Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 AFC East Champions

Miami Dolphins 2008 AFC East Champions!

Enjoy your offseason Pats and Jets fans.

A big thanks to the donkeys in the Jets front office who picked Brett Favre over Chad Pennington.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yes That Includes You

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you DONKEYS.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fantasy Football Brag

Check this out bitches. No it's not a $10K+ score at poker like all the stallion (immoral) bloggers out there but it is for the first time in my fantasy football career...Perfection.

After all this reading about people playing and winning on Ultimate Bet and the principles or morality involved here is my a fat cock.

I detest the morality police. Seriously, when did morality become anything but an individual choice? How can a person comment on another persons principles or morality and say that what they think or do is right or wrong? Get a fucking life and mind your own business. No really.

Our whole society is pussified and pansied. Ewwwww, you can't do this, ewwwwww you can't do that, watch what you say you might hurt someones feelings. Fuck that. Political Correctness is ruining the world.

Does anyone else listen to Colin Cowherd? He rules. He knows sports and tells it like it is. Non PC and principles are individual choices.

The line in the Jets-Miami game opened up at -3 and is now down to -2.5. The sharp money is on the Dolphins to beat the Jets on Sunday. I can't fucking wait. I'm also pulling hard for the lame assed Eagles to beat the Cowgirls on Sunday so Jerry Jones can go another year without a playoff win and that soap opera train wreck will go away, or at least slow down. Oh TO, you can eat a fat cock too. Loser. HaHaHaHa.

I like TCU -3 tonight to beat undefeated Boise St.

Anyone else getting a lump of coal in their stocking this year?

Monday, December 22, 2008

AFC East Champions?

Let's talk some NFL.

How about those Miami Dolphins baby. Gutted out a win in the -12 wind chill of Arrowhead Stadium and now play the Jets with a shot to win and go from 1-15 to 11-5 and AFC East Champions. Chad Pennington has been a huge addtion and the players have certainly downed the Kool-Aid and bought into Tony Sparano toughness.

Too bad the Jets, Gag Green, chokers like their buddies the Mets, didn't get the job done to make it a winner take all game. Losing 3-4 leaves them needing to beat Miami and somehow having the Pats lose to the Bills to get in. I can't imagine a better scenario than Miami smoking the Jets and kncoking both them and the Patriots out of the playoffs.

Yesterday was an interesting day and I was amazed at which teams showed up and which teams shit the bed.

Philly, Denver, New York Jets, Tampa, and Minnesota fans should be sick to their stomachs. All your teams are horribly coached and acted as if they were playing a preseason game and not a game where a playoff game was in the balance.

Philly. Time to say good bye to Reid and McNabb. Enough choking already after eight years.

Denver. Shanahan is a moron. Rode Elway to two Super Bowls since then squat. See ya donkey.

Jets. Favre has been washed up for at least five years and Mangini is just another horrible coach ala Herm Edwards. Thanks for Pennington btw.

Tampa. Watching their offense makes me vomit. Dink and Dump. Dink and Dump. From 9-3 to three straight loses. They still may back door into the playoffs if Philly beats Dallas but it's time for Chucky to go.

Minnesota. Down right awful. 7 fumbles, 4 of which they lost. That kid at QB Jackson flat out sucks. They have no shot to win win him and unless the Giants rest players and gift them the game next week they'll be home again for the playoffs. Let's not mention the biased judge letting all the dopers play out the season.

Don't even get me started on those pussies from Arizona who should have just cancelled the flight to Boston and stayed home. That was an absolute embarrassment and I have no respect for anyone on that team. Not one player gave a fuck about playing in the cold and snow and it was a total unprofessional performance. Bet early and often against them in the playoffs.

Who did show up? Miami of course, Atlanta, and San Diego.

For San Diego to be down 21-3 a week ago to Kansas Shitty then come back and win that, to destroy Tampa and now to have Denver at home and as 9 point favorites for the AFC West Championship. I hate San Diego and all they ghey fans but that team did not quit when their backs were to the wall. They beat Denver then they'll host Indy in the first round of the playoffs which should be a war based on those two teams history. Enjoy the next two weeks at the games Dollarsign and Tina.

Atlanta has to be the 2nd best story in the NFL other than Miami. What a turnaround and that kid Matt Ryan is an absolute stud. They might still wind up with a number 2 seed and a first round bye and they are a team built for the playoffs.

The games should be awesome next week. I can't wait.

Are there any horse racing fans out there? This Friday there will be two huge pick six carryovers. Aquaduct has a carryover of $159,027 that should get bet up over $1M and Hawthorne has a two day carryover of $227,137 which should also get up over $1M. Yes they are longshots but they are worth a couple tickets for life changing money.

Has anybody else put money on Ultimate Bet yet after reading Chad and Hoy kill those DS MTTs. The structures look too awesome and their results have been outstanding. Definitely something to consider.

Been cold and overcast in Vegas and it sucks. I'm used to seeing the sun every day I'm really missing the 80 degrees of Florida right now.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Waffles or Dollarsign

Two days in a row. Wow.

So I'm watching TVG (Horseracing) yesterday and they show the entries for the sixth race at Tampa Down, and I see the #4 horse named The Lady Waffles. One of the announcers likes the horse and at 5:1 so I figure why not. I bet it to win and place then I do an exacta with #4 and all.

Here is what the recap in the chart says. The Lady Waffles set a moderate pace, shook clear in the stretch, then just got caught late.

Second place. So I lose my win and exacta bets but I collect on my place bet and guess what. I broke out even just like Waffles. True story.

Tonight is the finals of the Bodonkey and there are 14 of us with 5000 starting chips and 15 minute levels. Dreadful. I applaud the structure if there were 100 players but with 14 it will be like going to the dentist.

If anyone wants to get their gamble on go here. The max is only $25 which sucks but what I want to know is who is setting the lines? Dollar sign and Waffles are the favorites how fucking funny is that. Of course $ can fold for four hours and win a couple races late with A rag or a small pocket pair so I guess I better not underestimate.

How could anyone not bet on this guy and his record 5th blog at 10:1 I'll never know. $30K in two weeks over on Ultimate Bet is a sick run. Congrats bro. My bet is one of the asshat frat crew wins. Of course it will probably be rigged so that all three of us are at the same table.

I'm gonna take a flyer on Jacksonville plus the points tonight v. Indy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Fixing

Like the NFL, it's obvious this Pro Bowl selection process is fixed too. Brett Favre and Eli Manning to the Pro Bowl? Are you fucking kidding me?

Favre is only the 15th rated QB and he leads the planet in INTs with an embarrassing 17 and I bet 50% of his 3000 yards are on screens and dump offs that get turned into big plays. Let's not mention that team is lucky to be alive after Buffalo fucked that game up beyond belief. Bet on Seattle to knock Jets out of playoff picture on Sunday.

Um, Eli Manning? Oh the 16th rated QB whose team is going right into the tank. How is life without Plaxico going bro?

I'm really looking forward to the last two weeks of the NFL season. Playoff spots are up for grabs and their are a good slate of games this week with major implications.

NY Jets-Seattle

That's right bitches, Miami at Kansas City. If Tony Sparano doesn't make coach of the year than that too is another NFL fixing.

Miami is 9-5 and they've benefited from a very weak schedule but to control their own destiny going in to Week 16 is absolutely amazing. Who else out there hopes the Dolphins play the Jets for the division title Week 17?

I like this time of the year and no not for the holidays but the end of the season NFL leading into the playoffs as well as the college bowl season. Heavy duty football almost every day starting on Saturday.

I saw snow yesterday for the first time in forever. At my house there were quarter sized heavy wet snowflakes for a few hours that thankfully didn't stick. I did see that Summerlin and up by Red Rock they actually had 4 inches of accumulation which I can see out my front window on the Mountain. Amazing. After spending nine days down in Florida I'm for the first time I can remember feeling home sick for the sun, the green, and the beaches. This dreary overcast cold reminds me of growing up in the Midwest and its sucks.

From the trips reports it sounds like everyone had fun as usual. Glad you all enjoyed your stay here in fantastic Las Vegas.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

The WBCOOP is an online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers.

Registration code: 552428