Monday, June 09, 2008

Beat LA

Go Celtics. Get one in LA and it's back to Boston needing only one win. I'm still loving this classic match-up.

I'm digging the Euro '08 so far. Today should be a great day as Group C, or group of death, plays their opening matches. I actually put in a wager on the France-Romania game today.

Game to finish 0-0 6:1
Under 1' goals. +140

Here's to hoping neither of these two stellar defensive clubs can find the back of the net.

Did anyone watch the USA-Argentina game last night? 80,000 fans gave the game a world cup feel and thanks to Tim Howard making five amazing saves and one US shot blasted off the crossbar the match ended 0-0. It was though a fantastic game and both teams were going at it full force. Now its time to blast Barbados next Sunday in the opening of CONCACAF qualifying for the '10 World Cup.

The #1 ranked Canes made another trip to the CWS beating Arizona two games in a row after losing the opener. This years CWS is loaded with powerhouse teams so there is still work to be done. The only downfall of college baseball besides listening to those ghey aluminum bats is how long the games take. Fuck 4 hours are the norm and the games just seem to linger way too long.

Had a break even stretch this weekend at the tables. Card dead sucks ass.

So far the best cash game action has been at the Venetian so it might be something to consider for all the poker players rolling in this week. The lack of space at the Rio has severely limited cash options for most of the day not to mention the shitty game set-up. $2/5 is the lowest game and the buy-in is only $500 so add that with the allowed Mississippi straddle and you are basically playing $2/$10 with short stacks. Push monkey cash poker for those who enjoy that.

The Venetian $2/5 is $1000 max with no ghey MS straddle so it's DS poker and not a shove fest. The $1/2 games with the $300 max are juicy as well. It's always fun when there gets to be $5-7K on the table and playing $1/2 with those who aren't very good. Super soft baby. Also most of the tournament action starts outside the poker room in the new tournament area so the cash games are inside and plentiful.

Not sure if everyone heard but the Venetian has increased their starting chips from 10K to 15K for the $540 and the $1060 tournaments. I've noticed the difference by seeing how many more players are still alive during the dinner breaks now compared to last week.

Congrats also go out to all those who won prizes in the BBThree TOC over the weekend.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger lj said...

woot soccer coverage! missed the game, but sounds like it was awesome. :(

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Greg said...

well done on the France/Romania match. Nailed that one right on!!


At 8:25 PM, Blogger CC said...

HATED the red McDonald's t-shirts the kids had to wear during the player walkout before the game (rather than the Argentine and US replica kits). We did look so much better than the previous two games v England and Spain. I'm a Landon hater, but the team is much better with him in the lineup. We have to get back to our only hope on the big stage, to simply outwork and out hustle the other team. We still look incredibly clumsy all over the field. We also need to be infusing this group with as much young talent as we can muster. Oh, and Gooch cost himself a whole bunch of EPL cash with these three games. He looked outclassed in all three games, although the porous defense alot of the time may have made him look uglier than he should have. Maybe.

At 4:27 AM, Blogger pk said...

Yes, good tip for the football, shame you don't seem to know that "France" and "Romania" aren't football "clubs"...

I miss the Venetian, best place I have ever played poker in.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

Good Luck on the TOC tonight.



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