400/50
Level 5 300/600/75
Level 6 400/800/100
Level 7 600/1200/100
Level 8 800/1600/200
Level 9 1000/2000/200
Level 10 1500/3000/300
Level 11 2000/4000/400

Lots of chips with $10K to start and whats also nice is that antes kick in way early which hopefully will help pick up play. We are heading down there on Saturday so I'll let everyone know about field sizes, prize pools, competition etc. Just to be Monday-Thursday is a $200 $7500 chips, Friday-Sunday is $330 $10K in chips and the structure are identical. So if you are coming to Vegas, say Mookie, make sure put this on your list of tournaments to play.

And for those in question out there I am still a cash game player even though I'm taking some shots at MTTs. Cash will always be King but you have to take some shots at a big prize when you're living in Vegas and trying to grind it out.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger cmitch said...

Sounds like a fun table. BTW, tourneys suck!! Cash games all the way

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Well said, cmitch.

Man... that cash table sounds soooo juicy. I think Caesar's used to have 1-2NL tables before they switched to 1-3NL, no? Cuz I can remember a game where standard raise was $15 and I thought that it was at a 1-2NL table and I remember it cuz the preflop raise seemed unusually high. I remember I was on the button with T8, EP does his typical $15 raise, and by the time it got to me, there were like 4 or 5 callers so I call, both blinds call. Literally, 7 or 8 of us were in the pot. I flop OESD and shockingly, checked around. I turn nut straight and win a $1,700 pot at a 1-2NL table when two other guys went all in with 2 pair (obv, stacks were deep but I had both covered)... man, I miss Vegas.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger DP said...

"I have J9 sooted in SB. It's raised to $25, three callers, I call, BB calls. Flop comes T85 rainbow. Initial raiser bets $100, fold, I call, BB calls. Turn 2. Initial raiser jams $325, danish guy jams $800, I have to fold, BB folds. River was my 7. Initial raiser turns over AT for TPTK and Danish guy turns over T5 for two pair and a monster pot."

Unless you're playing scared, I'd say that at some point in those situations in that particular game you're pot committed with a three handed all in... Something to think about, maybe. I'm not saying you were wrong to fold that as I'm not sure, but you certainly had pot odds and why wouldn't you think that they'd be playing one pair hands (that give you pot odds to call) like that? What's the point in calling $100 with an OESD to see the turn and then folding to a three way all in?


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