Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Survivor Football

Two more Bodog tournaments two more final tables.

Too bad I got a 7th, when my AK was no match for the always powerful Jack Ace when he flopped broadway and 6th when my JJ lost to AK with the K coming on the river. Oh well, $3K from Bodog in the last three days was much needed.

I've decided to have a contest this year and I'm hoping for a big turnout.

This is open to bloggers, friends, family, friends of friends, whomever wants to take part in a winner take all competition.

For those that don't know, survivor football is you pick one NFL team to win every week. If your team wins the game you move on to the next week, if your team loses or ties you are eliminated. Sounds easy right. The catch is you can only pick a team one time over the course of the season.

Entry fee will be $20 and a contestant can submit up to two entries. My ambitious goal is to have 250 entrants with a $5,000 winner take all first prize. I'm going to run the contest on Yahoo Fantasy.

Now one problem is Yahoo can only hold groups of 50, so we're going to have to do multiple groups provided the need is there. I will "Host" every group as to keep up with the contestants and I will make my picks the same in every group with it being only one entry. (Unless I submit two entries then I will have my two picks in groups 1 and 2 and my group one picks will be every other group)

In the unlikely event more than one contestant goes 17-0 then all prize money will be split. If all the remaining contestants lose in any given week, they will all stay alive for the following week.

Simple enough. Since these are private leagues passwords will be needed. If you are interested in playing send me an email to miamidon@cox.net. Please include team name, mine is Miami Don, number of entries, and method of payment.

Methods of payment are.

1. Full Tilt Poker Transer (MiamiDon)
2. Poker Stars Transfer (MiamiDon)
3. Snail Mail. (I'll email you the address)

Before the season starts I will start another blog where I will include list of contestants and weekly updates .

Again, I'm hoping for a big turnout so I hope to see you sign up ASAP.


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