Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes, I'm really back

Test, Test, Test, Testing one, two, three, four. Testing, Testing Test.

Seems like it still works.

Peer Pressure has finally gotten to me, that and I'm back into joining the real world.

Not so much poker(some), but all sorts of other things. Stay tuned.

While I miss Vegas I'm very happy to be back in Florida.

Channelling all Hemingway can give me from the Keys! Hope it works.

Oh and to celebrate the "stinking" Phish tour, I haven't showered in four days. Somehow my dog loves me even more than before which I thought was impossible. Although the Atlantic oceans makes my getting longer hair awesome!

Grats to all the bloggers who went deep, deep, deep. Seems as the race is on to win a bracelet. I'll take Waffles at infinitely to one. Anybody giving action?

I got a lot of visitors in Vegas, I hope I get some in South Florida.

Peace out Freaks.