Monday, October 15, 2007

BBTwo Aussie Millions

New England proved that they are the best team in football as they won and covered their sixth straight game blowing out the Cowboys. I will give Dallas some credit though as they are easily the best team in a very weak NFC. That game was probably a preview of Super Bowl XLII and man I wonder what the line will be for that game?

November 4th is the next big date as New England plays at Indianapolis. Also let's not forget this Sunday when the Pats travel to Miami to take on my 0-6 Dolphins. The Pats have historically had trouble in Miami and the line opened at 14 and was quickly bet up to 16. Will it reach 20 by kick-off? This spread is unheard of for an NFL road favorite but it doesn't look like New England will be slowing down any time soon but can Miami be the first team to cover a number?

Everyone bet the Rockies to win the NLCS right? Everyone bet the Rockies every game of the NLCS right? If not you are missing out on some of the free money Vegas is giving out. Indians vs Yankees, Pats vs Cowboys, Rockies vs anyone. There is great value out there, it's time to stockpile some money because Vegas doesn't often give it away like they are lately.

The Indians got a split in Boston dispite Sabathia and Carmona getting shelled so you have to like that. Hopefully we can freeroll those Indians to another win over Boston. Big three game set now in Cleveland and I'm going to play the Indians tonight at +113.

I like the Falcons plus the 4' tonight against the Giants and I think there is some value on the ML at +190. There is just something about home dogs on Monday night that is too tempting.

So tonights action is as follows. Three plus money bets plus getting points with the Black birds.
Atlanta +5'
Atlanta ML +190
Cleveland +113
Colorado RL +105

On to poker. Event 2 at Binions sucked. I lost some chips on the very first hand and never again got back the starting chip count finishing 58 out of 118. Had a long and fun cash session at Caesar's on Saturday finishing with a small profit after taking two suckouts within the first 30 minutes. It's never any fun being down $300+ right away but I stayed focused and grinded my way back to a profit so I was definitely happy with that. Caesar's is rocking since they are having their tournament series so it looks like the place to play cash games the next couple of weeks.

Since it's noon East Coast time most of you have already read Al's blog so how fucking cool is he. I have no idea how he pulled off an Aussie Million's seat but wow that should make the BBTwo certainly worthwhile. I love the fact that we are having a real Tournament of Champions to decide who gets the top prize. This is going to make for some big field events with some very tough play in order to win ones way into the TOC. It's so not worth folding into the points and I can imagine their will be some extremely cautious and tight final tables as this thing progresses.

So the BBTwo kicks off next Sunday night with the Big Game. The record is 53 entrants which I'm hoping we will shatter before the BBTwo is over. 58 is the next number we are looking for as it will guarantee a blogger record $4000 prize pool. It's time to reload those accounts, get those tokens, and come out on Sunday as we kick-off the BBTwo Aussie Millions Challange.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger StB said...

You were dead on with your call. I thought the Boys would pull it off when they got the lead but NE had too many weapons running around in their secondary.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Irongirl01 said...

FAWK.. looks like its back to FTP soon

At 4:10 PM, Blogger WillWonka said...

The Boys shoulda woulda coulda stayed closer. Penalties will kill almost every time.

Perhaps if you get a chance, can you remind us small timers on how to get Tier 2 tokens?


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