Monday, July 16, 2007

Good and Bad

Maybe this will help turn things around? Although I went deep I couldn't close the deal but maybe it's the start of a good run.

I did catch some cards at the right time and had two huge suckouts with about 50 players left--running 56 sooted in KK and rivering a straight and 77 into AA and flopping a set--got me deep. It's nice to be the one laying the bad beat instead of taking them all the time. I got a nice return on the $8.70 I spent playing a Tier 1 but missed the real money. Next time I shall triumph.

Played the Orleans open with KOD and the birthday boy, yes I finally found someone older than me, and a surprising 593 person field. One issue though was levels were only 40 minutes instead of the one hour posted on their web site which did have quite a few players moaning.

At the break after level three I had T5500 which was second most at my table and a nice stack seeing we only started with T2000. I won a decent pot early on then doubled up with a flopped set of Jacks trapping a donk with his middle pair and a flush draw. Yes he missed the river wow.

Then UTG I look down and find two red Aces. With blinds at 75/150 I raise it to T525 and it folds around to the SB who raises to T1200. Perfect as this guy is the donkey at the table. In an earlier hand in the SB he jammed over a raise and a reraise with J9 sooted only to get called by JJ. Runner Runner and he hits the straight. He also won a big pot playing T2 sooted OOP hitting trips. Man I hope he has some crap so I overbet for value and jam my AA. He insta calls and turns over two black Aces.

We joke about chopping, which happens a lot in cash games, but its a tournament so its not an option. Fucking foreshadowing. Flop two clubs and a spade. Turn a club. River a club and I'm fucking out. I was stunned beyond belief. Too stunned perhaps to even create a scene but I did comment how he should get to the crap table with his luck and also that he has no shot at going deep.

My table was soft and very weak-tight and I was really intending to roll it over and accumulate some chips to get deep in this event which probably had a $30K first prize. The plan was to play some cash later but I took my ball and went home to pout and get my drink on, which I successfully did in case you were wondering.

Now since the Venetian Final Table four weeks ago I've been running bad. Real bad. Flopped full houses lose. Flopped sets lose to naked flush draws. I run QQ into KK or KK into AA an abnormal amount of times. I can hit a draw with huge odds and implied odds to save my life. On and on it's gone. So much that its affected my game and my mind set, certainly not a place you want to be trying to grind out a living at this beautiful game.

I think now I'm over the hump though. Losing AA to AA has to be the absolute worst case percentage wise when all the money is all-in preflop so my thinking becomes I've bottomed out and it can't get any worse. Makes sense right? So a cash in the $50/50 on Saturday night followed by a deep run in the $24K last night and I just might be back on my game. We'll find out soon enough as me, KOD, and Smokkee are playing the $65 donkament at Planet Hollyweird today and following that up with a cash session somewhere.

Caesars starts a new tournament schedule this Thursday so it will be interesting to see the improvements. Since the Venetian started the $540 with T10K in starting chips, the other casinos have been forced to make some changes to compete and what appears to be in line for direct competition is Caesars. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they are now offering a noon $330 buy-in with T10K in chips and 40 minute levels.

This tournament usually gets a decent field for its Saturday tournaments and I'm thinking the fields will now be at least 200 strong which means $60K prize pools and a chance for a nice score. Hopefully they will improve the structure which had some missing levels and it sucks that if you go deep you have to fill out a 1099 G2 for tax purposes but this tournament should be a good bang for the buck. Anybody visiting should consider playing this at some point. During the week its only $200 with T7500 so the fields should stay strong.

Between that and the awesome structure of the Wynn hopefully either me or KOD can go deep a few times this summer. One tournament a week at Wynn, one at Caesars with the other days playing $2/5 cash at Bellagio or $1/3 at Caesars and hopefully the bankroll can see a nice increase by the end of the summer and heading into football season.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


At 2:18 PM, Blogger bayne_s said...

I'll be ready to take down Ceasar's tourney in 12 days despite the 1099.

There is someone older than Smokkee

At 4:37 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Brutal, Don. AA losing to AA is far worse than those Aces being donked by 74o or some shiat like that.

Great job in the 24k. That thing is a minefield to the max.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Ouchies Don.

In that deep stack tourney I did back in February live. Same thing happened at the other table (pretty early though) AA vs AA and one of them caught a flush.

I think Im older then Smokkee and you!!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Oh no... you're starting to smell like a tournament player Don!!!! Remember, cash is king! :)

At 4:42 AM, Blogger JJ said...

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