Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baseball Ownership for Dummies

I love baseball. I grew up in the St Louis, the best baseball city in America, and my father and grandfather have been life long Red Sox fans who taught me everything about the game by the time I was 5. I have four fantasy baseball teams that probably take 60-90 minutes a day to manage and I love it. I buy the MLB Extra Innings package every year also so I can watch games every day. But I must say baseball is the most mismanaged sport every, yes even worse than dreadful MLS or NHL.

Baseball has blackout rules from 1952 that make absolutely no sense, without a salary cap we have Yankee and Red Sox payroll over $200M (yes Red Sox fans you are grouped with the Yankees stop pointing fingers like you're some frugal organization) while Florida and Kansas City payrolls are $30M, you have some teams that refuse to spend money while reaping huge profits (yes Minnesota and Pittsburgh) and this morning I read this article with owners colluding about signing draft picks. What?

Every year the baseball draft is based on signability. Guys who should be drafted in the top 10 fall to 26 because of contract demands and every year its the same cheap and crappy franchises passing on those players. Why don't the owners and players agree to slotted pay for draft picks like the NBA and sometimes NFL? The NBA gets it, I'll give them credit. You get drafted at x number you get x dollars for x years and you sign a week later. Football tries to do that although you get stiffs like Brady Quinn falling to 22nd wanting top 5 money but for the most part it works. When will baseball figure out salary caps and slotted draft picks? (Oh and get rid of Tim McCarver too)

Baseball has great pennant races since adding the wild card, attendance is at record highs, the play-offs are usually tense tight games, but these buffoons in charge are absolutely clueless frugal misers who despite trying to ruin things year after year still put out a good product. Maybe someday they'll get it figured out and every team will head into spring training with a chance to win it all. Too bad that can't be the hope for fans of 12 or so horrible franchises.

Cards start a week long trip with 3 in Milwaukee and 4 in Chicago. Time to make a run at those two soft leaders in the NL Central. Cleveland-Detroit play a quick two game series which should be interesting as both teams are slumping. Tight races in all six divisions and both wild cards should make this a good 7 weeks.

Well I gave out Denver-San Francisco Under 35 last night but my buddy says he's done with exhibition betting. Now if you watched the game you were probably ready to rip your ticket up early in the 2nd quarter but somehow the reserves of both teams smell and the game went Under the total bringing my pre-season record to 3-0. It's nice to be off to a good start. More winners to follow this weekend.

John Beck one game winning drive with a two-point conversion as the winner. Brady Quinn splinters from carrying the clipboard as the number 4 QB. Sorry Cleveland fans you drafted a combo of Tim Couch and Joey Harrington with some Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith thrown in for good measure. How's that working for you?

Being a favorite in poker is over rated. Sure I might be 75% when I get all-in with just two cards but I must remember that there are still FIVE more cards to come. That's like saying a team with the lead will win the football game when there is still 12 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. Yup I'm still standing behind it, tournaments are gimmick. Sure there is strategy but its different and less than having to play all five streets. B8, I23, 069 Bingo.

I played the MATH last night and had no shot to win. My starting cards weren't good enough and my opening table was full of calling stations. So if I don't get KK or AA and I try to raise with other hands that are getting called three and four ways with QT, and KJ, or A5, I'm toast. Somehow I made the final table although short and I couldn't compete with those who got hit with the deck. Congrats to whomever won I surely didn't stick around to watch the end of that mess.

Big Love wasn't all that great last night but it certainly did set the table for the last two episodes. One thing is for certain, who in their right fucking mind would want three wives? I mean seriously. It might be fun for a week when you get to bang multiple chicks but there are no three or foursomes, you get ganged up on repeatedly and man that's a lot of mouths to feed. Fuck that. I am impressed with the Mormon mafia though. Those are some shoot first ask questions later kind of thugs.

My business deal is near completion. I'll give you the details once they become final but it looks like I will be a business owner once again in the very short future. I need something I can rely on, something I can build up, money I can count on. Poker has been fun but realistically I don't have the passion to see myself counting on that for a living two or five or twenty years down the road.


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Considering my team plays in the Mountain West I got to see a lot of Beck in his stellar senior season, and I told my friend who is a Fins fan that I thought they made the right move in picking Beck instead of Quinn. Beck has a solid arm, looks very poised in the pocket, and I think he'll transition well into the NFL. Quinn was overhyped because he played for Notre Dame, was frequently bailed out by his receivers, and while he's not a bad QB, I'd be pretty hesitant to pick him in the Top 10 of any draft and depend on him as my new franchise QB.

I'll be interested to see who comes out on top down the road, but I like Beck's chances.

Oh, and I'm really hoping the Cards' pitching can come into Wrigley this weekend and kickstart the Cubs offense. Would be nice. I know they've got it in them.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger StB said...

Yeah, big series for the Brewers as well. The Cards are creeping up and that is something I certainly do not want to see come September. Plus, to be the man, you got to beat the man. Brewers need to beat the Cards to be the Man.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

the NL is the NFC of baseball.

go Angels!


At 2:49 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I'm looking forward to the "soft leaders," the Cubs, to take down the Central and show everyone what they are made of in the playoffs.

Hellz yeah.

At 4:21 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Just say no to Joe Buck.

Hopefully he'll stay out of baseball announcing.

At 5:00 PM, Blogger B said...

I don't think RedSox in recent years have claimed to be frugal. We are second in payroll (our ~150M vs their ~170M) behind the Yankees (in AL East at least, and probably all baseballd). Theo Epstein convinced the $ holders to spend 120M on Dice-K this year (60 salary, 60 compensation to his Japanese team). These numbers were all over the Boston Globe in Feb/March when the deal was cut.

It was funny to see the Yankees, the most expensive team bombing like it did at the beginning of the season. RedSox fans aren't laughing so much now as the Sox are stalling out just before playoff season and the Yankees are on a tear.

I don't think it was really ever finger pointing as it was simply another reason to hate the Yankees.


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