Monday, October 29, 2007

$750K Deep Run

I got close. Usually these run in cycles so hopefully I get some more love.

See you tonight in the MATH.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

3 in the Books

I'm back. Do all you liberal PC sensitive types still have your panties in a bunch? 7:5 you do.

First thank you to all the shit talkers who dogged me on my Cleveland over Boston pick. Like I'm insulting you wicked retahded NE fans by betting against your beloved Red Sox. Funny part is most of you said the series was a toss up, I'm getting 8:5 to bet Cleveland, and I'm an idiot? Tell you what, when you come out here in Decemeber bring your money and I'll flip coins with at 8:5 all weekend.

Also where was everyone patting me on the back when I bet the same Indians at 9:5 over the Yankees in what was termed a coinflip then when Colorado and Arizona both led 2-0 in the Division series and I gave you another coin flip by picking either team at 6:5? Of course I took Colorado and won that bet.

So tell me retahds. Three coins flips. I win one at 9:5, win one at 6:5 but then lose one when I'm getting 8:5 and I'm the assclown. Do you see the genius and value here? If you don't, stop trying to figure out why you can't pick winners and you suck at poker because you're a lost cause.

Congrats to the three winners so far in the BBTwo and condolences to the runners-up. Finishing 2nd just plain sucks and it must be a tough pill to swallow. I must say so far everyone has been very gracious something I'm sure would be hard for me.

As far as that goes; yes I talk a lot of shit in the chat boxes, and I get deeply disturbed when I lose, especially to coolers and bad luck, but I'm highly competitive, I frustrate easy, and I'm a poor loser, always have been probably always will. So if get offended I'm sorry, it's the heat of the moment. Come see me in Vegas I'll buy you a cocktail and we'll talk and have fun. I'm way different from the competitor you see at the virtual tables and I've found that 95% of people who meet me like me. So if you judge me by my mouth at the tables than sorry, I think you're missing out. Oh and I can take it as well as dish it out so don't be afraid to talk shit back. And really whats the difference between my unleashing at the table for two minuets and being done or Hoy or Waffles waiting a day and taking six paragraphs to call you a donkey or to say that your play was horrendous, or lucky, or whatever.

$20 last longer bet on tonight's Riverchasers. Last nights win won me $300 so if you want to gamble on yourself and try to make some extra cake, ship KOD the $20 on FTP. I'm sure he'll have a list up right before the start.

I played Virginia Tech -3 tonight at home vs Boston College. Go ahead fade it.

That's it. Hope everyone is happy and enjoying life and making money.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Tonight I like:

Jacksonville +3'
Jacksonville ML +155

Lots to get to tomorrow. Even some words to my haters.

Peace Out Yo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Closer

All we need is one more win for the Indians. I like Sabathia to bounce back tomorrow night with a better effort but it will tough against Boston's only pitcher Josh Beckett.

BTW why is MLB so fucking dumb? An off night, a game tomorrow, then possibly another off night. Then the World Series doesn't start until next Wednesday.

Does anybody remember this guy? Something about being locked out he claims. Here is his new work and already I like not having to read white fonts on a dark background. Hopefully his writing will again be dictionary worthy.

Then there is this donkey who I ran into at Binions and Caesars last week. He's quit online poker and blogging probably 30 times already but for some reason he just can't stay away. Most be something to do with Aussie Millions BBTwo that couldn't keep him away this time. Dude can play some live cash I'll give him that so go read some tips on how to stop playing like a nit so you can get paid.

Here's a great scenario. You sign-up and play the Big Game on Sunday. You beat 50 other donkeys and win the $1300 first prize. You get the first seat in the TOC so basically you make a nice score and the pressure is off. How can you beat that? So go win those tokens. There are token frenzies nightly at 21:45 for $15. You can play a Tier II SnG for $26 or you can win a Tier I token for $8.70 then use the that token for a Tier II token. Or you can play cash, the easiest satellites in town, win $75 and buy-in direct. It's so easy a Caveman can do it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

BBTwo Aussie Millions

New England proved that they are the best team in football as they won and covered their sixth straight game blowing out the Cowboys. I will give Dallas some credit though as they are easily the best team in a very weak NFC. That game was probably a preview of Super Bowl XLII and man I wonder what the line will be for that game?

November 4th is the next big date as New England plays at Indianapolis. Also let's not forget this Sunday when the Pats travel to Miami to take on my 0-6 Dolphins. The Pats have historically had trouble in Miami and the line opened at 14 and was quickly bet up to 16. Will it reach 20 by kick-off? This spread is unheard of for an NFL road favorite but it doesn't look like New England will be slowing down any time soon but can Miami be the first team to cover a number?

Everyone bet the Rockies to win the NLCS right? Everyone bet the Rockies every game of the NLCS right? If not you are missing out on some of the free money Vegas is giving out. Indians vs Yankees, Pats vs Cowboys, Rockies vs anyone. There is great value out there, it's time to stockpile some money because Vegas doesn't often give it away like they are lately.

The Indians got a split in Boston dispite Sabathia and Carmona getting shelled so you have to like that. Hopefully we can freeroll those Indians to another win over Boston. Big three game set now in Cleveland and I'm going to play the Indians tonight at +113.

I like the Falcons plus the 4' tonight against the Giants and I think there is some value on the ML at +190. There is just something about home dogs on Monday night that is too tempting.

So tonights action is as follows. Three plus money bets plus getting points with the Black birds.
Atlanta +5'
Atlanta ML +190
Cleveland +113
Colorado RL +105

On to poker. Event 2 at Binions sucked. I lost some chips on the very first hand and never again got back the starting chip count finishing 58 out of 118. Had a long and fun cash session at Caesar's on Saturday finishing with a small profit after taking two suckouts within the first 30 minutes. It's never any fun being down $300+ right away but I stayed focused and grinded my way back to a profit so I was definitely happy with that. Caesar's is rocking since they are having their tournament series so it looks like the place to play cash games the next couple of weeks.

Since it's noon East Coast time most of you have already read Al's blog so how fucking cool is he. I have no idea how he pulled off an Aussie Million's seat but wow that should make the BBTwo certainly worthwhile. I love the fact that we are having a real Tournament of Champions to decide who gets the top prize. This is going to make for some big field events with some very tough play in order to win ones way into the TOC. It's so not worth folding into the points and I can imagine their will be some extremely cautious and tight final tables as this thing progresses.

So the BBTwo kicks off next Sunday night with the Big Game. The record is 53 entrants which I'm hoping we will shatter before the BBTwo is over. 58 is the next number we are looking for as it will guarantee a blogger record $4000 prize pool. It's time to reload those accounts, get those tokens, and come out on Sunday as we kick-off the BBTwo Aussie Millions Challange.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Binions Event 1

Went down to Binions yesterday with KOD and played in Event 1 of the Binions Poker Open. It's was $100 buy-in and we started with 3500 chips using this structure. It's really a decent structure for live tournaments as the 75/150 gives it one more level than Venetian and two more levels than Caesars.

Surprisingly to me 168 players started the event with 18 getting ITM and most being local grinders and tournament donks all taking a score at a decent $4400 first prize. Play was fairly wide open since the cost was only $100 and many players, myself included, felt the need to gamble early and get some chips or head out to the cash tables to win buy-ins for this event or any of the others coming up.

I got into the mix within the first orbit when I had Ah Qh UTG. I raise it to $175 and get one caller. Flop comes Kd Jc 8d so I make a C-bet and dude smooth calls me. I figure he's either drawing or has be beat so I'll proceed with much caution on the turn which was the 10s. Nice broadway so I lead out again and dude reraises all in and I insta call and he turns over Ad Jd for 2nd pair nut flush draw. River is a brick and I double up in the first orbit.

Between seeing some flops with speculative cards and being card dead I donk off some chips over the next three levels until this beauty of a hand plays out. I have 4s 5s on the button so I do the standard 3x raise and get called by both the SB and BB. Flop comes 3c 6s 8c. SB leads into me, BB folds so I just call in cash game fashion figuring I'll see one more card and then make a decision on how to proceed. Not sure if this plays right in a tournament setting but from playing mostly cash games I just don't like the reraise at this point. Depending on the turn card and his holding I really thing I can get his stack because I doubt he puts me on 45 so I certainly like my implied odds better after seeing another card.

Well the turn is 8s now giving me the straight and flush draws. The SB jams. Now I put him on trip 8s I just have to hope I'm live and he's doesn't already have a Full House. He turns over 7h 8d which somewhat sucks because all my outs with the 7 are history so I'm drawing to all the spades except the 7 and the four 2s. So I'm in much worse shape than I thought but I'm committed to the pot so I have to call. River is the 2c so I hit my draw and build up my chips. I might not have played this ideally but to me it's a spot I have to gamble and I either build up my chips or I take the $100 loss and head to the cash tables.

I blow $2000 chips from the SB with As Js calling a shorties all-in. He turns over 44 which holds. I go card dead for a bit, make some timely steals to stay about even then dump some chips again in the BB with 77. Blinds were 300/600/50 and CO had raised 3x. I just didn't see him as someone who would fold to my reraise so I called and took the flop of J 5 5. Now I'm hoping he's got AK, or AQ, so I lead into him for $2500 thinking if he missed there is no way he can call or would go over the top but he immediately reraises. I go into the tank for probably two minutes and finally tell him I think he has AJ and I muck. He shows me AJ.

I'm completely card dead but I have a couple tighties on my right so I steal their blinds every chance I get and also bust a shortie with my 99 vs his 77. We are now down to 4 tables and my chip stack is probably 1000 over average when this hand plays out. We are right near the end of Level 9 600/1200/100 and I have 5d 6d on the button. It folds to me I make it $3500 to go. SB smooth calls and BB folds. Flop come 3d 4d Qc which means I'm taking this to the felt if need be. SB checks, I bet, he check-raises all-in and I insta-call. He turns over Ad Ah so I'm actually the favorite. Brick Brick and I'm now crippled. Oh well right. You get in that spot and if my hand holds I have a ton of chips to play with and I can really lean on a tight table.

So down to 6000 chips I somehow stay alive by open pushing blind any chance I get from the hijack to the button. Somehow I make it through all of level ten and most of the way through 11 getting up to 10K in chips. We are now down to 23 players, the action is super tight and there are only a couple shorties left so I definitely need a double to make the money. Of course I want a couple doubles to have a chance to win since all the money is in the top 4 but lets hope I get lucky and get the first one first.

Some of my open pushes were funny, T2, T3, 93, 84, shit like that where I didn't even look at the cards. I did once get AK and of course got no action on that but I was still barely alive. Down to 20 players it again folds to me and I again open shove blind. My nemesis in the SB reraise all-in and fuck, it's probably lights out time. He turns over AJ and I turn over 79. Nice at least I'm live. J on the flop, 9 on the turn, there is hope, brick on the river and I go home in 20th fucking place.

I did well to get as far as I did. I had AK once, AQ once, only four pocket pairs all day with the highest being 99. Hit a couple draws early, missed a crucial draw late, stole, then basically survived to the bubble. Would I have rather busted in Level 3 and played cash? Yes probably but it was a good experience to go fairly deep as I was able to shake a lot of rust off my tournament game. With more events at Binions and some bigger events at Caesars I definitely have the confidence going forward to make a final table run and hopefully get a win.

Today it's back to Binions for the $150 event. Same structure except this time we get $4000 chips to start with. I'm guessing word will be out and hopefully we can get a comparable if not bigger field.

I haven't looked ahead to football too much yet this week as it's been poker mode but I do like the Rockies and Indians in the baseball play-offs.

Hope you are all winning. Back tomorrow with updates from Event 2.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


That was a nice +180 profit on the Indians as that bet was an absolute no-brainer. It's all about finding value in sports betting same as with poker. You aren't going to win everyone but if you keep making +EV bets over time you will be a winner.

I'm taking Cleveland again over the Red Sox at +150. I'm going to bet one-half the amount I bet on the Cleveland-Yankees series thus ensuring a nice profit although even if I were to bet the full amount I'm guaranteed a win by going 1-1 with both bets being +odds. I like Cleveland's rotation better than I do Boston's with four does of Sabathia and Carmona vs two doses of Josh Beckett. Again I'm betting value here and I'm playing with the houses money.

Not such a good weekend in the NFL for me. I finished down a small amount after splitting the games I bet. The bookies finally gave some money back to the donks when the big favorites like Indy, Pittsburgh, and N England all won and covered. I was amazed at all the excitement at the sports book when N England got that late cover over Cleveland. You would not believe the donkeys who laid 16' and bet on N England and had to sweat the game right until the very last play. Hey I know N England is a covering team but 16' again and again?

I saw N England opened up as a 4' point favorite over the highly overrated Dallas Cowboys. Bet early and bet often as N England supersedes the Home Dog trend of 2007.

Through Week 5 here are the NFL numbers.
Favorites 28-43-5
Over/Under 36-39-1
Home Dogs 17-9
AFC vs NFC 10-10-2

I played a lot of poker last week, well for me, getting in 7 hours Tuesday, then 7 hours Friday at the Venetian and six hours Saturday at Caesars. I finished the week with a small profit as one hand against a complete donk hurt the cause. How you call an all-in with a board of Ts Td 6s 4s holding As 6d is beyond me. My turned flush got sucked out by a four flush on the river which cost be $400 in a $900 pot. That was the difference between a break even week and a decent week.

I had an hour to kill yesterday so I decided to play online poker for the first time in three weeks or so and promptly took it in the ass. The second freakin' hand I run KK into AA and get stacked. Fucking retarded. I guess FT was pissed I hadn't been giving them any rake lately.

A lot of poker is on tap this week as two tournament series hit town with the Binion's Poker Open and the Inaugural Caesar's Palace Classic. I'll be playing in some of the events with KOD and alot of time will be spent at the cash games. That long lay-off from poker was wonderful for my mindset although I'm still a little rusty on the laydowns. Now I know limited poker for three months to you donkeys would have you on suicide watch but I definitely needed to clear my head and work on some other interests. Let's hope for some cashes in the tournaments and some nice profits in the cash games.

Tonight I'm going to play the Bodonkey over at Bodog. Go check out Smokkee's blog for all the particulars as there is a ton of added prizes and overlays. Hope to see some of you out there.

Speaking of Smokkee his Chargers finally did something but what about the inept Angels and worse yet the USC Trojans. How the fuck they lose to Stanford as a 40 point favorite is beyond me but I love the upsets. Too bad Florida couldn't have hung on to beat LSU and the whole college football ranking BSC would have been turned upside down. Oh well, there is still time for more upsets.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and made lots of loot.

Early and Often

It's 9:32pm Vegas time. The best thing that happened was Dallas made the kick and won the game.

As soon as you can get a line, and the bookmakers are stalling, bet on New England next week at Dallas no matter what the number is. Pretend you are in Chicago, bet early and bet often!

Cleveland is a steal against the Red Sox. Same as they were against the Yankees.

We're finding value everywhere in Vegas! I hope you are making money too.

Back tomorrow with lots more commentary.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Bones

I'm on my way to Red Rock but I thought I'd throw a couple bones first.

Atlanta +8'
Seattle +6'
San Diego Pk
Green Bay -3' (Buying the Hook)

Good Luck in whatever games you play.

Friday, October 05, 2007

+EV Coin Flips

It's rare in Vegas you can find coin flips where you get odds but I think we have a case of this rare situation in the National League Play-offs. Both the DBacks and the Rockies lead their series' 2-0 and since the inception of the Wild Card only one team has ever come back from an 0-2 defecit.

After watching both games of both series I think it has safe to say both the D'Backs and Rockies will win their series'. Right now the odds on both teams to win the NL Pennant are 6:5 which would give the bettor odds on a coin flip. Now yes we have to assume that both are going to play in the NLCS and just maybe the odds might change if and when both teams win their Division Series' thus nullifying the +EV on the coin flip but I strongly feel the sitution is there and that a bet on either side right now is a +EV coinflip.

You don't find this sitution often in Vegas and I would say pick either the D'Backs or Rockies now and take the odds. I went with the Rockies since they are white hot right now winning 16 of 17 games.

A reply to Duggle Bogey's comment from yesterday. He and I have butted heads quite frequently but I like this debate since we are both actually civil and one might even call this, dare I say, friendly banter so those wanting a flame war move on the Waffles blog. Duggle feels there should be no bet on the Yankees-Indians series while I feel betting the Indians is a no brainer but I'll break it down to it's simplest form.

If you ran this series 14 times would the Yankees win it 9 and would the Indians win it 5? I say no. I think Cleveland wins it 7 and the Yankees win it 7 thus to get Cleveland at +180 is +EV and a bet you must make.

This is the same value you would have gotten and won betting against the Yankees to Detroit in 2006, the Angels in 2005, the Red Sox in 2004, the Marlins in 2003, the Angels in 2002, and the D'Backs in 2001. Vegas overinflates the line on the Yankees in the post season because they can still get Yankee action. So again I feel strongly that betting on Cleveland was a +EV move.

Somebody asked me if I had any college football plays but I'm basically done betting college football. I will have random plays mostly on the single games during the week but I've found it both time consuming and difficult to go through a card of 50 games and finding good solid plays. What I do is go through the list of games and whittle the card down to maybe ten games, study those somewhat and maybe make a couple small plays just to have some action.

I preach the dogs week after week in the NFL but some week coming up the favorites will clobber the dogs and the public will get a few bucks back, that is if they have any bucks left to bet. Is this going to be the week? As I've been studying the card I'm having difficulty finding any great dog plays yet. I'm still studying though and tonight the Hilton Contest picks are released so that as always will be insightful in which ways the sharps are leaning. I'll post something on here tomorrow morning with plays for Sunday. I've been very hot lately, particularly in the NFL, so I hope to keep up the streak through the weekend.

Weak is in town so it looks like live poker today at the Venetian. Two times in one week wow. I might even go meet KOD over at Caesars tomorrow which would be my first three times in one week live poker in months. I am trying to put more hours in this month so a couple more sessions would get me off to a good start.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and makes a ton of money whether it be from sports betting or poker. Get out and play live somewhere too and get away from those monitors.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Indians Baby

Two winners last night. I'm hot lately.

Someone asked if I knew the Yankees were 6-0 vs Cleveland this year. Well really dude do you think I just throw darts when I'm making my plays? Actually I broke down the games they played, I broke down the when the played and what streaks either team might have been on, and I broke down the value of playing either side.

Cleveland has better starters and a better bullpen and IMO pitching wins in the play-offs. Also don't forget the Yankees did not face CC Sabathia in any of the six games and if the series goes five games they see him twice both times in Cleveland. So factor better pitching and home field advantage, in with the public, 95% of which can't pick their ass, who are all over the Yankees and what you have is in inflated line. So Cleveland at +180 is value and it's +EV. Sure the Yankees might win the series but the bet to make is Cleveland. There is a reason Vegas books clean out the public and betting the Yankees at -220 is one of the reasons.

All that said I like Cleveland at home tonight at +110 as well as Cleveland for the series which I bet at +180.

Also I made a small play on Kentucky-South Carolina to go UNDER 57'.

I had fun playing live poker the other night. I flopped a set of sixes in the BB in a five way pot and stacked some dude who tried to get cute with AA. Let's face it AA sucks in cash games unless its HU. Who the fuck in their right mind smooth calls with those fuckers knowing five people will probably see the flop.

I've gotten comments before about the swings playing $1/2 or $1/3 NL in Vegas but I'm going to have to disagree there unless you're a real nit who only plays premium hands and are especially readable. Yes you will face some suckouts from donkeys playing third pair like its a straight flush but for the most part the tables are so weak-tight that you can steal pots all day long and get paid off on your monsters. So I've found winning sessions to be hugely profitable and losing sessions to be small and manageable which is ideal.

Brandi Hawbaker was there playing at a different table. She had on these huge fashionable sunglasses, listened to her I-pod with huge bose headphones, and read fashion magazines while she played. She did though make a grant exit. Last I saw here she was screaming into her phone calling someone, "a fucking liar and I can't believe you lied to me you mother fucker." This went on from the time she was racking her chips, waiting in line at the cage to cash them out, and storming out of the room. Man what is it about Caesars? Last year Shiekhan had that big ruckus while I was there and now Brandi baby.

One last poker item. Max Pescatori has an entry in the Hilton Super Contest and as good as a tournament player he may be, he's a complete donkey at picking the NFL. His record stands at 5-15 and he's in near last place out of 430 or so entries. Excellent guy to fade his picks.

Hope everyone is playing well and making money.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Few Quick Bets

Red Sox-Angels UNDER 8' even
Ottawa ML -115 (Thats right hockey baby)

I didn't bet the game but shouldn't every Phillie-Rockies game go OVER. That stadium in Philly is like a little league park, what is it 325 of something ridiculous to the power alleys?

I made a decent sized bet on Cleveland to win the series over the Yankees at +180. I think Cleveland has the pitching to shut down the Yankee bats, they have the bats to score some runs against a soft Yankee staff, and the price is inflated since there are so many donkeys out there that love to bet the Yankess. This is value folks, +EV as you poker donks like to say. The Indians +180 is a bet you have to make every single time.

I played live poker yesterday and had a very good session. I'll give you some narrative tomorrow.

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 6986066

Yes that's right the freeroll takes place on Sunday right smack in the middle of the NFL games although it doesn't matter to most of you poker nerds.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Are you Counting Your Money?

Nothing better than seeing the New York Mets collapse and choke away the NL East to the Phillies. After all the hype about how great their GM is-- anyone can spend $200M on players--and how great Willie Randolph is I love seeing these douche bags take a nose dive. I'll be checking into some New York papers later today reading the blastings.

The sports book at Red Rock was quiet to begin with on Sunday. After Pittsburgh and San Diego crashed and burned there were four of us cheering loud. The rest walked out the door with their heads hung low, ripping up tickets, probably having already blown their sports book budget for the season never mind the month of October. I'd love to own a couple pawn shops or payday loan centers this week as the public got fucking crushed both Saturday and Sunday.

If you've been following along here you should be counting your money yet again. With nine home dogs this week anyone who played a road favorite should not be betting on football. The home dogs so far this week are 6-2 with all six outright winners. So you can play them on money lines and get + odds and you can parlay money lines if you want to take some stabs at bigger pay-outs.

Me and ex-blogger KOD, research these NFL games, read up on public information posted on the Internet, grind through all those games and who these excellent cappers like and make our bets accordingly. Yesterday we had Cleveland, Detroit, Tampa, and Kansas City for a nice 4-0. Add on a two team money line parlay with Cleveland and Buffalo that paid 6.5 to 1 and it was one of my best Sunday's ever! To me there is nothing better than killing the books, when it happens on a day when 98% of the cappers get destroyed it makes me feel like a sharp. I did lose with Clemson on Saturday and I missed a four team parlay with Minnesota in it but overall we crushed it.

I love watching San Diego lose especially when making money betting against them. Their GM should be fired today for fucking that team over. I'm no fan of Marty since he can't win in the play-offs when it counts but man to watch this team get smoked by the Chiefs was delightful. David Rivers sucks balls. If you think differently you better watch more carefully. Their offense consists of run by Tomlinson pass to Gates in triple coverage. Rivers can't look anywhere else and he has no mobility. That team is toast.

The Miami Dolphins suck balls too. It's sad to watch the gang banging Oakland Degenerates run for 299 yards between the tackles against what used to be a good defense. Of course losing your best DT, your best safety, and having a third-string MLB doesn't help. It's time to start checking out the draft board as we should be picking in the top three as I don't see the Fins getting things turned around. We are still playing catch-up from Dave Wannstedt from ruining out once proud franchise which I may point out he did to Chicago and he is now doing to U of Pitt. It took the Bears ten years to recover from him fucking that franchise up, I hope Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron can turn ours around in two or three.

For all you Chicago Bears fans last year was a fluke and don't think Brian Griese is the answer. He's only been dumped by three QB needy teams in his career and he is at best a lifetime back-up. An INT from first and goal at the six, a fumble from first and goal at the six and an INT returned for a TD. You guys bitch about Rex Grossman, Super Bowl QB, and have been calling for Griese for a while but I'll take Grossman any day of the week. The way you guys are going here are three names for you; Brian Brohm, Andre Woodson, Chad Henne, all potential first round picks in the 2008 draft.

Here are some more extremely shitty teams and the list is way longer than the handful of good teams this year. San Fran, St. Louis, New Orleans, Carolina, NY Jets, Buffalo, Atlanta. If you are a fan of any of these squads start pouring over the draft sites.

Blogger fantasy football league for the cash I should improve to 4-0.

If you haven't played at Fantasy Sports Live you should get out there and give it a shot. I've played for two weeks and both times I have won my Battle of the Blogger Contest so come out and and see if you can knock me off. Watch out Love Elf baby I gave you a two week head start but I'm coming to get you. BTW I did hold her off by 1.8 points to get first place yesterday. Don't confuse who the real ballah is in that household.

ScottMc and Weak Player head to Vegas this week so I might actually get in two or three sessions of live poker. Hope I don't die from boredom! Actually I look forward to playing and I have some goals I hope to achieve on the felt this month as I try to work at making a few bucks at poker to go along with the sports book and the business.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and made tons of loot playing the dogs.