Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness

Of course no posts for a long while but I have a legitimate excuse this time. I fooled around and fell in love. Not just any kind of love but I'm talking head over heels, heart fluttering, totally consumed, stuff they make movies out of love. Enough about that and yes she feels the same way imagine that. We made one year baby, the first of many.

Some first round stats from the NCAA. All numbers are v. the spread (ATS)
Favorites 5-11 Dogs
Over 9-7 Under
Conferences with one bid 9-2
Big East 0-4
Big XII 1-3
SEC 1-3

So far it's been all about taking the points and going against the power conferences.

I have a few tips for tomorrow and so far my guy has been hot. He nailed the conference tourneys and went 3-1 today with ODU, BYU, and Washington winning and getting killed with UTEP.

20* Game of the Year Purdue -4
5* Temple -4
5* Florida St. -1' ('=.5) so (12' =12.5 or 3'=3.5)
3* Oakland +10'
3* Morgan St. +17'

Did anybody see the game winner from American Clint Dempsey for Fulham? They overcame a 4-1 aggregate v. Italian powerhouse Juventus?

I'm hoping for an exciting run from our beloved USA side during the 2010 World Cup especially now the the lads are getting healthy.