Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back on Track

We started by anointing the KOD and now it seems to have become official, we have her majesty joining him on the throne. Congrats to LJ, our beloved QOD, on her awesome summer run along with her now royal status. Four tournament cashes this summer totaling $14K is work well done.

I played the Venetian $340 with KOD and QOD and in typical fashion I take a tough beat instead of doubling up and having chips to roll over a very weak-tight table. We are about ten minutes into Level 4 100/200/25, a table had just broken, we are down to three, so two new players join us. First hand new dude open raises to $1200 from CO. What 6x? Maybe he's trying to establish a tone here but surely that is an overbet.

Next hand I have about $5300 chips,(started with $6K) when I got AK sooted in the BB. We get three limpers when the same dude now on the button again makes it $1200 to go. No sense fucking around so I jam and the three limpers fold. Back to the dude on the button who goes in the tank. After a good minute he finally calls of $4100 more, which is 70% of his stack, and turns over A8o. Flop misses us both but there are two clubs, and you know the rest, turn club, river club and his 8c is good for the four flush.

So instead of almost $12K in chips I'm busto to a fucking donkey named Jesus, who proceeds to donk and luckbox his way to first place and $3800. Man I get four flushed in live tournaments live it's nobodies business, what the fuck is that? Oh well we all split a percentage so my buy-in was basically paid for thanks to QOD running hot. I did go play in a soft as butter $1/2 $300 max cash game after and finished that up nearly a buy-in.

My big hand there was raising to $15 from middle position with JJ and getting called by some Middle Eastern chick in the BB. Now this chick had beat me out of a pot early by re-raising from the BB with what turned out to be 66, and from watching her play she seemed to overvalue hands like middle pocket pairs, TP any kicker, and Ace rag. In a $1/2 game no less, go figure. Flop comes T72 two spades and she leads out into me for $50. WTF is that? Did she hit a set and is she doing the old overbet for value trick or maybe she has 89 with two spades and is pulling a KOD maneuver.

I think for 15 seconds or so and just don't put her on either of those hands, it seems like she'd be more apt to check-raise my ass since I was making C-bets 100% of the time on this soft table. So I re-raise and make it $115 to go and she smooth calls. She's got AT of a flush draw is my read at this point. Turn is 4h she checks I jam my remaining $125 or so which barely has her covered and she calls, turning over KT no spades. River is a brick and I'm off and running.

I little while later I pick up AKo in the BB and put that to work. This kid who was getting massages and at the same time getting lucky made it $10 to go after three limpers. I smooth call and one limper calls. This kid had just donked off $125 calling an all-in with TT on a flop of QJ2 and was slightly annoyed as well as getting a little buzzed.

Flop comes AJ5 rainbow and I lead out $25. The limp-caller folds and dude re-raises me to $75. He could have AJ or A5 but my guess is Ax so I stall for a bit and make a call like I'm chasing with Ax myself but I'm really preparing to check-raise his ass regardless the turn. Well the turn is a K giving me top two. I check and he makes it $125. Now my thoughts here are do I just call and hope he bluffs the river or do I check-raise him now thinking he'll get it all in. Well with AKJ on the board making a possibility of a gut shot Broadway and a flush draw I decide to check-raise him right now in hopes he's drawing. He instantly mucks. Oh well I took $200 or so off him so I'm not going to complain there.

That was my first time playing $1/2 at Venetian as the usual fare is $2/5 $1000 max. I will definitely play the $1/2 game there again as it was extremely soft and I also like the $300 buy-in. Man I've really forgotten how fucking soft $1/2 games are here in Vegas.

Anyway it turned out to be a good week back on the felt and enjoying time with Mookie, KOD and QOD. 16 hours of $1/2 netted $1200 and 4.5 hours of $2/5 netted another $375 so it was nice to run good again. I really think taking a break did my head good and going back to $1/2 for a while to start back up was also a smart move. I played fairly tight, trapped well, and used position to take down a lot of unwanted pots. Throw in a few two barrel bluffs (not the easiest thing to do at $1/2) and I was happy with my play. Now that I'm running better and my confidence is up I'll probably transition back in to playing $2/5 again.

Also with September approaching the tourists will start filtering back into town. Football is here and it will be time to put poker and handicapping together as we approach my favorite four months of the year. Three or four days a week at the tables, definitely Saturday being some longs sessions, with Sunday being NFL day at Red Rock. Hopefully I'll come back from the summer doldrums and stay hot right thru the end of the year in the hopes of really building that bankroll.


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Chad C said...

That middle eastern girl was so bad, I can't believe you gave her credit for a hand there. It was so obvious she had one pair marginal kicker, she was horrid! People like that are awesome, just gotta pray that they don't catch up!

At 1:38 PM, Blogger fidobuster said...

I'm glad to see you're about to get back to posting about some football. No better time of year than the fall. I'd like to hear if you have any strong feelings about the over/under win totals for any NFL teams this year. College football starts this thursday -- do you follow college at all? If you do , take Navy ASAP -20' over Temple on friday evening. Keep running well and get some picks on here soon.


At 1:53 PM, Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I love how you give so much credit to a player at a 1-2NL table. OBFV with a set is rarely seen at a 1-2NL... I don't think their minds work like that... Straight forward poker is gold at 1-2NL.

"This kid who was getting massages and at the same time getting lucky" Wow. I thought they only offered those at the Asian massage parlors. :)

Yours Truly,
12 yr old blogger


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