Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Folding Time

I played a lot of live poker this weekend and the results, well thankfully I can fold.

I played in the $150 at Venetian with CK and KOD and what a boring 3 hours/6 levels that was. I had one pocket pair QQ, which everyone folded to my raise, and one AJ, which I had to fold. Too many calling stations to do much without just a bit of cards so I finally busted by raising Q9 sooted in a big stack, flopping an OESD, but going brick brick to the donks KJ two pair.

The field was super soft and I certainly think its a winnable tourney with a couple decent playable hands. They had 156 entrants paid 18 spots with first being $6K which is a nice payday for that size field and structure.

I then sat in a marathon cash session full of dead money and could get nothing going there either. I guess I haven't learned how to play K3, Q5, and J6 for a profit yet so I kept folding and folding. Any two gapper suited or not I was playing hoping to hit something but to no avail.

Once I get QQ, raise it preflop, get reraised, I call. Flop is J high rainbow, guy bets hard at pot I fold my QQ face-up. He turns over KK so I saved myself some money there. Another time I get AA in BB on a straddle hand. There were four or five limpers, I pump it up and get one caller. Flop KT8 rainbow. I bet he calls. Turn 6 I bet he jams. I tanked for about three minutes on this hand before some douche nozzle calls time on me. I finally muck thinking I'm beat here. They guy didn't show but I put him on a set of 8s but I'll never know. I do think my read was good and I just hate stacking myself off with an overpair.

I did get paid on one hand where I had AQ and flopped broadway. The board swas KJT, turn was a 6, river was another J. The kid next to me fired $200 into about a $225 pot when the Jack came and I almost layed that hand down too. I tanked for a minute or so, replayed the hand and finally thought he was bluffing the scary card so I called. He mucked. Still for a ten hour session at a juicy table I finished the night down $180 or so.

I donked up some $1/2 at MGM with CK yesterday and was completely card dead so I missed out on some very easy money. She describled the action very well on her blog but there was a maniac South African drunk donk, and this other absolute horrible calling station and I couldn't get a hand to save my life. I finished down about $75 but that was only because my cards sucked so bad and I forced a couple plays I shouldn't have.

Is anybody interesting in the Big Game this Sunday? Conference Championships, the $1M on Full Tilt and the Big Game, what more can you ask for? Go get some tokens this week.

Also tonight, the second gheyest game after oma-draw is on tap for the Skill Series. See how many bricks you can catch as we donk up some RAZZ.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger CC said...

Folding is the new pocket rockets!


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