Monday, July 09, 2007

New York New York

Well again I haven't posted in a week but hey I'm still on vacation in NYC and man what a great time it's been. Fantastic company, great dinners, plenty of Ketel One, a couple smoke sessions, a small home game with some bloggers and yes even a couple donk around sessions online.

Speaking of online, lots of us post screen shots of our MTT successes so I thought you might enjoy my version. LJ and I decided to donk around and play a $5.50 DS 90 player SnG. What the fuck I figured, a little practice getting through donkeys can't hurt for future use. Check out what happened.

Save your applause please. What I really want you to do is check out the time and how long this fucking thing took to complete. LJ and I were cracking up and ya there might have been a cocktail or four consumed in the process but nearly four hours to net $64? The last three tables were painful and I thought this would never end but we finally get HU and we get our money all in on the flop to see this happen.

That my friends will be the only parody of the day.

It was 95 degrees here yesterday and with the humidity it was nearly unbearable. Give me that 115 Vegas sauna over 95 and humid any day of the week.

Yesterday after my online marathon, LJ and I made it uptown to the home of this donkey for a small homegame. First we went out for another awesome dinner then met up with some locals including Jordan who I was really excited to meet.

I donked off my $20 buy-in in the tournament chasing a draw then proceeded to get stacked three times for $20 each in the cash game. Very first hand in cash I get it all in with two pair only to be counterfeitted on the river and it was all down hill from there. Had a blast though and it was fun to watch LJ steamroll the table winning big pots with some of my favorite hands like J9, 34, 45. How many wheels can one person hit in a night?

I'll get into more details about this fabulous vacation I've had in NYC when I get back to Vegas which will be tomorrow. Good luck to all the donks playing in the ME and I look forward to seeing you guys later this week for some live action.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Glad you kids are having fun. Sorry I missed the homegame and another chance to catch up with you MD.


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