Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Tuesday

Let's start with poker. The only poker I've played in 15 days was last Thursday's Riverchasers and last night's MATH and while a glutton for punishment man I'm proud that. Sure I was on vacation for a most of it but I also took the weekend off and enjoyed the conclusion of the college football season as well as Week 13 in the NFL. It will be back to poker this week as all you donks invade Vegas and I truly am ready to get back to the grind.

As we all know college football is an absolute fucking joke. Is it the only sport in the history of the world where we vote to see who gets the big bucks instead of having a play-off? I love watching college football but when the season ends with injustice I hate it all over again.

The two best teams IMO are Oklahoma and USC but of course they don't play. So the National Championship Game is really the consolation final between Ohio St and LSU, two vastly overrated teams. The other big ass fucking was Kansas getting the Orange Bowl bid over Missouri. WTF is that you ask? We all know it's that Kansas is a wealthier school that will travel better which means more coin for the Orange Bowl. Sorry but I hope that game is 56-0 and I don't care who wins. No drama would be a perfect remedy for those fucknuts who soldout for money.

On to some early Bowl Game picks. These are just first glance/instinct so they are not set in stone but here goes. I was just thinking that 2007 was a very uneven year in poker and sports betting and I think it started last year with my UNDER proclamation on the Ohio St-Florida game. Duh. How was I to know Ohio St would give up 40 in the first half but hey I'm over it. Anyway, hopefully I'll get off to a hot start in '08 and turn it into a HUGE year.

Micigan +10' vs Florida. One for road Lloyd.
Hawaii +10 vs Georgia. I love this game and will also bet it on ML at probably +300.
Virginia Tech -4 vs Kansas. VT's experience should be overrated Jayhawks.
Oklahoma/W Virgina UNDER 63. OU defense is fast enough to deal with WV offense.
Ohio St +6 vs LSU. LSU always plays close games and OSU should learn from last year.

Again that is first glance and subject to change.

If you are playing The Mookie tomorrow tune in to Buddy Dank Radio as he'll be doing a live remote from KOD's house. I'll be there as well and I'm hearing the possible special guest will be everybody's love interest Pvanharibo. I'm sure the cocktails will be flowing and with me and KOD there should be plenty of shit talking so listen in as we try to break the record for most listeners to the show.

I'm pscyhed for this weekend as 100+ bloggers usually makes for an outstanding time. I'll be at all the sanctioned blogger functions from Thursday through Saturday and I'll be joining Al for a Sunday of football betting and heavy cocktailing at the IP Sports Book so come on down. do one or two or ten shots and see if you can pick some winners with the experts.

Oh and don't forget the all the free money tonight.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger Chad C said...

OMG, we agree about something? I think OKL and USC are the two best teams in the country at this moment as well.....

I would never bet MICH vs a running QB/spread offense. Just can't pull the trigger there. Its not that MICH doesn't have the players, they are just horribly coached. Although FLA was the last team Carr did beat in a bowl game. Also, for the first time all year Henne, Hart and others should be 100% healthy so who knows. These long lay offs before bowl games are ridiculous and seriously favor better coaches. Like Urban Meyer last year, clearly the better coach. OSU had the better team I think, but FLA came in with serious game plan and executed.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for pimping Truckin.

At 6:34 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

we saw the Hawaii/Boise St. game while in Maui. Lahaina was going off after that win. then they come back from a 21pt deficit to beat WA. Colt is the freakin' man. he's from OC btw. see ya next week.

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Gnome said...

I'm a Georgia boy who lives in Hawaii, and those are the two teams I've watched most this season. I'd like to hear your reasoning for picking Hawaii because I can't see it. Not to dog on Hawaii, but they can't hang with Georgia.


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