Friday, September 21, 2007

A Look at Week Three

I wasn't looking for you guys to kiss my ass yesterday I was just stating that readership is off since I went away from poker content which I find humorous. Guess I better sell my cross-over appeal a little harder!

How about the Hurricanes baby? Sorry JJ but they took Texas A&M to the fucking woodshed and the ass kicking at the Orange Bowl brought back a ton of memories. Nothing like an 18-play 83-yard drive on the first possession with the temps at 86 and the humidity at 70%. If you did watch what is up with Texas A&M running the option circa 1972 and with a slow white QB? That team gets behind its over man. We should be able to make some money betting against this team as they play road games at Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Missouri.

I finally signed-up for the Blogger Contest over at Fantasy Sports Live which appears to be a great site. I spotted all you donks two weeks but watch out because I plan on winning this bad boy. I'll play a couple contests this weekend and I'll let you know my thoughts on the site and contest early next week. I will say the reviews from everyone that plays there already are stellar so come out and join us and see if you can knock me off.

It's Friday that means lets get to some NFL. It was a blood bath last week with all the dogs covering and I'm not sure we are going to see much difference this week. I will say that if anybody takes a road favorite and lays the points you deserve to get what you get.

Through Week 2
Favs 11-18-3
O/U 14-18
Home Dogs 6-3
AFC vs NFC 4-3-1

Indy -6 47' at Houston and San Diego -5 43 at Green Bay
These are two very dangerous games that I will not bet. You have two very public backed teams against two upstarts that are 2-0. If you find yourself wanting to bet either Indy or SD (not to say either wont cover) then I would call you a square and I will gladly book every single bet you ever make on the NFL.

Kansas City 2' 33' vs Minnesota
No write-up as I'd rather go watch a high school game than this potential disaster. I do like the game to somehow go over the 33'.

Philly -6' 44' vs Detroit
Did anybody watch Philly's first two games? I did and I am baffled that Philly is a 6' point favorite over anyone. Donovan McNabb looks like he's an old and slow 40-year old and IMO this team is done for the year. Why you ask? Because McNabb himself told us by playing the race card and moaning how tough it is to be a black QB in the NFL. You know what McNabb fuck you! I find that to be an excuse that he is not 100% back from his knee injury and to have the QB of all things making excuses to this magnitude means he's quit. Detroit had the hand of god come down and miraculously clear born again QB Jon Kitna's concussion and helped lead them on the winning drive in OT so how can you not like a team with the lord and savior jesus christ at the helm. I don't believe in any god but Kitna does and in this game it's all that matters. I'm taking the points.

N England -16' 41 vs Buffalo
If you lay 16' points in the NFL you need your head examined. If you bet Buffalo you also might need your head examined. Pass.

Jets -3 35' vs Miami
The Jets have beaten Miami something like 16 out of 20 and every single trend you can find points to the Jets here. The first time in my life I bet against the Fins was last Christmas when they were favored over the Jets and go figure I won. Just like last year it looks like betting against Miami is like printing money so I don't know how you can't load up on the Jets in this one although that line does smell a little fishy.

Pittsburgh -9 38 vs San Fran
Granted the Steelers thrashed Cleveland and Buffalo but they still look like they are for real. San Fran is averaging 190 yards a game in total offense and they are absolutely the worst 2-0 team in the league with two fluke wins over Arizona and St Louis. I just don't see them being able to move the ball against the leagues #3 defense. I'm not a fan of betting favorites nevermind big ones but I'm laying the wood here and taking the Steelers to blow out the 49ers.

Baltimore 8 35' vs Arizona
Baltimore looks bad on offense. Arizona played a great first half before almost blowing it to Seattle last week. I'm not a fan of playing Arizona on the road traveling cross country but if I were to play this I'm taking the points.

Denver -3' 35' vs Jacksonville
These are two teams waiting to erupt offensively and I think this is the week. I like the OVER.

Washington -3' 40' vs NY Giants
Something stinks about this game. 2-0 Washington vs 0-2 GMen and the line is only 3'? I file this under the too good to be true category. I'm not betting this game but if I was I would take the Giants plus the points. Did I mention something smells fishy?

Chicago -3 41 vs Dallas
The Bears Offense stinks but they have good defense and special teams. Dallas looks strong this year and I think Wade Phillips was a great hire for them. I'll bet a few dollars with Dallas on the ML in this game. You should be able to get +145 or +150 which I find value in.

That's all I have for this rainy 62 degree Friday in Vegas. After that long hot summer today is a welcome relief. Good Luck with your plays this weekend and find you some dogs to bet.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

you gotta like Minn against the sorry ass KC offense. take Minn.

do you really think the Charger's offense isn't gonna wake up this week against the cheeseheads? LT is gonna run all over them.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger Blinders said...

Thanks for the pimpage. The BFFB is as "crossover" as it gets. Your bonus is in!

This week I am taking the Jets, Pitt, and Denver. My favorite college and Pro FB teams are Miami like you, but I have no problem betting against my Favs. Would love to see the Canes make some noise this year. Early season losses are better for your poll chances.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Dude I still read you and check every day. Write more!!!

And you know me I love the poker and love the football. Heck you start laying odds/making book on TV reality shows and youll get all sorts of us chicas flocking to your site.

I did go to Bodog for a good over view of what the MoneyLine is etc.

Maybe a sportsbetting primer for us noobs would be a great post

At 5:21 PM, Blogger 4dbirds said...

You can tell I know nothing about college football. The game was over and I was rooting for A&M.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Poker Jones said...

The over on the Browns-Raiders game deserves consideration. Browns offensive line is much improved. Winslow is for real. Edwards looks as if he's learned to hold on to the ball. Lewis looks as if he's running better than in the previous two years. The Browns defense is okay against the run, but is weak against the pass. Raiders should be able to move the ball. Lamont Jordan is a nice player.

I actually think the Browns might win this game. But I could be completely delusional as well.


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