Sunday, January 17, 2010

Super Chargers

Another year, another San Diego Charger choke job.

Must suck being a fan and seeing a fantastic season go down the tubes year after year after year.

J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck. Man I hate the Jets. Yes I'm also jealous.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you didn't lose too much money fading Waffles picks.

Lots to come this week.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is He Out Of His Mind

Hey, what's up? Good weekend on the gridiron with so many blow outs so it will be interesting to see what happens this weekend when the lines are higher and there are suppose to be blow outs. All four wild card winners have been impressive of late (yes even the fucking Jets) so it will be interesting to see if those teams can bring the momentum and pull some upsets.

I doubt there are many readers of this blog left but I'm sure those of you who still visit have wondered a time of two what the hell happened to me. I'm currently residing in Florida and I miss Vegas like crazy particularly after this record two week cold spell we've had here. I'm here for now and I have no idea what the future holds so for now you get me back in the not so exciting (for now) Florida.

I've been wanting to start writing again and since I've been so out of practice I haven't been sure where to start and what to write. I started some stories that detailed my past that got good reception, I had some "interesting" times in Vegas that I have not shared with too many of you, and I'm looking to do something fun and crazy here in Florida going forward that might be interesting to write about so I was thinking that had some options. Well today I think I figured out what I'm going to write about which I think will be interesting to those still around.

I'm going to rob the drug dealers who work a couple blocks from my house and I'm going to detail all the planning stages that goes into that endeavor. Yes, I've always been somewhat of a crazy fucker, who knows maybe some mental illness is mixed in with my fondness of opiates, alcohol, and sex but I do think this is something many will find interesting and it's something I'm no stranger at doing considering my checkered past.

Since this will be somewhat of a process I guess I can link and finish some old stories from years ago that I started on this blog, add a couple Vegas stories, talk about some day to day of what is going now, all as I plan and share a detailed heist with all of you.

Oh disclaimer. If there are any law enforcement officers who happen upon my ramblings, all posts are purely fictional and a figment of my imagination. If any readers recognize any likeness of yourself in my ramblings, it's purely coincidental. :)

I got this crazy idea walking my dog tonight. I'm going to use my skills to study this and to pull it off. Heck with so many detailed maps and satellite images online as well as digital camera I'll be able to show lots more details than even what I write. In life my back is to the wall as I'm like a short stack in late position and it's been folded around to me. I either need to shove or blind out and I'm not sure if I'm all about blinding out anymore. Fuck ya I'm fired up!

The planning starts tomorrow. Shit maybe even the first pictures will be posted then too.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I'm glad to be back.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lucky at...

Losing bet on the Bengals $55
Losing bet on Portland $110
Losing bet on Philly $165

Getting laid on a first date by a very sexy younger woman who loves Kamikazes, insists on picking up the bar tab, who doesn't smoke, and who is sleeping in my bed thoroughly satisfied with a big smile as I write this...PRICELESS.

Hope I get laid again in the morning and that I can also pick some winners and make some money back.

Little does she know another one of my talents will be a fantastic breakfast in bed.

I hate the Jets and the Cowboys.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wildcard Saturday

Saturday January 9th.

Small Play on Cincinnati -2' (2.5)
Medium Play Portland +2' at home v. Gonzaga
Large Play on Philly +4

43 and drizzle here in South Florida. If it weren't for all the green and flowers in bloom I would swear I was back in St. Louis.

Have a good day and enjoy the games.