Thursday, August 30, 2007


I forgot that blogger tournaments where meant to be fun and since I remembered that I've been having an enjoyable time playing the Mookie. I finished in 4th place last night as my hammer lost to the almighty AK. Yup, I've dissed the hammer before so of course I get no love in a key spot. Oh well it was a nice run and I think thats my first mookie final table where I didn't win it.

College football starts tonight! Wow football is back and not a moment too soon. I'm mostly a dog player and I especially love me some home dogs but tonight I gotta lay some big road wood and go with;

LSU -18.

They've covered 9 of 10 vs Mississippi St with the lone exception being last year when the Dogs got a late TD to cover the 33 point number in losing 48-17. LSU is loaded this year and I don't see Miss St. getting more than 7. Prediction LSU 34-3.

Three other dogs look like decent plays but it's early so I'll either parlay them or just make three small wagers.

Miami-Ohio +6 at Ball St
Utah +7 at Oregon St
Utah St +7 vs UNLV

Also if there are any baseball bettors out there I'm about to start a "Bet against Seatlle Challange." The Ms have lost 5 straight at home and they head out for a make-up game at Cleveland followed up by three in Toronto, then three in New York, then three in Detroit. I put them on a 3-7 trip. So the challange is this.

Bet $100 Run Line on every home team that Seattle plays on the trip. If and when I get to +400 I'll press the bets up to $200, then if I get up $800 I'll press the bets to $400 etc. Tonight the Cleveland RL in +140 so thats a great number to start with and I'm thinking 6-7 of the bets should be at + odds. So worst case Seattle wins all ten and I dump a $1000, best case who knows, if they lose a bunch and I press getting + odds then +$5000 is not off the charts.

Had a blast playing with everyone at the Mookie last night and good luck to all the bettors kicking off college football tonight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back on Track

We started by anointing the KOD and now it seems to have become official, we have her majesty joining him on the throne. Congrats to LJ, our beloved QOD, on her awesome summer run along with her now royal status. Four tournament cashes this summer totaling $14K is work well done.

I played the Venetian $340 with KOD and QOD and in typical fashion I take a tough beat instead of doubling up and having chips to roll over a very weak-tight table. We are about ten minutes into Level 4 100/200/25, a table had just broken, we are down to three, so two new players join us. First hand new dude open raises to $1200 from CO. What 6x? Maybe he's trying to establish a tone here but surely that is an overbet.

Next hand I have about $5300 chips,(started with $6K) when I got AK sooted in the BB. We get three limpers when the same dude now on the button again makes it $1200 to go. No sense fucking around so I jam and the three limpers fold. Back to the dude on the button who goes in the tank. After a good minute he finally calls of $4100 more, which is 70% of his stack, and turns over A8o. Flop misses us both but there are two clubs, and you know the rest, turn club, river club and his 8c is good for the four flush.

So instead of almost $12K in chips I'm busto to a fucking donkey named Jesus, who proceeds to donk and luckbox his way to first place and $3800. Man I get four flushed in live tournaments live it's nobodies business, what the fuck is that? Oh well we all split a percentage so my buy-in was basically paid for thanks to QOD running hot. I did go play in a soft as butter $1/2 $300 max cash game after and finished that up nearly a buy-in.

My big hand there was raising to $15 from middle position with JJ and getting called by some Middle Eastern chick in the BB. Now this chick had beat me out of a pot early by re-raising from the BB with what turned out to be 66, and from watching her play she seemed to overvalue hands like middle pocket pairs, TP any kicker, and Ace rag. In a $1/2 game no less, go figure. Flop comes T72 two spades and she leads out into me for $50. WTF is that? Did she hit a set and is she doing the old overbet for value trick or maybe she has 89 with two spades and is pulling a KOD maneuver.

I think for 15 seconds or so and just don't put her on either of those hands, it seems like she'd be more apt to check-raise my ass since I was making C-bets 100% of the time on this soft table. So I re-raise and make it $115 to go and she smooth calls. She's got AT of a flush draw is my read at this point. Turn is 4h she checks I jam my remaining $125 or so which barely has her covered and she calls, turning over KT no spades. River is a brick and I'm off and running.

I little while later I pick up AKo in the BB and put that to work. This kid who was getting massages and at the same time getting lucky made it $10 to go after three limpers. I smooth call and one limper calls. This kid had just donked off $125 calling an all-in with TT on a flop of QJ2 and was slightly annoyed as well as getting a little buzzed.

Flop comes AJ5 rainbow and I lead out $25. The limp-caller folds and dude re-raises me to $75. He could have AJ or A5 but my guess is Ax so I stall for a bit and make a call like I'm chasing with Ax myself but I'm really preparing to check-raise his ass regardless the turn. Well the turn is a K giving me top two. I check and he makes it $125. Now my thoughts here are do I just call and hope he bluffs the river or do I check-raise him now thinking he'll get it all in. Well with AKJ on the board making a possibility of a gut shot Broadway and a flush draw I decide to check-raise him right now in hopes he's drawing. He instantly mucks. Oh well I took $200 or so off him so I'm not going to complain there.

That was my first time playing $1/2 at Venetian as the usual fare is $2/5 $1000 max. I will definitely play the $1/2 game there again as it was extremely soft and I also like the $300 buy-in. Man I've really forgotten how fucking soft $1/2 games are here in Vegas.

Anyway it turned out to be a good week back on the felt and enjoying time with Mookie, KOD and QOD. 16 hours of $1/2 netted $1200 and 4.5 hours of $2/5 netted another $375 so it was nice to run good again. I really think taking a break did my head good and going back to $1/2 for a while to start back up was also a smart move. I played fairly tight, trapped well, and used position to take down a lot of unwanted pots. Throw in a few two barrel bluffs (not the easiest thing to do at $1/2) and I was happy with my play. Now that I'm running better and my confidence is up I'll probably transition back in to playing $2/5 again.

Also with September approaching the tourists will start filtering back into town. Football is here and it will be time to put poker and handicapping together as we approach my favorite four months of the year. Three or four days a week at the tables, definitely Saturday being some longs sessions, with Sunday being NFL day at Red Rock. Hopefully I'll come back from the summer doldrums and stay hot right thru the end of the year in the hopes of really building that bankroll.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time for a Live Stretch

Two days with no poker and again it feels good. That will change quickly though as today is Mookie's last day in Vegas so we'll meet up for a few hour session this afternoon. Then LJ hits town tonight so I'll be meeting up with her tomorrow night at MGM for some more action. I think she and Chad are going to play a tournament at Venetian on Sunday (I'll pass) so I'll probably join them afterwards for some more cash action.

Two nice come from behind wins for the Cardinals against Florida this week. That with Mondays win at Chicago and missing Zambrano during Sunday's rainout has the momentum going in the right direction. Hopefully we can get past the Marlins today and do well with a tough three game set against Atlanta.

Watched one of my all-time favorite movies last night; American Beauty. Absolutely brilliant. It also has one of my all-time favorite lines, "Never underestimate the power of denial." Man how true is that statement whether it's your own denial or someone elses.

Nothing much more to add. Since I'll be playing a lot of live poker the next four days I will find some fun hands to recap. I'll mostly be playing $1/2 so some interesting situations will definitely come up whether they involves me or not. I'm looking forward actually to a nice stretch of live poker and a profitable weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to Basics

Mookie and the Austin crew rolled into Vegas this weekend and I've enjoyed hanging with them for the last two days down at the MGM. After a tepid run the last few months I decided to get back to the basic and enjoyed some $1/2 NL with Mookie and KOD on Sunday then some solo $1/2 Monday before the Mooks showed up to play.

I played super tight, I didn't chase too many speculative hands, really I just played ABC poker and got paid off. I'd forgotten the money that can actually be made at $1/2 provided you play tight, don't try tricky moves on the donkeys, and get your stack in the middle when you have good hands.

Sunday I only had one hand of significance but I got paid off. Some aggro draw chasing dude who seemed to be in every pot, calling or raising, had been all over the board, getting stacked, stacking others with shit cards, a real target to double through.

He got KOD's AA when he called a big pre-flop raise with 83 sooted luckily seeing a flop of 334. He also stacked some guy when he called a $15 pre-flop raise and a $35 flop bet with 35o hitting a gut shot on the turn. He then lost all-in preflop when his QQ lost to some other Einstein's JackAce.

I get QJ sooted in SB and our maniacal friend makes it $6 to go. Four of us see the flop of 89T rainbow. Beautiful. I lead out for $10 trying to build a pot and its called by the donk and one other. Turn is perfect, an Ace. I give a little look of disgust and check. Other dude checks and the maniac makes it $45. I check-raise all-in and he insta-calls but mucks when he sees my hand. This has me up a buy-in but I miss on good drawing hands later on but I still leave with a profit of $100. Not a huge win like a good day at $2/5 but a win nonetheless.

Yesterday I had a really good session taking $540 from a $1/2 game in just five hours basically playing and raking two very big pots. Man it's nice to put two good sessions together in a row.

This brother was Action Jackson, bluffing, overbetting pots, straddling and making it anywhere from $30-50 on his straddle, really running the weak table over. He was up to about $600, bled some chips for a couple orbits then like most brothers, and aggro donkeys, he couldn't leave well enough alone and he got snapped off in two hands. The first he lost a big pot calling a big pre-flop raise with 84 sooted then turning a flush only to see the pre-flop raiser turn over AQ for a higher flush oops. Then I got him.

I get 67o in late postion and limp after a few other limpers. I think 7 of us see a flop of J66 two hearts. He bets out $20, I smooth call (yes slow-play to pay day), and some horrible lady calling station of course calls too. Turn is the case 6 and immediately I think how can I get this donks stack. Well thank you sir for doing the heavy lifting, he jams. How fucking perfect to have four of a kind (you need two in your hand for quads) and to see some aggro donk jam into you. Well that was the end of my man and unfortunately the game got tight as can be.

It's dinner time and the room, like usual in the middle of summer, starts to clear out. The tables consolidate so we get a couple new players at the table. In the hijack I get KK and make it $15 to go and it winds up with 5 of us seeing the flop. Yikes, let me proceed with caution on this hand. Flop is J53 rainbow, decent enough. Checks to me, I make it $50 folds around on I get one caller. Hmmm?

Turn is a 4. There are no flush draws and I don't think dude hit a gut shot so I make it $125. Dude thinks for a couple seconds and check-raises me all-in. Fuck. Does he have a set? I still can't give him credit for a gut shot and two pair would certainly be a stretch.

After the $125 the dude still has $200 or so left behind him so this is going to be a monster pot. Initially I feel I'm beat but I have to remember this is a $1/2 so the guy is probably playing straight forward. I'm in the tank when the dude spots one of his buddies, hollers something in Arabic, points to his watch gives the accompanying head gesture like they gotta be somewhere. There is the tell. It's time for him to go and he's either pushing me off a hand and paying for dinner or he's going broke. I call and he turns over J9. I dodge the five river outs and rake a big pot.

As I'm stacking the chips I make a comment to the guy next to me about the watch/head gesture thing. The dealer who is a big-time player tells me he noticed the same thing and also thought it was a tell and the guy was full of shit. Either way overpairs for big pots are scary situations. It's much easier of course in $1/2 when the stacks are smaller but from playing higher games those are very difficult decisions whether or not to bet your stack. If our stack sizes weren't so big compared to the game and table I insta-call with KK figuring I'll go broke in that spot for $200.

So booking two wins was nice as was getting back out and playing live again. I think the break I took was much needed, and the time I've spent back in the books and clearing my head seems to have paid off. I think I'll stick with some more $1/2 for a while before moving back up to the $2/5 games.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, made some money at the tables, or got wasted, or got laid, or enjoyed time with their kids, or hey maybe all of the above.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Baby

Sweep. That was a nice thrashing of the Brew Crew now its time to spank those overrated Cubs. Four games could go a long way in determining the momentum for the remaining six weeks. I still think the Cards win the division by 5 over the Cubs. Wish I was up in Chicago partying and watching some baseball.

That is two game winning drives in two weeks for John Beck. Yes it's against second and third stringers but when the game is on the line this kid makes things happen. Hey Brady Quinn have you even seen the field yet you stiff? Maybe the Notre Dame hype machine will get some mop up duty this week.

Emmitt Smith and Keyshaun Johnson do not belong on Monday Night Countdown. Key has some potential but he definitely needs work. Emmitt was just plain clueless. Trey Wingo threw him some lobs and Smith answered nearly all the questions incorrectly. A casual fan might not catch his mistakes but I'm a hard core well-read fan who also gambles and I know the answers to the questions and Smith wasn't even in the ballpark. Do some research dude before running your mouth with misinformation. It's was funny to see the always informed professional Tom Jackson rolling his eyes and even interrupting Smith or Johnson when things where getting out of hand. ESPN sometimes just doesn't get it.

Carolina +3 against Philly tonight. 3-0 on the preseason so I figured I'd throw a bone to anybody who might be looking to pick up a couple extra bucks.

No poker yesterday and it was wonderful. I will take a couple shots at satelliting into the FTOPS ME on Sunday. There are some decent super satellites into the $109 satellites that I'll give a go. It's definitely worth a shot to play in an online tournament with 5000 starting chips and 15 minute levels. Perfect scenario for a lotto ticket.

That's it. Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Here comes the defending World Series Champions making a run at a fading Brewer team as well as a vastly overrated Cubs team. Two weeks ago in St. Louis the Cards spotted the Brew Crew 5-0 and 6-0 leads before coming back to win each game and in keeping that trend alive they spot the Brewers a 3-0 first inning lead before trashing them 12-4 last night. Also it was nice to see the Reds smoke big-time ass clown Carlos "DickHead" Zambrano who only seems to win when there is no pressure. 4' games back baby.

The starting pitching has made a miraculous turn for the better, the bats are coming alive, the death of Josh Hancock has now become inspirational, the Rick Ankiel story of the year has fired up the squad, the bullpen is deep, the pressure if off, and here come the Cardinals.

I did enjoy the pregame show celebrating the 25 year reunion of the Milwaukee Brewers as it brought up a lot of great memories since it was the Cardinals that beat the Brewers 4 games to 3 to win the 1982 World Series.

The 1982 season was the latter half of my junior year and the beginning of me senior year in High School. Back before Internet and when cable TV and ESPN was just starting, I'd be lucky to watch 40 regular season games, and a lot of my memories were listen to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon on the radio. As most seniors in High School I remember drinking beer at weekend parties, sneaking off with my crew and smoking weed, trying to bang any chick with a pulse, playing basketball by the hours, and listening to Cardinal baseball.

What a great time in life to see your first World Championship. The much better Cardinal teams of 1985 (fuck off Don Denkinger) and 1987 didn't bring the title home so my favorite memories will always be of my senior year in high school and watching Bruce Sutter strike out the last Brewer batter and the crowd, which was the norm back then, charging the field in celebration. I also remember skipping school and sneaking off downtown to watch the victory parade two days later. Man life was good. Thanks for the Brew Crew for bringing back such fond memories.

They seriously ought to lock up this asshole Jose Offerman for swinging a bat at the opposing pitcher who had just beaned him. You take a bat down the street and whack two of your neighbors with it, you're going to jail, and there is a good chance you don't just get probation but you do time. Is Offerman a fucking nut job or what? Figures it happened in Bridgeport which has to be one of the all-time shit holes in the Northeast.

All right Drizz you want less Joe Buck you got it.

No poker for this kid last night and man did it feel good. Not playing and not feeling guilty because I wasn't playing is a great feeling. I do think I'll go play live tomorrow down at the MGM though. A couple cocktails, some $1/2 donkage sounds like a way to make poker fun again.

I will be defending my title tonight over at Mookies crib so all you calling stations and flush chasers make sure you come out and take a pop at knocking me off the throne. I going to be extremely focused and I'm sure slightly buzzed as I try for the second time this year to go back-to-back.

Oh and btw don't let this dude fool you, he's not that real Mookie. Damn impostors.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baseball Ownership for Dummies

I love baseball. I grew up in the St Louis, the best baseball city in America, and my father and grandfather have been life long Red Sox fans who taught me everything about the game by the time I was 5. I have four fantasy baseball teams that probably take 60-90 minutes a day to manage and I love it. I buy the MLB Extra Innings package every year also so I can watch games every day. But I must say baseball is the most mismanaged sport every, yes even worse than dreadful MLS or NHL.

Baseball has blackout rules from 1952 that make absolutely no sense, without a salary cap we have Yankee and Red Sox payroll over $200M (yes Red Sox fans you are grouped with the Yankees stop pointing fingers like you're some frugal organization) while Florida and Kansas City payrolls are $30M, you have some teams that refuse to spend money while reaping huge profits (yes Minnesota and Pittsburgh) and this morning I read this article with owners colluding about signing draft picks. What?

Every year the baseball draft is based on signability. Guys who should be drafted in the top 10 fall to 26 because of contract demands and every year its the same cheap and crappy franchises passing on those players. Why don't the owners and players agree to slotted pay for draft picks like the NBA and sometimes NFL? The NBA gets it, I'll give them credit. You get drafted at x number you get x dollars for x years and you sign a week later. Football tries to do that although you get stiffs like Brady Quinn falling to 22nd wanting top 5 money but for the most part it works. When will baseball figure out salary caps and slotted draft picks? (Oh and get rid of Tim McCarver too)

Baseball has great pennant races since adding the wild card, attendance is at record highs, the play-offs are usually tense tight games, but these buffoons in charge are absolutely clueless frugal misers who despite trying to ruin things year after year still put out a good product. Maybe someday they'll get it figured out and every team will head into spring training with a chance to win it all. Too bad that can't be the hope for fans of 12 or so horrible franchises.

Cards start a week long trip with 3 in Milwaukee and 4 in Chicago. Time to make a run at those two soft leaders in the NL Central. Cleveland-Detroit play a quick two game series which should be interesting as both teams are slumping. Tight races in all six divisions and both wild cards should make this a good 7 weeks.

Well I gave out Denver-San Francisco Under 35 last night but my buddy says he's done with exhibition betting. Now if you watched the game you were probably ready to rip your ticket up early in the 2nd quarter but somehow the reserves of both teams smell and the game went Under the total bringing my pre-season record to 3-0. It's nice to be off to a good start. More winners to follow this weekend.

John Beck one game winning drive with a two-point conversion as the winner. Brady Quinn splinters from carrying the clipboard as the number 4 QB. Sorry Cleveland fans you drafted a combo of Tim Couch and Joey Harrington with some Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith thrown in for good measure. How's that working for you?

Being a favorite in poker is over rated. Sure I might be 75% when I get all-in with just two cards but I must remember that there are still FIVE more cards to come. That's like saying a team with the lead will win the football game when there is still 12 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. Yup I'm still standing behind it, tournaments are gimmick. Sure there is strategy but its different and less than having to play all five streets. B8, I23, 069 Bingo.

I played the MATH last night and had no shot to win. My starting cards weren't good enough and my opening table was full of calling stations. So if I don't get KK or AA and I try to raise with other hands that are getting called three and four ways with QT, and KJ, or A5, I'm toast. Somehow I made the final table although short and I couldn't compete with those who got hit with the deck. Congrats to whomever won I surely didn't stick around to watch the end of that mess.

Big Love wasn't all that great last night but it certainly did set the table for the last two episodes. One thing is for certain, who in their right fucking mind would want three wives? I mean seriously. It might be fun for a week when you get to bang multiple chicks but there are no three or foursomes, you get ganged up on repeatedly and man that's a lot of mouths to feed. Fuck that. I am impressed with the Mormon mafia though. Those are some shoot first ask questions later kind of thugs.

My business deal is near completion. I'll give you the details once they become final but it looks like I will be a business owner once again in the very short future. I need something I can rely on, something I can build up, money I can count on. Poker has been fun but realistically I don't have the passion to see myself counting on that for a living two or five or twenty years down the road.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Big Love for Rick Ankiel

When you get done reading this make sure you go read the latest issue of

The best story of the weekend had to be the return of Rick Ankiel to the Cardinals as an outfielder. I think it's been about 60 years since someone has gone from pitching to an every day position player in the Major Leagues. The guy overcame an upbringing of his father dealing crystal meth and doing considerable time in a federal prison, to being a 20 year-old pitching phenom, to becoming a head case who couldn't throw strikes, missing three seasons due to a variety of injuries and now at only 28 he just might have the talent to play RF for Cardinals. This is a story of never quitting, of never no matter what giving up, something most of us fat lazy Americans could never understand.

There is no comparison Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever to walk the planet.

Sorry to those I gave the Jacksonville over Miami selection to. I saw the line at Miami -1' and bet it a week ago. Unfortunately the line moved to Jax -1' and in the first bad beat of the year Josh Scobee missed a 40-yard FG off the dirt in the last minute and the Fins covered. Luckily Miami had gone for two instead of the tie so I got a winner.

My first hot tip/inside info tip of the year came through. I got a call at 9am saying Vince Young would not be playing for Tennessee. The tipster said never mind taking the points, bet Washington to win straight up at +140. So I did. For 58+ minutes it looked like a loser but the Skins scored two TDs in the last minute for the victory. I gave the tip to only one guy although I don't think he played it but at least it may have kept him from playing Tennessee. Nice first suck out of the year and my inside info stands at 1-0.

Hopefully I can comb the exhibition slate for next weekend and come up with some posted winners for the other degenerates out there. Man am I glad football season is back. I find watching and betting on football 1000 times more exciting than playing poker. Between consulting for my old business and football season being here in full swing, my poker playing will lessen dramatically. After three break even months and not much play this month poker will become at best a part-time pursuit probably through the end of the year. Hopefully in that time it will become fun again.

Congrats to LJ for following up her deep run last week in the $32K with a cash in FTOPS 6. Perhaps she is a new blogger star in the making? Go visit her blog and give her some love but don't you dare tell her that playing KJo out of position is okay although I know some of you are deeply in love with that shitty hand.

My efforts at FTOPS so far has resulted in a loss of time and money. I can't seem to get past all the donkeys in the satellite or super satellite level. One hand I got sent home on was quite funny I thought. With the blinds only at 30/60 EP raises to 3.5x and I smooth call in the CO with AKo. Three of us see the flop of A76 rainbow. Check, Check, I bet about 3/4 pot and get check-raised by the original raiser. I go over the hands that he may have and come up with AK-AT or TT-KK all of which I beat except AK which is a chop. I rule out a set and really rule out A7 or A6 because I don't think anyone open raises that crap in EP. I re-raise, he jams I call and he turns over A6. And you guys want to argue tournaments are skill heh. I guess I'm the donkey who can't put someone on A6 with an EP raise, or the donkey who doesn't make that play, or the donkey who thinks KJo or AQo sucks balls.

Tonight is my favorite HBO show other than the Wire, Big Love. I love me some Mormon mafia stories and plot lines. I don't think I knew any Mormons, or Jews or Muslim for that matter, growing up, but since I've lived in Vegas I've become more up to speed on the polygamists Mormons and I must say from all I've read and seen on the News and special TV shows that Big Love is extremely accurate. Three episodes left and I can't wait to see how they wrap up Season 2.

Anyway, today may be the transition of this blog. Although I mostly write what I feel at the moment or share stories about life in Vegas or my past the focus or theme has predominantly been poker and with poker probably taking a backseat in my life the content will focus on variety of other things. I hope those who do stop by here don't just read for the poker content and will continue to read if this blog takes a life that is mostly non-poker. It will be interesting to see what happens to both the content and readership over the next couple months. Stay tuned.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and that you are truly happy with your life as it is in the present moment.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mookie III

Sorry Waffles.

Wow third one of the year. Well technically we chopped it four ways but since we were playing for the all important profile, victory is mine.

Had fun talking shit HU with Jordan, hope he feels the same way. It did get hot and heavy for a while. BTW Jordan what is pretty boy? I'm an old man for crying out loud. Keep playing well man.

Congrats though have to go out to LJ for her 3rd place finish in the $32K yesterday afternoon and a take of $4700 real dollars. She played excellent poker and only sucked out once the whole tournament. Even though her Coach slept through most of it, I'm sure there is a beem in his eye today. Wow Coach, you finally found someone to listen to you in how to play deep stack MTTs. Go figure. Well done LJ you fucking ballah.

It's football season too baby. Dallas Cowgirls vs the Indianapolis Dolts is tonights match-up on Fox. Dallas is 4' (remember ' means .5 or half) 34. Also Detroit is home against the Cincinnati Bungholes and the Lions are 2' 34'. Does anyone really bet on preseason football? You bet your ass they do. I'm sure the football game will get the big screeen at the Red Rock and the baseball games will be on the smaller screens. BTW lots of unders in the first week of preseason so let's see how those numbers hold up.

That's it. Between LJ and my Mookie run I didn't eat dinner and I'm nursing a slight hangover today so be nice on the girlie chat boys and girls.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Nothing much new going on here. Poker, betting baseball, studying for football, reading blogs, watching HBO, drinking vodka, man live doesn't get much better than this.

Had a great time at Sunday's Big Game. Only 14 players but it was a tough field. I bubbled running AT into TT and KQ into QQ four-handed. Both times into Hoy, who went on to win the $483 first prize. BTW don't be mislead by Hoy's 12K word posts, he does display luckbox tendencies at times even though he'll never admit to it.

Speaking of luckboxes, yes that was me with TT vs KK vs AA when we were five-handed and yes that was me sucking out with a straight. How ghey the RNG spits those three hands out at exactly that time. But what the RNG gives it also takes away as I kept running good hands into Mr. Pocket Pair. Anyway let's hope for a slightly bigger field next month.

After my rants last week about MTTs, I'm still taking shots at a big score. Tonight is the satellite to FTOPS 1 which will take the place of the 50-50 and I will take a shot at trying to win my way in. Overall though I've cut down on taking these shots and working on building up my roll playing cash games.

With just a little bit of searching, I can usually find a super weak-tight $200NL cash game at almost any time of the day on FT. A good mix is two or three bots,(multi-tablers playing more than 6 games), one or two shorties trying to make a score, and the rest just random players. When I find those weak-tight tables I try to play highly focused aggressive poker for at most two hours but the real goal is to double up and split. I only play one cash table at a time and usually I'm playing a MTT or satellite along with it.

The last few months I've taking cash winnings and used most of it chasing MTTs. Now I'm pocketing most of the cash profits and using a percentage for satellites or token SnGs. I've found this to be a better method for me personally because the goal right now is to build my online account to back over five figures which in essence is like a savings account. Also this is the slowest time of the year in the Vegas poker rooms so it's a way to earn during the dead times.

I've been working hard also consulting for my old business in Florida and it looks like I will get offered a stake in it again. I'll weigh things out in the coming weeks but worst case initially my compensation should pay my monthly nut and my health insurance. I have things down there stabilized after it looked like it was going under and if the implemented changes works out as planned I can slowly expand things and turn it once again into a nice profitable cash flow business at which point I can make a comfortable living. Hmmm guess that would make me a semi-pro poker player and gambler as well as once again a business owner. Makes for a great live if you ask me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed profitable.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Even Again

Congrats to everyone who cashed in the freeroll. I probably shouldn't have played after my posts of the last few days. I was mentally unprepared and after getting rivered out of a big pot early on I was like fuck it. I will have the proper mind set on Sunday for the Big Game and I hope to satellite into one or all of the 50-50, $55K, and $500K. If I'm going to donk at MTTs might as well play for big scores. That or ride on KOD's coattails.

Almost made a big score in baseball last night. I won with the Angels but I also had Atlanta on the RL at +130 which was heartbreaking. They come back from a 5-1 deficit to take a 9-5 lead only to have Soriano give up a Grand Slam that tied it for Houston. Ah what could have been. Oh well I broke out even yet again but I am 4-2 in baseball since my return. So close. Oh well we'll get them this weekend.

I did BBQ a fat 20oz ribeye that I washed down with three vodkas so although I broke out even in baseball and poker I'd say that made me +EV for the day.

Tonight and tomorrow it's Bellagio $2/5 and betting baseball. Maybe mix in a couple cocktails and lets see if I can get August off to a good start.

Did anyone see this about a fixed tennis match? Wow I hope I can hear about a fix before it happens so I can make some major dough at the casino. Does anyone still not think the NBA or NFL is not fixed? Shame on you.

I'm really pleased with the weather here in Vegas lately. Twice last week and twice this week we've had some great summer thunderstorms. I remember last year hearing about monsoon season and to beware of flash flooding but it never once rained all summer. This year it's been much different. Highs in the low 80s and complete downpours are something I miss from Florida. Yesterday I drove up to Red Rock to make a my wagers and it was black as night. You couldn't even see the mountains which are less than 5 miles away, the lightning was firing bolts straight down to the ground and I'm sure somewhere in the core there was huge amounts of hail. No I'm not turning this into a weather blog but after not seeing rain basically for a year it was a nice change of pace.

Hopefully you have your tokens and you can join us on Sunday for the August edition of the Big Game.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Too Funny So On We Go

It seems like I sparked up some debate yesterday with my anti-MTT post and from the comments and my girlie chat blowing up I just want to clearify a couple things.

Wait first go this article where the author goes a lot more in depth than I did.

First, the gist of the post was refering to me and me alone so remember it's my blog and I write how things relate to me. If I am ever refering to or implying something negative towards any individual I will use their name and most probably link them. So if you got your panties in a bunch then toughen the fuck up.

Second, the post was also meant for people to reflect on themself which I'm assuming it did. Like many of my other posts I base the content on myself but I try to write in a way people may want to look inward and see how that content may or may not apply to them. If you looked up yourself and thought just a little bit about your successes or failures as an MTT or cash player than good.

Finally and most importantly, my whole point is that 95% of people who play tournaments are losing players. That's it.

Yes they're fun, yes people work all day and play MTTs for entertainment, yes we have a competition like the BBT that attracked a lot of us many times a week, yes you need a different skill set to play MTTs than you do need for cash games, yes your buy-in is fixed, yes you have a chance to make a huge score (well some do), yes, yes, yes, to all the contrary opinions but I'll type it one more time.

95% of people who play tournaments are losing players. Again thats my whole point.

Look my biggest score at an MTT was recently at the Venetian where I won $3100 or so. I'm a guy thats never had a big score although I've tried and I will keep trying. Am I competent enough to win? I think so. Do I work on my MTT game and discuss situation with people who are better than me and that have had major successes? Yes I do. Would a big cash help my career as a professional poker player? Fucking A right it will. We can go on and on about the difference between cash and MTTs but I stand by the point I was trying to make.

Moving on. Maybe we can get some posts from the successful and almost successful tournament players on end game play? How about this one? Why don't some of you successful tournament players do a post about what it takes to win one of these things with stellar late game play and why you think so many people only go deep. Then maybe the guys who always go deep but never win can do a post about why they think they just can't get over the hump and win, if they are even trying to win.

It seems that many players, myself included, play like card dependent pussies and usually blind off waiting for KK or AA to hopefully show up late. Or people who just try to move up slots just so they can make another $100 instead of playing to win the fucking thing. This is something that would really interest me.

How about a couple examples? Let's take last nights 50-50. 1056 entrants $52,800 prize pool, 153 make the money. Minimum payout $79.20. Minimum final table payout $818.40, first prize $10090.08. It takes 127 cashes to equal one win, it takes 12 9th place finishes to equal one first place finish. Why is it that so many people play like complete scardy cats if they ever get into the money instead of playing for the one huge prize on top?

So why are some people successful and win some of these big prizes and why are a bunch of other players just ITM or final one or two table finishes but never seem to get that elusive huge win and are happy to come in 12th or 7th every time. And don't give me that unlucky shit. That would make some interesting reading to me and I'm sure many others to see the end game broken down and why some win and so many others only go deep.

The freeroll tonight and the Big Game on Sunday. Yes I'll be at both and I look forward to both. Yes I'll probably try to satellite into the $55K and $50-50 tonight as I try to take a shot at a big score. Yes that will be at Bellagio all weekend betting on baseball and trying to run over the soft $2/5 tables.

Enjoy your day and good luck tonight.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How to Waste Time and Money

I've known this for a long time, I've posted about this too many times, let's hope I finally get it. MTT's are gimmick poker and not many people make money at them.

I just updated my poker numbers for July and I wasted way too much time and money chasing a score in MTTs. Way too much. My cash game numbers were consistent again but it's those fucking MTTs throwing way too much shit off.

Here's the deal or at least how I see it. If you play a MTT usually 10% and sometimes 15% of players get paid. The real money is in the top 3. Do the math, 3 players out of 1000 get most of the money. If you are playing just to cash you'll get clobbered over time. Barely squeezing into the money is a waste, it's top 3 or bust if you want to make anything.

You want to have some fun? Go to Big Stack and put in your favorite player or bloggers name and look at their Full Tilt results. The numbers are off a little because they don't make the adjustment if you satellite into something but they are close enough. Go back to the BBT final numbers and really take a look there too. For 95% of players, chasing the Big Score playing MTT's in big time (-EV) over time.

That's why there is only an extremely small number of players who make real money playing MTTs. Most pros pay their freight from cash games occasionally taking pops at big scores in MTTs. Now the small sample of players who make it in the MTT world do very very well, the rest are losing players, in lots of cases big time losing players.

Do the research, read the books, check out the sites that keep track of results and tell me why so many people, myself at times inlcuded, play lotto poker in hopes of one day hitting that big score. Hey if you're thinking of making it in the poker world as a pro here's my bit of advice, Learn to successfully play cash games! They are the bread and butter, they pay the bills, and they give you the freedom to take shots at big scores.

If you're a recreational player and play for fun and some extra money, chart and check your results. You'll be surprised at over time how much money you piss away. Anyway I hope I finally learned my lesson and I concentrate mostly on grinding away the cash games occasionally taking shots at score. Occasionally.

Well I started betting baseball again last night and started things off 2-0. I also quickly remembered how much more I like sports betting than playing poker. Now there is no way I'm giving up poker for sports betting but I look forward to the end of baseball season and of course football season is right around the corner and I'll be looking to supplement my income in the sports book. I'll keep you up-to-date on my progress as I continue to grind out a living in Vegas.

We start a new month and I look forward to getting off to a fast start playing some long cash sessions at Bellagio this weekend. I basically took last weekend off from live action instead donking around some online and rereading some of my poker books. I'm trying to get my mind fresh as well as looking at some strategy issues in the never ending journey of finding leaks. We all have leaks, some more apparent than others, and for me finding them, making adjustements, learning, getting better, and making good decisions is the goal for the upcoming month of August. I feel good where I am and after three break even months I'm looking to turn the corner and get back to the winning ways.

Since I bitched once again about MTTs, don't forget about the August edition of the Big Game this Sunday. The hope is we get at least three tables for the first post BBT Game. BTW thanks again to Mookie for making and updating the banner. Go play his game tonight BTW.