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No Julius Goat I am not, nor have I ever, been a fan of religion or the religious right. I'm really a Libertarian at heart and while I'm not fan of GW Bush I truly detest any type of liberal or socialist government. Personal responsibility, less government, free enterprise, and private charity work for me.

If the Democrats could possibly put a moderate on their ticket, which it's obvious at this point that is not happening, I would have strongly considered voting that way. Thankfully the Republican party sticks together and they've nominated a moderate and when the smoke clears in November I do think McCain, although with some faults, will be president.

Middle of the road works for me. We don't need extreme left or right here. And don't even get me started on socialized medicine which will set back free enterprise and capitalism, perhaps forever. Makes me sick to my stomach to even think about that.

Anyway thats my two days of politics and that should be it for a while.

If you haven't been to Scott Mc's blog yet do yourself a favor a go read his "Swan Song." Wish you well brother.

Wow was that Mookie a minefield last night. Between the suckouts and horrible CALLS I don't even know what to think. As always, I'm going back and forth on whether to even play these BBThree events and if so how many, and I'm still on the fence.

I mean tonight for instance, $11 PLO with maybe four people who really know how to play, ten people who have a slight clue how to play, and 100 others (myself included) who have no fucking idea how to play. Tonight just might be the night the fights starts, that is if anyone still has chat priviledges after the FTP crackdown.

This is an easy prediction. The alledged players who think they are good at PLO and think this may be their shot at a TOC will not win tonight. They will get snapped off by some donk, hey might even be me, who plays a shit hand and gets lucky or goes runner runner perfect. So sorry to you knowledgeble PLO donks, don't get your panties in a bunch when you don't win.

Almost time for March Madness boys and girls. Is everybody excited? Looks like The U will be back in the big dance after a six year break. Good luck boys, now go secure that first round bye in the ACC tourney by beating the cheaters up at Florida St. BTW did you know you need like a 10 on your ACT or a 600 on your SAT and a 1.25 GPA in high school to get into Florida St?

That's enough for today. Good luck tonight in're going to need it.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Julius_Goat said...

Heh, no problems, bud. I'm a fan of middle of the road, too. Though we may disagree on how that's defined, I think our hearts are in the right place. I certainly don't need the government telling me what to do. Our difference appears to be which party is most intrusive.

McCain may well become president, and he'd probably be at least a decent one. He's a grown-up, which would certainly be a nice change of pace, and I did consider him a moderate until he voted to make habeas a corpus. That little move finished him for me, forever. You have to protect the Constitution if you're going to serve it.

You don't like being told how your medical coverage will be handled, and to which segment of the poor and marginalized your tax dollars will go, and to that I say, "fair enough." I think there is a legitimate debate to be had about what government's role should be in such areas of public life, and though we probably wouldn't agree on all points, at least I think we could understand each others points and respect them.

My perspective is this: I don't like being told that the government is free to have my phone tapped with no warrant, and can potentially disappear me to a foreign black ops site to be worked on by outsourced labor with a rubber hose. I see that as more intrusive than a universal health care program (or if you like, socialized medicine), not less. To that, I ask, "Fair enough?"

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Julius_Goat said...

Last clarification and then I really am done soapboxing (sheesh, I hope).

I wasn't trying to imply that you were into religion with my last post.

It's just that you called Obama a 'preacher' and then said "be very afraid."

I just thought it was striking, because "be very afraid" has been President Bush's "sermon" for lo these many years. Hence the 'old time religion' crack.

OK, done. Thank you for your patience.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger 4dbirds said...

Have you tried socialized medicine? I have and it was top shelf. Our system now is not cost effective and doesn't cover everyone. That's not only Un-American it doesn't make financial sense. There are several studies out that show Europeans have better health, better access to care and the overall cost is less than ours. I'll be happy to send you the links if you're interested.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger 4dbirds said...

Just a note that St. John McCain has been the recipient of socialized medicine his entire life. His father was Navy, he was Navy and now he has the Senate's insurance. Military medicine is socialized medicine. Everyone is covered, access is the same and treatment is standardized.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger Joe Speaker said...

I'm against socialized midicine for a very simple reason. Our government would fuck it up. Our government is not good at a great many things, yet people still want our elected officials to "bail them out." Hint: You're in the mess you're in because of the government. Or you're an idiot (like if you have an adjustable rate mortgage) and undeserving of handouts.

I'm a libertarian and while middle of the road is okay, I like gridlock. The less they can "accomplish," the less they can fuck up.

Not that my views are colored by this particular incident, but my one experience with socialized medicine was in the held-in-very-high-esteem system of Sweden. I caught a debilitating flu when over there, bed-ridden and fever of 103 for 48 hours. I limped into one of their free clinics and never got past the counter. This was not because I was not a citizen, they treat everybody, but because they deemed I'd be fine with the medicine they dispensed to me.

That "medicine?" Echinacea.


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