Monday, April 07, 2008

Final Two

Ever have one of those weekends where you lose under $100 after three long live sessions and feel good about it? Well that was my story. I ran into a handful of ugly coolers but thankfully in live poker I can somehow fold the second best hands and by doing so I saved a ton of money.

I played an 11 hour session at the Venetian with Alan on Friday and although we were clearly the two best players at that table we both had losing sessions; me from coolers, him from a donkey going runner runner perfect on an all-in pot.

For a $1/2 game with a $300 max buy-in there was about $7500 on the table and it was a rather juicy game. Whether it was limped or the raise was $20 we had 4-7 players in every flop so the game was all post flop play. Somehow the two donkey calling stations wound up the big winners.

The Venetian DS started on Friday and they got an amazing 240 entrants for the $330 buy-in event. Saturday they only had about 160 but they also had a $540 at noon and with the Final Four games going on that lessened the crowds. For those of you considering a Venetian DS event in June they are planning on record fields. The room has 48 tables but they are clearing all the slots out of the area directly outside the poker room to bring the total tables to 75. They anticipate up to 1000 players for their $330 events and 700 for their $540 events so some very big prize pools will be in play.

I'm excited about the NCAA Men's Finals tonight as I think the two best teams in the country will be playing each other. Hopefully we will see a good tight game after having to deal with two blowouts on Saturday. I'm not betting the game and will watch for enjoyment purposes.

How goes the BBThree? I read a few blogs where everyone was bitching about the behavior in the chat boxes. Seems some people are tired of the smack talking and all those stupid BOOMS! Now I talked a lot of smack during BBTwo but I retired it when I was playing BBThree but my opinion is, right or wrong, adults can't tell other adults how to act. There are choices out there which I think are ignore the offenders, turn off the chat, or don't play.

Also I read a lot of old schooler's are pining for the days of playing a tourney with buddies without all the asshats like it used to be. Well the blogger tourneys have evolved into cutthroat affairs with tens of thousands of dollars at stake so unfortunately those days are gone probably forever. My suggestion is for people to start some more "friendly" blogger tournaments ala
Saturday's with Dr Pauly where it's more about fun and hanging out then it is about a $12K WSOP ME seat.

My online career will now consist of the Tuesday skillz game and the Tuesday Bodonkey. I finally did what I should have done months ago which is trade all my online money for cash. I left a couple hundred bucks online so I can still donk around if I feel like it but by converting my virtual chips into real cash I will stay more focused on where I show the best profits; live cash games. So I guess I will be missing out on all the whining and bitching and Booms but I feel like I'll have a real and not virtual life once again. And as I posted before may the biggest fish win the $12K and its my hope that the winner has never once typed Boom in the chat box.

Hope everyone had a profitable and enjoyable weekend.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

So You Say

Okay I finally did it.

I'm back to grinding live.

Hey you'll probably start getting narratives again from some of my live sessions. Those were always fun.

So Good Luck to you donks in the BBT. May the biggest fish win please.

Oh and if you keep typing BOOOOOOOOOOOM in the chat box after a big suckout you are definitely an ass clown. Try that shit live sometime.

Hope springs eternal they say right. Don't you feel that way once baseball season starts...well as long as your not a Marlin, Pirate, Twin, Oriole, Giant, A, Royal, Cubs, Yankees, or Rays fan.

Man I love fantasy baseball. I only have four teams but they are all highly competitive. I won two last year and finished second in another one. Four for Four is the goal this year. Man is fantasy baseball 789x better than donkey fantasy football.

Are we going to get a big turnout for the Summer Classic minus the A-Listers and inner circle? Will Waffles still book that flight that is due into Vegas Friday at midnight but never seems to get here until 2am?

April Fool's Jokes/Gags are for those who are not funny but can try to be once a year.

Do people outside of Boston and New York realize that nobody gives a shit about the Yankees and Red Sox?

Again I ask, what exactly is change? Can someone please explain it to me and don't forget to include paying higher taxes.

Hope everyone is doing well and making a ton of money.