Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Here comes the defending World Series Champions making a run at a fading Brewer team as well as a vastly overrated Cubs team. Two weeks ago in St. Louis the Cards spotted the Brew Crew 5-0 and 6-0 leads before coming back to win each game and in keeping that trend alive they spot the Brewers a 3-0 first inning lead before trashing them 12-4 last night. Also it was nice to see the Reds smoke big-time ass clown Carlos "DickHead" Zambrano who only seems to win when there is no pressure. 4' games back baby.

The starting pitching has made a miraculous turn for the better, the bats are coming alive, the death of Josh Hancock has now become inspirational, the Rick Ankiel story of the year has fired up the squad, the bullpen is deep, the pressure if off, and here come the Cardinals.

I did enjoy the pregame show celebrating the 25 year reunion of the Milwaukee Brewers as it brought up a lot of great memories since it was the Cardinals that beat the Brewers 4 games to 3 to win the 1982 World Series.

The 1982 season was the latter half of my junior year and the beginning of me senior year in High School. Back before Internet and when cable TV and ESPN was just starting, I'd be lucky to watch 40 regular season games, and a lot of my memories were listen to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon on the radio. As most seniors in High School I remember drinking beer at weekend parties, sneaking off with my crew and smoking weed, trying to bang any chick with a pulse, playing basketball by the hours, and listening to Cardinal baseball.

What a great time in life to see your first World Championship. The much better Cardinal teams of 1985 (fuck off Don Denkinger) and 1987 didn't bring the title home so my favorite memories will always be of my senior year in high school and watching Bruce Sutter strike out the last Brewer batter and the crowd, which was the norm back then, charging the field in celebration. I also remember skipping school and sneaking off downtown to watch the victory parade two days later. Man life was good. Thanks for the Brew Crew for bringing back such fond memories.

They seriously ought to lock up this asshole Jose Offerman for swinging a bat at the opposing pitcher who had just beaned him. You take a bat down the street and whack two of your neighbors with it, you're going to jail, and there is a good chance you don't just get probation but you do time. Is Offerman a fucking nut job or what? Figures it happened in Bridgeport which has to be one of the all-time shit holes in the Northeast.

All right Drizz you want less Joe Buck you got it.

No poker for this kid last night and man did it feel good. Not playing and not feeling guilty because I wasn't playing is a great feeling. I do think I'll go play live tomorrow down at the MGM though. A couple cocktails, some $1/2 donkage sounds like a way to make poker fun again.

I will be defending my title tonight over at Mookies crib so all you calling stations and flush chasers make sure you come out and take a pop at knocking me off the throne. I going to be extremely focused and I'm sure slightly buzzed as I try for the second time this year to go back-to-back.

Oh and btw don't let this dude fool you, he's not that real Mookie. Damn impostors.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger Chad C said...

Thats when you know you are getting big, people start copying your handle. Whats next, "miami john"?

At 12:47 PM, Blogger lj said...

i always liked the dude who did back flips - ozzie smith?

At 3:02 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Thanks for the pimp...good luck tonight on #4.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Halfway home, now to get him to stop screwing up NFL games...

Your 82' is like my 87' :)

Herbie jumping up and down is one of my fondest baseball memories.

At 5:33 PM, Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Too bad Jack Clark dropped that lazy pop fly, and that Darrel Porter played Matador with a pitch, and that Dane Iorg punched a broken bat single into right and Porter couldn't tag our slow-ass catcher Sundberg.

Oh, and too bad you couldn't beat us despite the fact that you had a WHOLE 'OTHER GAME to try it. Too bad you guys melted like chocolate on a sidewalk and couldn't handle the pressure of actually beating a Royals team that had about as much offense as a toddler's tee-ball team (actually, less than that) and yet beat your Birdies 11-0!!! Man that Saberhagen could pitch, coudln't he? Wiff, wiff, wiff. That's your birdies trying to hit him. Too bad your manager got kicked out of that game and your hyper-ass pitcher got booted too and Tudor decided to float a mistake pitch to slap-happy Motley in the only place he could whack it.

But, yeah, it was the umps' fault. SCREW THE UMP!!!

Your '82 is like my '85. What Drizz said. :)

At 6:32 PM, Blogger bayne_s said...

Offerman was at least arrested


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