Thursday, June 26, 2008

With the Second Pick

Wow. Congrats to Mickey and Mallory, the Natural Born Killers of the MTT world amongst us bloggers. Mickey got I think his 11th win in the last three month and a near miss second place finish for Mallory in the MSOP $10r just missing out on the bracelet.

Hey kids, the housing market is super soft here in Vegas so maybe it's time to punt those useless day jobs and turn pro. I'm certainly a huge advocate. Continued success to you both.

I see the Supreme Court finally got most of it right in handing down it's opinion on gun control. Locked and loaded baby.

NBA Draft tonight. I'm interested to see if all this talk that Miami doesn't like Michael Beasley is for real or just some giant smoke screen. The best part of this is Miami officials have not said one word on whether or not they even like or dislike Beasley so most of this shit is just made up stories by what is a no longer reliable media. If you can't create controversy, start rumors, or have a contrary opinion then there is no room for you as a reporter in the sports world.

The cash games have been super juicy here in Vegas although I've had a lot of up and down sessions. The Venetian has easily been the best place in town to play cash this summer and I think it's becoming the most popular room. The Bellagio is and will always stay packed but the room sucks ass and that place caters only to the high rollers so a lot players playing lower than $10/20NL are making their new home at the Venetian.

Not much else out happening. Baseball, Euro '08, NBA Draft, and Poker. Life is fucking fantastic. Hope everyone else is doing well.


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