Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Week One

HAHAHAHAHA. Another gem from the boys at Kissing Suzy Kolber. These sports fan lettahs are priceless.

The big question now is do we hear more about Tommy Brady's knee injury or how fucking good everyone things the Dallas Cowboys are. I say push.

Vince Young needs a shrink huh? Nah, he's got his mommy. Now I'm not sure if this guy is a head case or not but man is he a shitty QB. Jeff Fisher is a top three coach in the NFL and that defense is a FORCE, imagine if they had a QB?

Teams that are good who showed up
Philly- A healthy McNabbs could lead them to the Super Bowl
Pittsburgh- Strong on both sides of the ball. Watch out.
Dallas- Must be nice to have 12 seconds to throw the ball

Teams that were suppose to be good that didn't show up
Indy- should be fine once Peyton gets some reps
San Diego- I see another bad ending for the 32 consecutive year
Jacksonville- major injuries on OL

Teams you really don't want on your schedule
Buffalo- Solid offense, defense, and special teams.
Carolina- Tough nasty OL and DL. A healthy Delhomme is the key. Just ask SD.
New Orleans- High powered offense and just enough Defense

Still not sold on but could impress
NY Giants- tough defense, still not sold on Manning
Denver- looked impressive but it was the Raiders
Chicago- reminded me of two years ago. Forte and defense impressive.
Tennessee- Fantastic coach and defense. Is the Vince Young injury a blessing in disguise.
Green Bay. Good start from Rodgers. Lots of talent on both sides of the ball
NY Jets- Favre is a donkey but the Jets did spend $100M upgrading. Not sold on Mangini.

Teams 1-0 but don't get your hopes up
Arizona- One playoff win in 60 years
Baltimore- Still a tough defense but offensive issues
Atlanta- Impressive debuts by Ryan and Turner. Still in for a long season

Teams where fans have hope but I see not living up to the billing
Minnesota- no pass offense, no pass defense and a brutal schedule
Tampa- see above
Cleveland- no defense brutal schedule
Seattle- weak division but way too many injuries this early
Houston- overrated QB and a nasty division

Almost time to stick a fork in after one week
Miami- only way is up after 1-15
Cincinnati- need a new GM, coach, players, city, etc.
KC- Herm Edwards blows as does Carl Peterson
Oakland- Until Al Davis dies this team will suck
Detroit- 34 points to Atlanta. Looks like back-to-back 32nd ranked defense
Washington- Zorn looks lost. Two minute drill anyone?
St Louis- Another three win season?
San Francisco- Nolan stinks.

See ya next year
Patriots- no explanation needed

Actually going to go play some $1/2 at MGM for old times sake today then meeting Drew's Pop for dinner so no Mookie for me tonight.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Football is Back

I've played two Mookies as my only form of poker in the last two plus weeks now that football started. I don't miss it at all. Boring, boring, boring.

Poker blogs are dead huh? I mean some people frequently blog but it rarely has anything to do with poker other than to brag, except for maybe three people who actually post poker thoughts and strategies. Hey I'm in the non-poker group also. Just like blogger MTTs, it was fun while it lasted though.

Football is back and that takes a front seat to any thing else going on. Baseball pennant races are a distant second but until the playoffs are here it will remain a distant second.

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at the Red Rock and man life is good once again. Not too big a crowd on Saturday but Sunday the place was packed by 8:30am and stayed full all the way through the late games. The casino gave out some free money on the Jets and Cowboys but took a bunch back with the Vikings, Colts, and Chargers losing.

I was happy with the Hurricanes performance on Saturday even though they lost by 23 to a highly overrated Gators team. Eight true freshman saw considerable action Saturday and although our offense needs major work the future looks bright down in Coral Gables.

That Urban Meyer is a real classless scumbag and he showed it again trying to run up the score late. Florida dropped Miami from the schedule after we started beating them down every single game so I guess he was looking to extract some revenge. Unfortunately that pussy won't play the Canes again until 2013 so we should have one or two National Titles again by then.

USC-Ohio St should be fantastic this weekend...provided the Luckeyes show up for a big game which they haven't done for a few years. The line opened up at 9' and was quickly bet up to 10' so the lines makers don't see the Luckeyes showing up. That's a lot of points for a big game and it will be interesting to see which way the money flows.

Expectations can be tough especially when things turn hopeless. I KNOW all the donkey Patriots fans were thinking about 19-0 with their easy schedule but they sure didn't see Tommy Brady going down for a season with a blown up knee. It's going to be interesting to see how they do going forward with a QB whose last start was 1999 in High School. Fuck, they haven't won a ring in three years and sure looks like it's gonna be four. Sorry NE, no dynasty, we hardly knew you.

Now no expectations and only hope to get better is not the greatest thing either but after winning one game last year and totally turning the roster over this year means 5 wins is a fantastic season. The Jets were clearly the better team, even with Favre throwing up Hail Mary's, but I was happy that the Dolphins didn't quit and still had a chance to win the game at the end. They've rebuild the OL and DL, but we still need big time help at WR and LB so I'm smart enough to know that nothing matters but getting better until 2010.

As for the Survivor Pool, 42 entrants and 17 are already gone leaving us with 25 heading into week two. All the players with two entries, six total three left, are in Group II so those in Group I can't see those players. Indy and San Diego going down knocked out the most as did some of us (my 2nd entry) donked off on a bad Detroit team.

Back tomorrow with my thoughts on the NFL teams and who we can eliminate after Week 1.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin absolutely killed it last night. All of the articles on Real Clear Politics show outstanding reviews.

The leaders of the Republican party have always been smarter and way more organized that the other party and it's starting to show again. Everyone knows Bush has been a disaster, myself included, and this ticket is distancing themselves as far away from Bush as they can, smartly comparing themselves to one of the greatest Presidents in history, Ronald Reagan.

Unless someone is a hard core liberal, I'm baffled beyond belief how they can pull the lever for the Democratic European-African-American Candidate. Do we really want him in charge of the greatest FREE Country in the history of the World?

Here is an excellent article on why the Democratic Candidate can't win over the American people. There is nothing here to dispute. If elected this will happen. Is this what you angry lefts want to fix this country?

I can't wait until the debates.

Did everyone get their picks in for survivor football? Deadline is tonight before kickoff. A lot of you still owe me the enrty fee.

McCain 278-260

I might have to change this blog from the Vegas Poker Scene to the Vegas Politics and Football Scene.

I did enjoy the comments from my last post but I think STB wrapped it up perfectly and it leads be to ask this, "What the fuck is up with the angry left?"

Are you people so upset and outraged over this country from the last eight years and if so why? I mean really I don't get it. Are there spots open in the EU?

Hahahahahah. Joe Lieberman. Wasn't he the VP candidate for Al "I invented everything" Gore? He's dead on though why he's no longer a Democrat. Foreign Policy and National Security. Be afraid, be very afraid.

My boy JJ's guy Fred Thompson absolutely killed it tonight. Absolutely killed it.

The Democrats are worried. Our Vice President candidate is more qualified than the liberal Presidential Candidate and apparantly we're going to have to listen to nothing about McCain and everything about Palin. McCain v. Obama is a Republican win, so have at Sarah, she would chew Obama's balls off if he had any.

Right now my count on the electoral map is McCain 278-260.

Did any of you donkeys play this last year?

I hope you all play again this year as I crushed the field even though I didn't start until Week 8 or so. Who is gonna donate this year?

Thursday is the last day for

You must be signed up and get your picks in by kickoff on Thursday.

Oh and we can't forget the best Blogger event of the Week.