Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Near Miss

Had a blast doing the radio show, I'm gonna miss it starting next week, but if things work out I might be a host on random nights...woot woot.

I got close again.

I don't have the stats since I went out in 19th and my table broke but I think my flops seen was 8% and my showdowns were 10 of 12. Since you all like HHs here was the final hand.

Full Tilt Poker Game #5063075946: The Fifty-Fifty (37134714), Table 68 - 2000/4000 Ante 500 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:29:46 ET - 2008/01/31
Seat 2: jkfromwa (60,900)
Seat 3: MiamiDon (52,529)
Seat 4: Kcannon87 (46,796)
Seat 5: Grass Monkey 24 (226,186)
Seat 6: MrShimSham (113,422)
Seat 7: PANAYLOR (305,741)
Seat 9: AK 12 Hundred (276,412)
jkfromwa antes 500
MiamiDon antes 500
Kcannon87 antes 500
Grass Monkey 24 antes 500
MrShimSham antes 500
PANAYLOR antes 500
AK 12 Hundred antes 500
jkfromwa posts the small blind of 2,000
MiamiDon posts the big blind of 4,000
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to MiamiDon [Ac Js]
Kcannon87 folds
Grass Monkey 24 folds
94foxtrot (Observer): good read moron
MrShimSham has 15 seconds left to act
MrShimSham folds
Fuel55 (Observer): 23vsAA is a race dude
PANAYLOR raises to 8,000
AK 12 Hundred folds
jkfromwa folds
Fuel55 (Observer): you were crushed
MiamiDon raises to 52,029, and is all in
94foxtrot (Observer): tell him
PANAYLOR has 15 seconds left to act
PANAYLOR calls 44,029
MiamiDon shows [Ac Js]
PANAYLOR shows [Jh Kh]
*** FLOP *** [4d 8h 9c]
*** TURN *** [4d 8h 9c] [Qd]
*** RIVER *** [4d 8h 9c Qd] [Kc]
MiamiDon shows Ace King high
PANAYLOR shows a pair of Kings
PANAYLOR wins the pot (109,558) with a pair of Kings

These two hands show all about luck and timing.

Full Tilt Poker Game #5062974087: The Fifty-Fifty (37134714), Table 17 - 1500/3000 Ante 400 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:15:49 ET - 2008/01/31
Seat 1: MiamiDon (39,729)
Seat 2: Stylistic (35,404)
Seat 3: adammc (47,737)
Seat 4: GREGTOWN (19,752)
Seat 5: Driftpro (38,126)
Seat 6: bayman74 (68,298)
Seat 7: fatcurt (82,244)
Seat 8: Acewelder (56,113)
Seat 9: eatschips (119,773)
MiamiDon antes 400
Stylistic antes 400
adammc antes 400
GREGTOWN antes 400
Driftpro antes 400
bayman74 antes 400
fatcurt antes 400
Acewelder antes 400
eatschips antes 400
Driftpro posts the small blind of 1,500
bayman74 posts the big blind of 3,000
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to MiamiDon [Kd Kh]
fatcurt folds
Acewelder folds
eatschips has 15 seconds left to act
eatschips raises to 7,800
MiamiDon raises to 39,329, and is all in
Stylistic folds
adammc folds
Driftpro folds
bayman74 folds
eatschips folds
Uncalled bet of 31,529 returned to MiamiDon
MiamiDon mucks
MiamiDon wins the pot (23,700)

Full Tilt Poker Game #5063014623: The Fifty-Fifty (37134714), Table 68 - 2000/4000 Ante 500 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:21:17 ET - 2008/01/31
Seat 1: RubyRed11 (80,349)
Seat 2: jkfromwa (76,400)
Seat 3: MiamiDon (54,029)
Seat 4: Kcannon87 (48,796)
Seat 5: Grass Monkey 24 (228,186)
Seat 6: MrShimSham (77,711)
Seat 7: PANAYLOR (313,603)
Seat 9: AK 12 Hundred (202,912)
RubyRed11 antes 500
jkfromwa antes 500
MiamiDon antes 500
Kcannon87 antes 500
Grass Monkey 24 antes 500
MrShimSham antes 500
PANAYLOR antes 500
AK 12 Hundred antes 500
MrShimSham posts the small blind of 2,000
PANAYLOR posts the big blind of 4,000
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to MiamiDon [Ks Kh]
AK 12 Hundred folds
RubyRed11 folds
jkfromwa folds
MiamiDon has 15 seconds left to act
MiamiDon raises to 13,000
Kcannon87 folds
Grass Monkey 24 folds
MrShimSham folds
Uncalled bet of 9,000 returned to MiamiDon
MiamiDon mucks
MiamiDon wins the pot (14,000)

Maybe the first one I smooth call and hope to induce a squeeze not sure? The second one may have been suspicous because of the raise?

Like last night I get in position to win this and timing sucks. KK and KK with no action, then AJ < KJ to go out. Any luck and I'm top three and we play it out. Oh well there is always tomorrow. At least I don't get it in behind all day and suck out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Return of the Asshat Frat Crew

It's Wednesday so you know what that means.

The Asshat Frat Crew will be broadcasting live once again on

Come out and listen while you play the

Got to my 4th final table out of six events in the Skillz series last night finishing 4th. I was amazed at how many people don't know how to play PL actually. Congrats to Buddy on the victory.

If you guys aren't playing the $50-50 on Full Tilt you are missing out on the best structured tournament there is on that site. It's not like those donkfest $26 $24K or $28Ks where it ram and jam and you need to accumulate chips and play like a button masher that all the token donks love so dearly. Nope it's 2000 chips with 12 minute levels, antes don't kick in until level 11 which is at the start of the 3rd hour so there is plenty of time to play. Now granted it was only a 26th place finish last night but look at my stats. 11 of 12 baby in showdowns!

I was so freakin' card dead that it got to a point where I was just trying to fold into the money. (15% pay here which is also a plus) Once I got into the money I went on a small card rush and grinded my way into the top 20. Two resteals with AK, AK holding up vs AT, JJ v. 77, then winning a huge race with TT flopping a set to beat AK. I finally went out on BB vs SB race where my A8 lost a flip with 33. I win that I would have been 7th with three tables left and a legitimate chance at the $11K+ first prize.

I've been working hard on a big tournament score and in these events with the great structures like the $50-50 I've been trying a new style and playing even tighter than normal. I don't see the point of getting in a lot of confrontations early with mediocre hands. Basically I try to stay with the average chip stacks once the antes start and I try to keep a healthy M of around 8-10 which is entirely possible by folding iffy hands. If I want to mix it up and try to outplay people I'll head over to the cash tables where I can see a lot more flops and where I can reach back in my pocket if need be, but here I'm just trying to survive, stay in contention, and have good timing and good luck late, which is what anyone needs to win a tourney.

Now I know you button mashers will probably scoff at my stats, but I'm going to win something big playing this style and I'm going to consistently go deep playing this style which will always give me a chance for the prize. And again, it's all about the structure, this will work in some MTTs, in a lot of others it's a waste of time and those are tournaments I just don't play.

See everyone tonight at the Mookie, listen to us asses on the Radio, and look for some updated writing tomorrow on my Past series.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Past Revisited Chapter 2

Here is Chapter Two. Sorry for the delay, I'll try to be more timely going forward. Thanks to one of my readers Chris from Chesterfield, he's not a blogger, who after reading Chapter One take a couple of pictures. At the bottom is one of where it all began, Dave's World Famous. Thanks Chris. Hope you all enjoy Chapter Two.

My mom and step dad bought a house close to Dave's World Famous in the mid 80s. Sometimes when you buy a house things come with it, maybe a refrigerator, perhaps patio or pool furniture, sometimes even the next neighbor, and in this case they did get a neighbor, one Johnny Rotten.

Well he didn't start off as Johnny Rotten, and at some point he just became Rotten, nonetheless, to this day we still joke he came with the house. Johnny was the son of the next door neighbors, nine days older than me although still a lifetime behind. Johnny tucked in his sweaters, he wore two polo shirts both with starched collars and both fully erect, had the Mr. T starter kit of five or more $10 gold chains and he always smelled like a broken bottle of cheap cologne. And man would he ramble. Blah Blah Blah Blah on and on and on he went, fuck he's probably still talking as I write this but I will say this, if you needed something done, or needed someome to really count on, and I can't list many I've ever met in this category, Johnny was the man.

Johnny had a fondness for golf as did myself and my brothers. Heck, many an afternoon was spent on the nine hole Ballwin Muni, after a night of serious drinking at Dave's, our foursome arriving one minute before our tee-time, cutting in line, with our disheveled clothes, shoes untied, whacking 260 yard drives right up to the creek, puking or dry heaving our way down the first fairway, gambling on the evening drinks.

Johnny had lived in the neighborhood a decade before we arrived and as a youth worked at the Little Lake Driving Range down in the bottoms. Creve Couer Mill Rd and the Missouri river bottoms that is. Johnny, after all his years at Little Lake could hit a golf ball like nobody I had ever seen before but had the short game of a butcher, allowing for my constant flow of free drinks.

Little Lake driving range was right out of Tin Cup minus the West Texas, complete with the washed up almost pros, the bookies, and the hustlers. The proprietor was named Zeke, an old school gambling, hard-drinking, womanizer with a penis pump. He'd get so fucked up sometimes and talk shit all the while pumping up his inflatible shlong right through his pants, and it didn't matter where he was. Zeke's fortay, besides being a hard drinker and horrible gambler was his woman's golf clinics, under the guise of teaching some new money west county woman golf. In reality the goal was how many times he could, for sexual and not showing off purposes, pump up his inflatable penis.

Zeke's father had owned a ton of land in what was once the sticks but had become burgeoning West County. A very simple, perhaps uneducated although hard-working family, who turned their land into a ton of money. The family also bought and owned a very successful Toyota dealership, long before Toyota or Japanese cars became all the rage. Word has it, in a knockdown drunken four round heads up match on the golf course that Zeke's younger brother wedged in from 110 yards on the seventy-second hole to win the match, oh and the car dealership, one up. Apparently Zeke was never the same afterwards hence he getting the runner up prize; being the proprietor of the Little Lake Driving Range.

We spent a lot of time fucking around at Little Lake Driving Range. We'd load up a cart with balls, and of course beers, and drive way around the side of range over by the barn, away from all the donks hitting balls. There we would hit balls for hours on end, drinking beer, talk shit and really enjoy some fine days. Nine at Ballwin, twilight pounding balls, before a trip to Dave's for the nightly escapades.

There were also some good drunken night time fun at Little Lake. The place had lights so occasionally after Dave's closed we'd take our drunken asses down to Little Lake where we would fire up the lights and either gamble on who could hit the 150 or 200 yard sign first or we'd play 72 holes of miniature golf with about eight separate golf bets. Fun times indeed.

The "pro" if you will at Little Lake was a guy who for some reason unknown to me was called Whistledick. It must have been some pet name Zeke gave him since Whistledick was the whipping boy whenever Zeke's oldest son Pete was not around. Whistledick at one time had aspirations to be pro golfer but was lacking the drive due to a fondness for alcohol, cocaine, and woman. After he realized we was not going to make it on the tour he went through the PGA Pro school where they train you how to be a Club Professional and his new goal was to work at some posh Arizona Club as the assistant pro, taking Tee times, giving lessons, and I'm sure trying to bang some undersexed hotties whose douche bag husbands were too busy making money, playing golf, and fucking secretaries and bar sluts. Again Whistledicks fondness for getting loaded curtailed those plans too.

Zeke found Whistledick at some dive bar in Tucson during one of his winter trips to Arizona where he would visit his other son Kurt and play golf and party for a few weeks. I'm sure he also tested out the inflatable penis in the arid desert air. After Whistledick hustled a couple drinks off Zeke at the pool table, (golf bums shoot some mean stick) they got to talking and Zeke offered Whistledick a job at Little Lake. For a golf pro/teacher this is the very last stop on the train to nowhere and yes a train track did run right down Little Lake's property parallel to Creve Couer Mill Rd.

Whenever possible, Whistledick would sneak off to check out the endeavors of my crew, while also quickly draining a couple beers or taking a couple tokes if we happened to be burning one at that time. He was a good guy whose life hadn't turned out as expected and I know it was pure hell for him living at Little Lake and having to put up with Zeke's unpredictable behavior all the time. Whistledick worked way too many hours but he would as often as possible roll into Dave's to have some beers with us and it was he who would always turn on the lights for our late night sessions down at Little Lake. He was always much happier whenever Pete was around as all the shit from Zeke went Pete's way.

Pete, as I mentioned earlier, was Zeke's oldest son and at one time his pride and joy. Pete had an outgoing personality, a real charmer, an outstanding work ethic and for a time had done very well for himself. He started working at twelve, as a porter at the family's auto dealership and before you knew it he was outworking everyone there. By the time he was eighteen he was on the sales floor outperforming even the most seasoned car salesman on the lot. That led to promotions, sale manager, to head of the loan department, to Vice President then to his last stop as top dog of the auto body and parts department.

Pete married a beautiful woman, had two kids, bought a big house, and was living the American dream. Pete's rise from the Mid 70's to Mid 80's also during the time of cocaine's explosion across America. Being young, and personable and rich, Pete of course started dabbling with coke since it's what young, and personable, and rich fuckers did back in those days. He ran the Auto Body shop and Part's department working 80 hours a week and he partied for what seemed like 80 hours a week too.

When I first met Pete I liked him instantly although Pete was at Little Lake for stretches and gone for much longer stretches. I had heard he had some drug problems back in the day but nobody was very forthcoming about his story or his history. It wasn't til years later when Pete became my prime running partner that I found out all the stories, basically he fall from the top down as far as any man could possible fall.

Pete was running with a fast crowd and soon not only was the Parts Dept. booming so was the cocaine trade, right out of the Parts dept. Hey why not was Pete's thinking, I love snorting coke, the shit was expensive, why not sell it to my friends and associates and get my shit for free. It was a good idea, for awhile. One day one of the connections asked Pete about getting some heroin so Pete checked with his people and sure enough they could get some. Of course the guy asked Pete is he wanted to try some and of course Pete said sure why not.

That day was the beginning of the end for Pete. Like most of us with a liking of opiates, nothing will ever come close to the feelings, or lack thereof, the heroin gives you and Pete was no different. In a matter of eighteen months, after a lot of missing money and parts, after a couple arrests, after a separation and then a divorce, Pete was ultimately fired from the Dealership and for the first time disowned from his family and out on the street. Thing is Pete didn't care.

That's what heroin does to you sooner or later. You stop caring about anything you ever did care for and your only focus in life becomes getting and using more heroin, which I'll get into in way more depth later on. So come to find out Pete was usually either locked up or in a rehab somewhere for relatively short stretches or was homeless and stealing for a living. The times we'd see him around Little Lake was the times he was trying to stay off the heroin which was usually fruitless. He'd sneak beers with us or beg Whistledick to give him a ride down to the city to cop.

It was during one of these times that Pete had appeared again and was living down at Little Lake with Whistledick. It was a cold and rainy night so Zeke closed down the range early so he could head to the bar. There was nothing much else going on so Whistledick with Pete in tow took a ride over to meet us at Dave's World Famous, of course after a stop in the city so Pete could pick up some dope and enjoy a night of nodding. We were in the back by the pool table when they showed up and since this was Pete's first time back at Dave's since Ron had become a regular and my roommate introductions on this fateful night were made.

Pete this is Ron, Ron this is Pete.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Almost in the 17K

While you kids were sleeping daddy was busy at work.

This is the last hand. I got the suck couldn't hold off the resuck.

These numbers would make Blinders and Bayne proud.

I seem to do better lately when we only start with 1500 chips. Donk on Donk violence makes folding even more worthwhile.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Past Revisited Chapter 1

As promised, a look back at my life from the late 80's to the mid 90s, and my slide into the depths of heroin addiction. This is more for me than anyone else and it's somewhat of a forced way for me to work on my writing. Although I intend to post a segment every Wednesday, I have no outline, no plan, no idea where the story goes, just details of a past life. I do hope it turns out well and I do hope some of you might enjoy it.

Instead of Waffles, KOD, Hoy, Lucko or Blinders, the names started as Richie Rich, Johnny Rotten, the Inspector, Kato, and Whistledick and at the end of the road became Two Liter, Voz, Q, Drunken Pete, and Moose. What started off as a crew of young twenty somethings wasting their lives at a local bar ended in homelessness, prison, death, and despair.

At the age where most of you were in grad school, or law school, or starting promising careers, I was a college dropout, living for the moment trying to find the next cocktail, or the next party, or the next chick, avoiding real life at all cost. I was passing time with a decent Union job, working in a hot and dirty UPS warehouse, waiting for my name to come up on the senority list so I could be a UPS Driver, make my $50-60K a year, and bang hot chicks from offices all over St. Louis.

The central location in this drama was Dave's World Famous, a bar and grill located in West St. Louis County. At one point when Highway 40 was just two lanes the Woods Mill exit took a majority of traffic directly past a dingy strip center where the bar was located. This brought lots of "non regulars" into the bar and the place was usually full and loud and fun. Once Highway 40 was rebuilt and Wood Mill Rd became four lane Hwy 141 and was relocated a quarter mile a way, no out of the way traffic came past the strip center. Most all the stores closed except for the bar and the liquor store next store.

Dave's was a typical bar, one of hundred of thousands across this country, smokie and dark, with one pool table in the back corner, a coke dealer, a weed dealer, a bookie, and a host of regulars. It was the gathering point for me and my crew, our meeting place, our hang out, it's where plans were formulated and forgotten, where the contests were either on the pool table, with the bookie, or to see who could get lucky with the stray woman who happened in from time to time. As any bar should the regulars all had their non-assigned assigned seats, the odds you could find Alaska Dave in the four seat too low to even wager on.

Occasionally we ventured out. To the Casino Queen in East St. Louis or the Riverboat in St. Charles, to many Cardinal games where we'd buy the cheapest seats and work our way down to the dugout, to after hours parties with dealers choice poker and at least one donk passed out and puking in the bathroom or worse on the kitchen floor.

Sometimes when the drinks were flowing we'd leave the bar at midnight, pile in a car, and drive down to Laclede's Landing where the bars were open til 3am, and where the chicks were abundant. Occasionally after those Landing bars closed we'd drive over the bridge to Sauget, IL, home to the all night bars, and if you were lucky or perhaps unlucky, the Sauget Sunrise.

Sauget had a tittie bar, a hip-hop club, a dance club, a country bar, and Pops Saloon and Music a place that never ever closed. I hate to say but on more than one or two occasions I woke up in the back seat of a car, head pounding, sweating my ass of, blinded by the sun wondering where the fuck I was and how did I get here. Funny thing is it happen to all of my crew at one time or another. It's just how we rolled.

Most of my crew at this time were local blue collar union guys, in a variety of different trades, lucky enough that an uncle or dad or brother had some connection to get them in as an apprentice. A couple of the more ambition ones, my brother included, were going to college in an attempt to finish a degree, while taking turns working as cooks in the small kitchen at Daves. Alcohol was the main buzz, followed closely by weed. On rare or special occasions we'd sniff some coke but that was as hard as the drugs got. I don't think the word heroin ever came into our vocabularies but little did I know how big a part of my life would be touched by it's introduction.

Down the street from Daves a retirement home was being built and the company who was building the facility was located out of town. Some of the guys on the work crew, who were staying in company rented apartments, found their way to Daves and become regulars over the course of builing the place. One was a 40 year old name Ron, a supervisor, and super handyman, and a really cool guy who fit it well at Daves, especially with us twenty somethings. He was from Arkansas, he sported the ZZ-Top beard, he could outdrink anyone at the bar, whip everyone at pool, and he had the finest hillbilly weed from the Ozark Mountains that we had ever smoked.

At the time (and for the next six years) I was having an on again off again affair with a crazy married cocktail waitress from another bar. One night after way too much tequila, she left her purse at Daves. I'll never forget her freaking out the next day about her missing purse so we returned to Dave's but to no avail, nobody had turned the purse in. We weren't there more than ten minutes, and in the midst of her rage Ron walked through the door, purse secured saying he had stashed it in his truck to make sure she would get it back. The drinks started flowing and a friendship was forged.

Not too long after, with the Ron's construction job winding down, he decided he liked St. Louis and considering staying. I was renting a two bedroom apartment, above a cab stand, down by the trailers and the railroad tracks on Chesterfield Airport Rd. I'm sure you can picture what that place must have been like. Anyway, I offered him the spare bedroom which he gladly accepted. At the time I was happy to have a roommate to help split the bills and also one who liked to drink and party as much as I did. There was always booze in the freezer and fridge, his Arkansas weed was abundant, and the after hours parties were becoming a regular thing.

What I didn't know at the time was Ron had done a couple bids in prison for burglary and fencing charges, both times fueled by his fondness for heroin. I found out later that he'd been heroin free for nearly six years until that fateful night guessed it Dave's World Famous.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Folding Time

I played a lot of live poker this weekend and the results, well thankfully I can fold.

I played in the $150 at Venetian with CK and KOD and what a boring 3 hours/6 levels that was. I had one pocket pair QQ, which everyone folded to my raise, and one AJ, which I had to fold. Too many calling stations to do much without just a bit of cards so I finally busted by raising Q9 sooted in a big stack, flopping an OESD, but going brick brick to the donks KJ two pair.

The field was super soft and I certainly think its a winnable tourney with a couple decent playable hands. They had 156 entrants paid 18 spots with first being $6K which is a nice payday for that size field and structure.

I then sat in a marathon cash session full of dead money and could get nothing going there either. I guess I haven't learned how to play K3, Q5, and J6 for a profit yet so I kept folding and folding. Any two gapper suited or not I was playing hoping to hit something but to no avail.

Once I get QQ, raise it preflop, get reraised, I call. Flop is J high rainbow, guy bets hard at pot I fold my QQ face-up. He turns over KK so I saved myself some money there. Another time I get AA in BB on a straddle hand. There were four or five limpers, I pump it up and get one caller. Flop KT8 rainbow. I bet he calls. Turn 6 I bet he jams. I tanked for about three minutes on this hand before some douche nozzle calls time on me. I finally muck thinking I'm beat here. They guy didn't show but I put him on a set of 8s but I'll never know. I do think my read was good and I just hate stacking myself off with an overpair.

I did get paid on one hand where I had AQ and flopped broadway. The board swas KJT, turn was a 6, river was another J. The kid next to me fired $200 into about a $225 pot when the Jack came and I almost layed that hand down too. I tanked for a minute or so, replayed the hand and finally thought he was bluffing the scary card so I called. He mucked. Still for a ten hour session at a juicy table I finished the night down $180 or so.

I donked up some $1/2 at MGM with CK yesterday and was completely card dead so I missed out on some very easy money. She describled the action very well on her blog but there was a maniac South African drunk donk, and this other absolute horrible calling station and I couldn't get a hand to save my life. I finished down about $75 but that was only because my cards sucked so bad and I forced a couple plays I shouldn't have.

Is anybody interesting in the Big Game this Sunday? Conference Championships, the $1M on Full Tilt and the Big Game, what more can you ask for? Go get some tokens this week.

Also tonight, the second gheyest game after oma-draw is on tap for the Skill Series. See how many bricks you can catch as we donk up some RAZZ.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mookie and Not Buddy Dank Radio

No time for a real post today but don't forget to listen to

while you play the

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ohio St Blows...Again

Is anyone else tired of phony ass Ohio St getting blown out in the National Title game every year? Sure I still have some hatred for them after the horrible officiating gifted them the 2002 Championship thus preventing Miami from going back-to-back, but this is getting old man. They waltz through a weak Big Ten every year then get blown the fuck up when they play real teams.

There is a lot rumblings about a playoff once the Fox four-year $320M contract ends so hopefully it gets done. The U of Georgia President is hoping for an eight team playoff while the SEC and ACC commissioners talk of a Plus One System which would seed the top four teams after the bowl games. All the major conference seem open to talking about change except of course the Pac 10 and Big 10 who don't want any tampering with their beloved Rose Bowl.(Witness sorry Big Ten team Illinois in this years Rose Bowl instead of a USC-Georgia match-up.)

We need change. College football is the only sport in the world where the National Championship is not decided in a playoff. What a freaking joke that sports writers and coaches vote for what I deem a mythical National Champion. Bowl games suck balls usually so let's get an atmosphere similar to March Madness (similar as nothing can compare to March Madness). Schools and TV still get their money and the fans will be happy and the National Champion will be decided on the field where it belongs.

Woot Woot, we did a four way chop on the MATH last night. It was late, everyone seemed bored of pushing chips back and forth once we got in the money, so we each got an even $150. Six-handed is a nice change of pace since I rarely play it, so it's fun to release that inner donkey and broaden the ranges, which in a donkament means any two cards.

Fred, also known as Two Black Aces finally joined all use ghey bloggers and has a blog up and running. He's kicked major ass in the donkaments now you can go read about him steamrolling us donks.

For a fabulous read on the upcoming NFL playoff games go check out this bit of brilliance from BWoP. That is of course after you watch the View and Days of Lives. Funny stuff.

Plenty of goodies in store for tomorrow as I'm going to bust out my mad writing skillz and take you all down a path of self destruction which was my previous life. I'm going to try and do a weekly post dedicated to my life in the early 90s and my downward spiral into addiction. Should be interesting bringing up some long faded memories.

Tomorrow we should have the official announcement of Miami Don Radio since Jacksonville beat the Steelers and we now get to hijack Buddy's show for four weeks. Listen in tomorrow night for the details.

Lastly don't forget tonight is "Donkey's with Wood" as bloggers get to see four, yes four cards, as the Skill Series brings us PLO. Don't forget there are no bad beat stories in Oma-draw boys and girls. Did you hear that Waffles and Bayne?

Monday, January 07, 2008

NFL Recap

Very interesting weekend for the NFL Playoffs which translates to three games sucked and one game was fabulous. Of course I watched all the games as I'm looking to make some money when the real games start next weekend.

I'll start with I'm hammering Indy next week and I'm going to bet them early in case the line goes up. Actually two games from Wildcard Weekend were effected by the number changing during the week and those changes were the results of either winning, losing, or pushing a bet. That means you have to try and anticipate, or at worst follow, the changes so you can get a beneficial line. Jax opened at +1 and kicked off at -3, and San Diego opened at -10 and closed at -11, causing some people to won or lose.

Okay some gambling insight. If you bet on San Diego and you won congrats but you got your money in bad and you sucked out, say your 22 vs JJ. San Diego is phony. If they played a real team instead of one led by Vince Young they'd be watching things on TV next week. They were totally dominated on both sides of the ball and only Young being so inept kept them in the game until the momentum shifted and they got the win. Their running game is shot, Rivers really does suck, and if Gates is out next week, I think they have a tough time putting any points on the board against Indy's Cover 2.

The Giants were clearly a better team than Tampa and I was wrong about my breakdown of that game. Eli is still a scary dude to count on to win a game and the Giants do have a very good defense but stopping Tampa's pop gun offense was not really a big deal. Let's see how they handle the Cowboys offense next weekend and let's see how Eli handles the pressure.

The Seahawks-Washington game was much closer than the final scored indicated. If the Skins make the FG they are only down 3 instead of 7 and their offensive philosophy would have been very different late in the game. Seattle does have a very tough defense and they really took it to the Washington offense. Should be interesting to see how they do against Brett Favre at GB.

The Jags-Steelers game was fantastic. I don't need to describe it as I'm sure you all watched it but after I thought Jags were done choking away a big lead they came back and got the game winning FG. Hope they didn't blow their load in this game and they have something left for next Saturday night in Foxboro.

All those game take us to next week where according to linesmakers all four of the teams who won are forecasted to not just lose but to get blown out. Divisional playoffs usually go to the rested team but hopefully we'll get some good games.

Green Bay -8 40' vs Seattle (opened at 9)
N England -13 48 vs Jacksonville (opened at 11')
Indy 8' 46' vs San Diego (opened at 9)
Dallas 7' 47 vs NY Giants

I might caution on checking out Waffles' picks before you lay any action next weekend as he seems to be continuing with this cooler ways.

Hope to see everyone out tonight for Math.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Wild Card Weekend

Okay, after nearly three dozen emails on what happened to this magnificent blog, I've relented to the peer pressure and I'm back from Vacation. Where did I go you ask? I haven't left this chair in oh two weeks other than a multiple trips to the Red Rock making for a joyous break. When slumps are lifted the senses are highly acute and life is just blissful. Or in other words, I'm so fucking happy that everything is working out personally that I'm unable to organize thoughts.

Thankfully I've been able to pick football games still, nailing another five-teamer in the NFL on Sunday then riding Mizzou to victory in the "They certainly got Fucked" Bowl on a hungover Tuesday morning. Also when you run well you lay off the losers which thankfully I did in the Hawaii-Georgia match-up. Has anybody seen Colt Brennan lately?

Now the Rose Bowl fucked us by picking a shitty Illinois team to stay true to the Big Ten/worst conference of slow corn fed white guys instead of a match-up between maybe the two best teams in USC-Georgia, but maybe they did do us a favor in that one year from now I predict those two teams will be unbeaten and playing for the Mythical National Championship.

On to the NFL. I bet Jacksonville, for money at Red Rock and to take over Buddy Dank Radio for a month as a Pick'em over Pittsburgh as my only play this week. However I thought I might throw some ideas as to how the games will play out. Remember I'm only betting Jacksonville.

Seattle -3' 40 vs Washington. This game should come down to a FG either way and with that being the case I have to go with the Skins. This team has seemed to rally around the death of Sean Taylor and they've been winning playing old school tough physical smash mouth football which does work in the play-offs. Seattle is extremely tough at home and they are playing very well lately also. They have an very good hard hitting defense as well so I see this as a tough grind it out game decide by a FG.

Jacksonville -2' 39' at Pittsburgh . There's a reason that the Jags are a road favorite here and the reason are too many to list. I've been saying Pittsburgh is vastly overrated for about 10 weeks now and I'm going to change that opinion now. The Jags are built for the play-offs and roll.

Tampa 3 39' vs NY Giants. Why is this team named after a body of water and not a city? Two factors here and you can answer the questions. Your last $100 and you have to bet. Do you pick John Gruden of Tom Coughlin? Okay so maybe you think that's a toss-up although I certainly don't. So your last maybe not so hard earned $100 on, Eli Manning of Jeff Garcia. Have I convinced you the city of Tampa is the play?

San Diego 10 40 vs Tennessee. Are there any worse fans in the world than California fans? Seriously. Cold Hard Fact. California fans suck balls no matter the team. I'll listen to anybody's argument there but only after LA gets a team or if San Diego sells out this game and avoids a blackout, which is another joke if they don't. Jeff Fisher is a top 2 or 3 NFL coach and he's been at Tennessee for nearly half his life it seems. Norv Turner sucks worse than California fans. Phillip Rivers sucks worse than Norv Turner. I'm not a fan of either team but for some reason Tennessee covers game as an underdog. No way I'm taking San Diego and laying that much wood in a play-off game to a team that always covers as dog. Vince Young blows but they cover. Fuck it. I'm going to the window and putting some of my Jacksonville profit on the Titans. Enjoy that radio broadcast down there in San Diego.

Recap on my leans.
Washington +3'
Jacksonville -2'
City of Tampa -3
Tennessee +10

When you get done fading my picks go read another round of excellent stories.

Lastly the Big Game is set for January. Do any of you donks have the heart to make it out to a $75 non BBT event? Go win a token and get your asses out to.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fun Stuff

If you hate the fawking Patriots piss your pants here.

This is an easy fold.

Pre flop there was a Jam, then ReJam.