Thursday, October 11, 2007

Binions Event 1

Went down to Binions yesterday with KOD and played in Event 1 of the Binions Poker Open. It's was $100 buy-in and we started with 3500 chips using this structure. It's really a decent structure for live tournaments as the 75/150 gives it one more level than Venetian and two more levels than Caesars.

Surprisingly to me 168 players started the event with 18 getting ITM and most being local grinders and tournament donks all taking a score at a decent $4400 first prize. Play was fairly wide open since the cost was only $100 and many players, myself included, felt the need to gamble early and get some chips or head out to the cash tables to win buy-ins for this event or any of the others coming up.

I got into the mix within the first orbit when I had Ah Qh UTG. I raise it to $175 and get one caller. Flop comes Kd Jc 8d so I make a C-bet and dude smooth calls me. I figure he's either drawing or has be beat so I'll proceed with much caution on the turn which was the 10s. Nice broadway so I lead out again and dude reraises all in and I insta call and he turns over Ad Jd for 2nd pair nut flush draw. River is a brick and I double up in the first orbit.

Between seeing some flops with speculative cards and being card dead I donk off some chips over the next three levels until this beauty of a hand plays out. I have 4s 5s on the button so I do the standard 3x raise and get called by both the SB and BB. Flop comes 3c 6s 8c. SB leads into me, BB folds so I just call in cash game fashion figuring I'll see one more card and then make a decision on how to proceed. Not sure if this plays right in a tournament setting but from playing mostly cash games I just don't like the reraise at this point. Depending on the turn card and his holding I really thing I can get his stack because I doubt he puts me on 45 so I certainly like my implied odds better after seeing another card.

Well the turn is 8s now giving me the straight and flush draws. The SB jams. Now I put him on trip 8s I just have to hope I'm live and he's doesn't already have a Full House. He turns over 7h 8d which somewhat sucks because all my outs with the 7 are history so I'm drawing to all the spades except the 7 and the four 2s. So I'm in much worse shape than I thought but I'm committed to the pot so I have to call. River is the 2c so I hit my draw and build up my chips. I might not have played this ideally but to me it's a spot I have to gamble and I either build up my chips or I take the $100 loss and head to the cash tables.

I blow $2000 chips from the SB with As Js calling a shorties all-in. He turns over 44 which holds. I go card dead for a bit, make some timely steals to stay about even then dump some chips again in the BB with 77. Blinds were 300/600/50 and CO had raised 3x. I just didn't see him as someone who would fold to my reraise so I called and took the flop of J 5 5. Now I'm hoping he's got AK, or AQ, so I lead into him for $2500 thinking if he missed there is no way he can call or would go over the top but he immediately reraises. I go into the tank for probably two minutes and finally tell him I think he has AJ and I muck. He shows me AJ.

I'm completely card dead but I have a couple tighties on my right so I steal their blinds every chance I get and also bust a shortie with my 99 vs his 77. We are now down to 4 tables and my chip stack is probably 1000 over average when this hand plays out. We are right near the end of Level 9 600/1200/100 and I have 5d 6d on the button. It folds to me I make it $3500 to go. SB smooth calls and BB folds. Flop come 3d 4d Qc which means I'm taking this to the felt if need be. SB checks, I bet, he check-raises all-in and I insta-call. He turns over Ad Ah so I'm actually the favorite. Brick Brick and I'm now crippled. Oh well right. You get in that spot and if my hand holds I have a ton of chips to play with and I can really lean on a tight table.

So down to 6000 chips I somehow stay alive by open pushing blind any chance I get from the hijack to the button. Somehow I make it through all of level ten and most of the way through 11 getting up to 10K in chips. We are now down to 23 players, the action is super tight and there are only a couple shorties left so I definitely need a double to make the money. Of course I want a couple doubles to have a chance to win since all the money is in the top 4 but lets hope I get lucky and get the first one first.

Some of my open pushes were funny, T2, T3, 93, 84, shit like that where I didn't even look at the cards. I did once get AK and of course got no action on that but I was still barely alive. Down to 20 players it again folds to me and I again open shove blind. My nemesis in the SB reraise all-in and fuck, it's probably lights out time. He turns over AJ and I turn over 79. Nice at least I'm live. J on the flop, 9 on the turn, there is hope, brick on the river and I go home in 20th fucking place.

I did well to get as far as I did. I had AK once, AQ once, only four pocket pairs all day with the highest being 99. Hit a couple draws early, missed a crucial draw late, stole, then basically survived to the bubble. Would I have rather busted in Level 3 and played cash? Yes probably but it was a good experience to go fairly deep as I was able to shake a lot of rust off my tournament game. With more events at Binions and some bigger events at Caesars I definitely have the confidence going forward to make a final table run and hopefully get a win.

Today it's back to Binions for the $150 event. Same structure except this time we get $4000 chips to start with. I'm guessing word will be out and hopefully we can get a comparable if not bigger field.

I haven't looked ahead to football too much yet this week as it's been poker mode but I do like the Rockies and Indians in the baseball play-offs.

Hope you are all winning. Back tomorrow with updates from Event 2.


At 1:00 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

sux that AA held there. but, how can you fold?

At 1:02 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Nice run, Don. Doubling in the first orbit - does it get better than that? I'd say (not that my opinion is worth a damn) that your reads and actions were fine...that loss on the SF draw was brutal, tho. And a cash would've certainly been nice, but you've got nothing to be ashamed about.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Biggestron said...

The Indians?

Your rss feed is banned until after the playoffs.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Well done Don Key.

But what's this with a poker tournament post on this blog?

At 6:38 PM, Blogger mookie99 said...

Double bubble sucks, but nice run. Good luck in the rest of the events.

I should be in Vegas in about 3 weeks.

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Nice job MD. I know its no consolation but a bubble finish means a nice score is around the corner.

Great catching up with you Tuesday nite. Well have to catch up on the girly chat soon.

At 12:23 AM, Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Tough break on the AA hand, but yeah, in a tournament I'm probably taking an OESFD to the felt every time.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Iak said...

nice work D, and yeah that aa hand blew. gl in

At 2:05 AM, Blogger lightning36 said...

Great run, Don. I hope to play in either event # 13 or 14. Maybe I'll see ya there.


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