Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back Again

Yes I'm back. I had a nice posting vacation and I'm actually going on a real vacation, if you can call anything from my life a vacation, this weekend. Santa Barbara, CA here I come.

Degenerate notes. The Over/Under on the NBA All-Star game was 262. The finals score was East 134 West 128. I'm sure the linesmakers were pissed they hit it right on the total but can you imagine all the degenerates sweating the game to get a push? Thats sickening really.

This NASCAR shit? I never really understood red necks going around in circles but there were no sports on TV so I figured I'd watch the end of the "Great American Race." It was fucking ridiculous. These donks are suppose to go 200 laps and they do well for 170 of them but them the last 30 laps are, one lap, crash, four orbits on yellow, race again, two laps, crash, four more laps on yellow, and they do this until the very end. Where the fuck is the excitement in all of this? Here's my theory, the fix is in. Fox pays drivers to crash so you can take and hour and a half to finish thirty laps with 142 commercials mixed in. I'll never watch that shit again.

Me and KOD are booked for Austin and Weekend at Mookies. If anybody else is flying in and wants to coordinate we get in on May 1st at 1:00pm.

Speaking of Mookie don't forget tonight is:

Did everyone have fun during FTOPS? Did anyone net a profit during FTOPs chasing all the tournaments and satellites? Congrats to those who did. I showed a small net loss myself but this is the one the hurt the most.

I'm sure everyone has seen teaser about the BBThree by now so I recommend getting some tokens because I do know there is a Big Game set up at Full Tilt Poker for March 2 at 21:30 for a cost of $75. Whether it's Event #1 of the BBThree well I guess we'll no soon enough.

Oh and finally to those asking about Chapter 3 it is completed along with a few other chapters and I'll probably start posting them again next week after my Vegas two year review.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah that satellite bubble was sick man.

Enjoy your vacation from vacation.

Now post your fucking allegedly completed chapter already.


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