Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Time

Time for the start of the absolute best time of the year here in Vegas, yup you know it, tournament donkey heaven! I'm so excited to spend the next 6 weeks grinding and grinding in the hopes to turn out a fat profit from all the tourney donks at the cash tables. Yea Baby.

I happened to be at the Rio on Wednesday morning and as soon as the satellite room opened there was six single table satellites running within 5 minutes. The cash games opened about four hours late and the action was instant. Weak, who is staying at my crib for the series, who knows exactly how minutes to Wapner and who is definitely an excellent driver, was down there yesterday and the cash games were packed.

If you are playing cash there $2/5 is the smallest game they have and it's only a $500 max buy-in. Also the Mississippi straddle is effect (the button can straddle to $10 and it takes precedent on any other straddles) so technically everyone should be straddling their button. And if everyone does turns the game into $5/10 with shallow stacks so I personally think it sucks. No idea why they won't make the max buy-in $1000.

I was at the Venetian yesterday and there was decent action there. They have added 26 tables right in front of the poker room bringing the total to 74 as the anticipate big crowds for their Deep Stack Events. One thing I will mention about Venetian is they use the auto shufflers for both cash and tournaments. Caesar's, Binions, and Rio do not use shufflers and IMO with the lack of quality of WSOP dealers, I'd say you'll see eight to ten more hands and hour at Venetian which will add up if you go deep. I'll be down there again today so I'll let everyone know how big their opening tournament gets.

Unfortunately no hookers last night. About thirty minutes there is a raise, two callers, and on the button I get 3d 3c and also call. Flop is Ad 8c 3h. Initial raiser bets, there is a fold and a call, I reraise and we get HU. Turn is a blank, we get it all-in and my set of 3s beats AK. Very nice a fast double up. Too bad I didn't get to enjoy them.

I catch KK and lose to a shorties 77 who flops a set. I then get QQ and QQ and lost to a set of 9s and a set of 8s. I lost minimum on both hands thankfully. I also lost to set over set but again I took only minimal damage as their was an Ace on the flop and river which slowed us both down as we both were worried out sets might have been counterfeited by Aces full.

So from up $300 in thirty minutes to cashing out down $97. I was very positive though about the session as I made some sick laydowns that kept me from losing a lot more. The Venetian will be rocking today so hopefully I can catch some cards and stack some donks.

BTW, how ghey was that three pointer at the buzzer last night in the Lakers game that totally changed the spread outcome. I heard a huge roar when the game went final but didn't realize at the time what had happened. I had no action on the game but I'm sure the Laker bettors were ecstatic and the Spurs bettors were pissed off by getting one outed on the river. Why did that asshole even take the shot? Oh I know, no class typical of the NBA!

The NBA playoffs have been terrible and that doesn't even mention the horrid officiating. It's blatantly obvious the league wants an LA-Boston final and it wouldn't surprise me if the refs received a memo stating such. And don't even start to debate this as we all have proof the NBA is fixed. Did anybody read the cheating refs allegations that players and coaches were in on fixes? The NBA squashed it quickly but I can't wait to see what comes out in court. Online Poker is fixed, NBA is fixed, NFL is fixed, what else?

Everyone have and enjoyable weekend. Again, I'll give some Venetian field size updates and don't forget Big Game Sunday.


At 2:07 PM, Blogger cmitch said...

Weeeeeee!!! WSOP is here!!!

I can't wait to get to LV!!!


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