Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Game is Back

As Al mentioned last week the BBT4 kicks off in March and it will start this Sunday with the Big Game.

I tried to get 3000 starting chips, 12 minute levels, blinds beginning at 10/20, which based on past history made for more play, but instead they gave us 5000 starting, 10 miunte levels, blinds beginning at 15/30. This is still a decent structure so with big enough fields we should still get plenty of play.

There are three big games during the BBT4 and to mix things up just a bit, the first and last events are the Super Stacks, and the middle event is a $24+2 (1r +1a). Now this is a slightly different variation to the ones regularly schedulded on FTP so hopefully this will still work out.

For $26 or a Tier I token players start with 1500 chips. Players may rebuy 1 time within the first two levels for $24 (1500 chips), then choose whether they want to do a one time add-on for $24(2000 chips).

Those that play these normally on FTP know you can add-on anytime in the first hour not just the first two levels. Again hopefully it works.

As usual, I thought my idea of 3000 starting chip MTTs with 12 minute levels, then a 1r +1a with 2000 + 2000 + 2500 chips would make for fantastic deep stack structures, FTP opted for faster quicker tourneys, perhaps not realizing the dollar amount of prizes to be given away. Regardless, I tried, although we are indeed playing for big time money once again this year so thanks to FTP and Al for putting this all together.

Here is the Big Game incase anyone wants to sign up early.

Tournament #81289088 (03/01/09) - NLH Super Stack
Tournament #81289230 (04/19/09) - NLH Rebuy
Tournament #81289279 (05/31/09) - NLH Super Stack

Password to all is donkey

Good Luck to all and like a big dysfunctional family, which we truly are, even though we may have our differences and a few fights and altercations along the way to glory, may we still love each other in the end.