Friday, January 04, 2008

Wild Card Weekend

Okay, after nearly three dozen emails on what happened to this magnificent blog, I've relented to the peer pressure and I'm back from Vacation. Where did I go you ask? I haven't left this chair in oh two weeks other than a multiple trips to the Red Rock making for a joyous break. When slumps are lifted the senses are highly acute and life is just blissful. Or in other words, I'm so fucking happy that everything is working out personally that I'm unable to organize thoughts.

Thankfully I've been able to pick football games still, nailing another five-teamer in the NFL on Sunday then riding Mizzou to victory in the "They certainly got Fucked" Bowl on a hungover Tuesday morning. Also when you run well you lay off the losers which thankfully I did in the Hawaii-Georgia match-up. Has anybody seen Colt Brennan lately?

Now the Rose Bowl fucked us by picking a shitty Illinois team to stay true to the Big Ten/worst conference of slow corn fed white guys instead of a match-up between maybe the two best teams in USC-Georgia, but maybe they did do us a favor in that one year from now I predict those two teams will be unbeaten and playing for the Mythical National Championship.

On to the NFL. I bet Jacksonville, for money at Red Rock and to take over Buddy Dank Radio for a month as a Pick'em over Pittsburgh as my only play this week. However I thought I might throw some ideas as to how the games will play out. Remember I'm only betting Jacksonville.

Seattle -3' 40 vs Washington. This game should come down to a FG either way and with that being the case I have to go with the Skins. This team has seemed to rally around the death of Sean Taylor and they've been winning playing old school tough physical smash mouth football which does work in the play-offs. Seattle is extremely tough at home and they are playing very well lately also. They have an very good hard hitting defense as well so I see this as a tough grind it out game decide by a FG.

Jacksonville -2' 39' at Pittsburgh . There's a reason that the Jags are a road favorite here and the reason are too many to list. I've been saying Pittsburgh is vastly overrated for about 10 weeks now and I'm going to change that opinion now. The Jags are built for the play-offs and roll.

Tampa 3 39' vs NY Giants. Why is this team named after a body of water and not a city? Two factors here and you can answer the questions. Your last $100 and you have to bet. Do you pick John Gruden of Tom Coughlin? Okay so maybe you think that's a toss-up although I certainly don't. So your last maybe not so hard earned $100 on, Eli Manning of Jeff Garcia. Have I convinced you the city of Tampa is the play?

San Diego 10 40 vs Tennessee. Are there any worse fans in the world than California fans? Seriously. Cold Hard Fact. California fans suck balls no matter the team. I'll listen to anybody's argument there but only after LA gets a team or if San Diego sells out this game and avoids a blackout, which is another joke if they don't. Jeff Fisher is a top 2 or 3 NFL coach and he's been at Tennessee for nearly half his life it seems. Norv Turner sucks worse than California fans. Phillip Rivers sucks worse than Norv Turner. I'm not a fan of either team but for some reason Tennessee covers game as an underdog. No way I'm taking San Diego and laying that much wood in a play-off game to a team that always covers as dog. Vince Young blows but they cover. Fuck it. I'm going to the window and putting some of my Jacksonville profit on the Titans. Enjoy that radio broadcast down there in San Diego.

Recap on my leans.
Washington +3'
Jacksonville -2'
City of Tampa -3
Tennessee +10

When you get done fading my picks go read another round of excellent stories.

Lastly the Big Game is set for January. Do any of you donks have the heart to make it out to a $75 non BBT event? Go win a token and get your asses out to.


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

And here I thought you and Chad were on the same page.

Thanks for contradicting each other a couple of times... makes my choices that much harder...

Good luck w/ the Jags. I like that one for sure and agree that they are overrated to the titties.

Plus - no Willie!

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Love your pick on the Titans, that line is insane fo sho. I like the Seahawks in a very tough home stadium, and I think the Steelers game comes down to the wire and is too close to call (I pick Jags if forced at gunpoint to pick one team). And while I don't think either coach in TB vs NYG is all that, the quarterbacks are not even a competition. Eli has sucked so hard the second half of this year than anybody picking them has got to have something wrong with them.

Won another token frenzy last night and I will definitely be in the Big Game. BBT Be Dammed. Glad you're bringing this back for the non-BBT donks.

At 4:07 PM, Blogger Buddy Dank said...


At 12:57 AM, Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

Miami Don / Instant Tragedy Radio.

Has such a GREAT ring to it.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger iamhoff said...

Sorry Don. It was great watching my Bolts cover the 10 points from my own TV. I will agree that the fans are fair weather (and the weather most certainly was not fair), but they got the blackout lifted and finally woke up in the second half. Hope you didn't put too much on the Titans.


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