Friday, August 22, 2008

First Fix of the Year

The first fixed football game of the year.

And before you donkeys don't think sports are fixed see the NBA.

Jeff Triplett. The most crooked man in the NFL had his squad of refs practcing fixing games tonight.

Dallas a 5' point favorite and the total a monster 43'. The total opened at 40' but all the smart money ran that number up 3 points today. So the public is on Houston plus the points and the over.

Review Houston driving down the field on the last series.

Holding on Houston.

Offensive Pass Interference on Houston.

A catch at the one yard line by Houston somehow overruled by Tripplett. Huh? frame by frame its a catch bro.

Just when this crooked officiating crew has the game almost fixed, Sage Rosenfels runs it in from ten yards on a QB draw and fucks the fix.


Triplett tries to fix a game to no avail. The gamblers win with Houston and the Over.

The NFL is back boys and girls and the fix is already in.

Hope nobody bet on NE this year.


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