Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Congrats to Obama and all his supporters on the election victory.

Maybe Socialism will be cool, fuck if Pauly can go on Holiday instead of vacation how bad can it be.

I'm an underground citizen and when at times I held corporate jobs I was aware that there are no laws requiring any of us to pay income tax so nothing has really changed for me. The Feds can suck my dick.

Bush has been horrible, and yes I did vote for him twice but I hope that everyone who wants change gets the change they want. I was taught and learned at an early age to be careful what you wished for, you just might get it, and those who do want change you are going to get it. I hope it is everything you imagined.

Starting tomorrow, since my decison to support a small business which is now officially failed, I will get on every list that will support me. Welfare, food stamps, free money however I can get it since my love for gambling and vodka is more than my love for a hard days work. I do look forward to your support.

As a poker blogger I do request that every poker blogger who made in excess of $100K last year, immediatley transfer me $10K no later than Friday. It really is the only fair thing to do. We are all equal so since I did not earn as much as you in the work force, nor did I win as much as you playing poker, I immediately demand my compensation.

Don't make me call you out and look for you because I will.

BTW. I have a couple lots in Costa Rica if anyone wants to build in my neighborhood.

Good luck to us all.