Monday, January 07, 2008

NFL Recap

Very interesting weekend for the NFL Playoffs which translates to three games sucked and one game was fabulous. Of course I watched all the games as I'm looking to make some money when the real games start next weekend.

I'll start with I'm hammering Indy next week and I'm going to bet them early in case the line goes up. Actually two games from Wildcard Weekend were effected by the number changing during the week and those changes were the results of either winning, losing, or pushing a bet. That means you have to try and anticipate, or at worst follow, the changes so you can get a beneficial line. Jax opened at +1 and kicked off at -3, and San Diego opened at -10 and closed at -11, causing some people to won or lose.

Okay some gambling insight. If you bet on San Diego and you won congrats but you got your money in bad and you sucked out, say your 22 vs JJ. San Diego is phony. If they played a real team instead of one led by Vince Young they'd be watching things on TV next week. They were totally dominated on both sides of the ball and only Young being so inept kept them in the game until the momentum shifted and they got the win. Their running game is shot, Rivers really does suck, and if Gates is out next week, I think they have a tough time putting any points on the board against Indy's Cover 2.

The Giants were clearly a better team than Tampa and I was wrong about my breakdown of that game. Eli is still a scary dude to count on to win a game and the Giants do have a very good defense but stopping Tampa's pop gun offense was not really a big deal. Let's see how they handle the Cowboys offense next weekend and let's see how Eli handles the pressure.

The Seahawks-Washington game was much closer than the final scored indicated. If the Skins make the FG they are only down 3 instead of 7 and their offensive philosophy would have been very different late in the game. Seattle does have a very tough defense and they really took it to the Washington offense. Should be interesting to see how they do against Brett Favre at GB.

The Jags-Steelers game was fantastic. I don't need to describe it as I'm sure you all watched it but after I thought Jags were done choking away a big lead they came back and got the game winning FG. Hope they didn't blow their load in this game and they have something left for next Saturday night in Foxboro.

All those game take us to next week where according to linesmakers all four of the teams who won are forecasted to not just lose but to get blown out. Divisional playoffs usually go to the rested team but hopefully we'll get some good games.

Green Bay -8 40' vs Seattle (opened at 9)
N England -13 48 vs Jacksonville (opened at 11')
Indy 8' 46' vs San Diego (opened at 9)
Dallas 7' 47 vs NY Giants

I might caution on checking out Waffles' picks before you lay any action next weekend as he seems to be continuing with this cooler ways.

Hope to see everyone out tonight for Math.


At 2:58 PM, Blogger CC said...

Hindsight and all that, but the NFC South has been utterly dreadful from our vantage point here in the ATL. I know it's hard to believe in Eli (I certainly never have since even his college days), but the Falcons I think weren't even out of a chance at this last Division title until Petrino actually moved! Good luck this weekend.

At 11:57 AM, Blogger StB said...

I just caught the end of the Pitt/Jax game. I was ready to be pissed that Hines Ward got away with the face mask call that became PI against the Jags towards the end. Garrard sacked up and had that amazing QB draw. I am disappointed I was watching a crappy hockey game instead.


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