Friday, April 30, 2010

Filler Friday

This is starting to become a regular thing again. I think I'm starting a little slow but I will get into the habit of writing again, and I'll take you into the deepest and darkest reaches of my imagination or my memory as we'll hammer out some sad stories of days gone by. Until then, which won't be too long, enjoy the filler.

I will slide this in real quick. I'm grieving a little bit right now as I've suffered what I hope will only be a temporary loss. We are on a hiatus. It's somewhat mutual, it's somewhat forced, and it's definitely what neither or us wants yet we are on a hiatus. I fell deep and I fell hard. I don't usually fall at all but I fell deep and I fell hard. I'm still convinced there will be a reunion, a full-blown permanent embracing, the passion on both sides is too just great, but in the meantime, it hurts like hell.

Did I really just write that last paragraph and did I really just put it out there for all the world (twenty) to see?

Did that your mama is a HO story die down yet? I haven't gotten to my local reading yet but they are beating that topic to death down here in South Florida. The prediction now is nobody will ever want to play for Parcells or Ireland ever again? Really? Does that include Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall.

Let's talk football for a minute. We'll start with the media darlings the New York Jets. Remember they got gifted a playoff birth last year when they won their last three games after the other teams laid down for the season, then the luckboxed their way into the AFC Championship game and now they are certain Super Bowl contenders.

Somehow everybody thinks they had one of the best drafts in NFL history, graded A++ by all the "experts." Hmmmmmmm. A CB picked at #29, who may be very solid, a project OL from a 1-AA team in the 2nd round, a small undersized RB with no break away speed in the 4th, and a FB in the 5th. Wow, is that really a top-flight draft?

How about the additions they made to their team? Four players that were good or may still be good, all four players with monster egos and potential locker room killers. LaDainian Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, Santonio Holmes, and Antonio Cromartie. These four may have an impact, whether it's positive or negative remains to be seen.

Baltimore, New England, at Miami, at Buffalo, Minnesota are their first five games. A nice 1-4 start, Mark Sanchize throwing picks all over the place, lots of finger pointing and blame, the media jumping all over it, a season lost. You heard it hear first kids.

The greatest two minutes in sports is tomorrow. That's right the Kentucky Derby. It should be a wide open race this year as the heavy favorite, Eskendereya, was scratched due to injury this week and it's certainly worth a couple of wagers trying to hit the trifecta with surely some longshots hitting the board. I've whittled my list down to four and I'll box these together in some fashion. In no particular order.

3- Noble's Promise
4- Super Saver
12- Conveyance
20- Sidney's Candy

I see the forecast is for rain so who knows what effect that will have on all these three-year olds. Either way, my yearly tradition of a vodka on the rocks, splash of cranberry, don't hurt it, and the Derby will take place yet again. Maybe next year we'll watch it together baby, and definitely one year will go see it live.

Baseball, horse racing, NBA playoffs, BBQ, cocktails, on tap for the weekend. Can't go wrong there. I'll also start refreshing my memory on some safe cracking, drug abuse, high speed chases, woman, thievery, and other assorted tales of debauchery that we can tough on in the weeks to come. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls.

2-3 rocks beautiful. He'll be hitting over .300 in no time baby, glad you always stayed positive and supportive.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your Mama is a HO

Is your mother a prostitute? That is the question.

If you follow sports at all I'm sure you've heard about this issue by now. Apparently Jeff Ireland, General Manager of the Miami Dolphins, asked Dez Bryant whether or not his mother was a prostitute during an interview with the much troubled WR out of Oklahoma St.

Here is the article that was first reported by Yahoo sports yesterday.

Now I'm certainly one who thinks that this country has been pussified and that nobody can say what they feel anymore less it be deemed insensitive and that it may hurt somebody's feelings. Now I can see where in certain instances perhaps sensitivity is the appropriate course of action, or maybe the better course is to not say anything period, and I can see where this might be a major fuck up in some sort of corporate environment, or work related function, but when it comes down to either the entertainment industry or professional sports, sensitivity does not apply.

Was the question in poor interest? Probably? Should the whole country be up in arms because of this? I think not.

This is the National Football League. This is a team doing it's research to draft a player directly from college and they are going to give him $30 million of guaranteed money. The chance this kid succeeds and the team gets its return on investment is maybe 50% at best, I think the team has a right to pry and research and investigate the potential player in any way they see fit.

And the bottom line is that Dez Bryant's mom bore him at fifteen years old, she has admitted to being a crack addict on and off for the past twenty years, she has spent time in prison for drug related offenses, she did abandon Dez multiple times as a child, yet Ireland is not allowed to ask Bryant any questions about his upbringing including whether or not his mom was a HO?

This should be a non-issue. I'm going to pay you $30Million than I can ask you any question I want. You don't like it tough shit. You can't handle a General Manager asking you questions like this, what are you going to do on Sunday when the opposing teams starting CB is standing across the line of scrimmage screaming that your mama is a Ho?

Now Ireland came out with the tough question but apparently 27 other teams agreed because Bryant, a top five rated player, fell all the way to #27 where he was picked up by the renegade Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. You want to be in the big boy league, in the big boy city, you better be ready for the big boy tough questions.

Miss you and thinking about you baby.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Tough Ending

I did it again. I ran AA into TT and was sent to the rail in 36th place instead of being the chipleader. Sorry to disappoint but still no rants from me despite the major frustration of playing excellent poker only to take a massive beat at a critical juncture. I still don't know who won the two seats as I gave the gl all, then quickly signed off FTP and closed down the computer. So the scorecard reads AA < 99, QQ < 99, and AA < TT AIPF.

The three day NFL draft was quite the spectacle. I do like how they drag this thing out now as I like drafting just the first round, regroup, study more tape, work the phones, come back for two more rounds, do it again, draft for rounds 3-7.

Miami's draft is consistently being graded at C- and lots of fans down here are disappointed because they thought the team had certain needs that Parcells and Co. disagreed with and the message boards and call in shows were hysterical to read and listen to. I understand, but don't agree with, youngsters and the whole immediately gratification of society as a whole anymore but to have a huge majority of fans doubt Bill Parcells is laughable. His track record speaks for itself, his blueprint for success has been laid out for years, he's sticks to the plan and draft BPA and does not reach for needs, and he puts out big, strong, tough, versatile, high motor players, and teams that win. So stfu, trust in what he does based on experience, and realize what you think the team needs may not be what the big man thinks the team needs.

Anyway, IMO if you can get 3 starters and at least a couple rotation/special team players than the draft is successful. Miami was graded C- last year and they got 3 starters, a potential starter for this year, plus thee depth and special teamers so by my grading that equals A+.

Now for this year, and I included two players we got from Denver Brandon Marshall and Tim Dobbins, whom were traded for picks with the draft class, right now I see potentially freakin' eight guys who are going to come and contribute to this team immediately in Week One.

Brandon Marshall WR -starter superstar.
Tim Dobbins ILB- potential starter/special teams demon

1. Jared Odrick RDE – starter/rotation DE and DT in pass situations
2. Koa Misi SOLB- starter/special team demon
3. John Jerry LG- potential starter/rotation
4. AJ Edds ILB- depth/special teams
5a. Nolan Carroll CB- nickel back/rotation/special teams
5b. Reshad Jones S- potential starter FS/SS, special teams

So I'm seeing this as a fantastic draft and if it pans out as I'm hopeful than we will have a solid team and it should be an extremely tough battle with the Jets and Pats for supremacy in the best conference in football, the AFC East. Bring on the NFL baby.

Hey Mike. Did you have a good weekend?

I miss you beautiful. I'm glad we got some things defined baby even though they are not all to my liking. Stay strong and good luck on your journey for truth and self discovery. Remember open arms.

See you all tonight at 10pm edt.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Classic Powerball Winner

Interesting evening as the NFL draft took it's game to Prime Time. I've always been a NFL Draft fan and I can remember back in the mid to late 70s listening to KMOX radio in St. Louis and the hour long draft recap with the original draft guru, the late Joel Bushbaum. Now it's a three day showcase, aired in prime time with eight hour pre-draft shows. Absolutely amazing.

As for the Dolphins, I like the trade down with San Diego picking up an excellent slot to get a starting player #40 and also recouping the #43 pick we gave up for Brandon Marshall. Add in a special teams demon and ILB Tim Dobbins, who might even have a chance to beat the overrated and unproductive starter Channing Crowder and I give an A+ for the trade.

Now the pick of Jared Odrick DT from Penn St. at #28 was a bit of a surprise as scouts look at him to be a five technique DE in Miami's 3-4 defensive scheme and that is easily the strongest unit on the team. After digesting the pick over night I do think the pick will work as I'm sure they had this kid as the highest rated player on their board since they did pass on need and passed on Jerry Hughes and Sergio Kindle.

Odrick gives Miami more rotation possibilities, he can play DE on early downs and he can provide an inside pass rush on passing downs. The jury is out on whether he can eventually be a full time NT but I'm sure he will get worked out at that position as well. So as far as taking best player available and building to a strength I'm okay with this pick.

Today for rounds two and three I'm hoping we can get that pass rushing OLB, Sergio Kindle would work, then the best player available at TE, Safety, or Nose Tackle in the third.

My favorite pick of the draft was from purely a perfect fit as a person pick, Brian Bulaga OT Iowa. Dude has that massive block head, old school crew cut, that good old boy smile, and really just a humble and shy kid for being 6'5 and 320 pounds. If you needed a kid to play the part of an Iowa farmboy/OT Central Casting would immediately give you this exact kid He slides in the draft a little and winds up staying in the midwest and going to Green Bay with the 23rd pick. He was excited as hell about going to Green Bay and he loves the cold so I was cracking up because Bulaga is the perfect fit for that team.

Okay now there is no way I can make this up but here is a picture of your $258 million powerball winner.

I swear I'm not making this up. The guy had $28.96 in his bank account and was sweating how he was going to pay this electric and gas bill. Here is the article from the Sun Sentinel with all the details.

Have a good weekend all.

I love you beautiful!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft Day and Mookie 7th

Had a nice run to the Final table in THE MOOKIE but flamed out when my QQ ran into 99 AIPF and instead of being the cheap leader I went to the rail in 7th place. I busted Monday night when I ran AA into 99 so if you happen to have 99 when you are playing me, well prepare for the set and getting all my chips.

This is the first hand that got me going. I believe the blinds were 25/50 at this point.

On the turn there was a bet, Wes re-raised, then I re-raised again and called Wes' shove. No way I'm folding this OESF draw, it's either get a bunch of chips or go home early and I hit the straight flush on the river. From there I went on a big run, winning some huge pots including winning with AA over KK that had me in the chip lead with about 50 players left.

Oh well, it was a good run and I really thought I was going to win my 7th Mookie but they dreaded QQ was again my demise. Nice to see 122 runners out last night too. Was that the biggest Mookie of all time? I'm thinking yes.

Today begins what used to be one of my favorite day although it's now turned into a three day prime time extravaganza which is the NFL Draft. I love all the hype and I'll be tuned into the seven hour pre-draft special all day long on NFL Network. I will say that the NFL Network coverage of the draft is about 8000% percent better than ESPN and if you have NFL Network and you are a draftnik like myself I would certainly suggest giving it a go over ESPN. NFL Network blows ESPN and Chris "Fucking Retire Already" Berman and Mel "Helmet Head" Kiper. Mike Mayock and Charley Casserly are fantastic and they blow the ESPN loudmouths away.

I'm hoping Miami is able to trade down later into the first tound so they can recoup the second round pick they traded to Denver for superstud WR Brandon Marshall. I'm hearing some word that it might be with Philly who wants to move up and they also have two second round picks so that might make the most sense for both teams. I do think Miami will draft a pass rushing OLB with their first round pick as they now need to replace Joey Porter and the phony diva Jason Taylor who signed with J-E-T-S suck suck suck.

Here's my thoughts on the first twelve picks on how things will shape up.

1. St Louis Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma- Rams passed on QB last two years and they go with the top rated QB

2. Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska- seems Detroit can't go wrong picking up either DT but they go with Suh. Detroit has totally rebuilt their DL this off season and it should be a strength on that team as early as next year.

3. Tampa Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma- McCoy is the perfect fit for what I think is an outdated Tampa 2 defense. He's a quick one gap DT who can also rush the passer. Another Warren Sapp perhaps.

4. Washington Trent Williams OT Oklahoma- Williams is the surpise pick as he's the first OT taken off the board over Okung. Holy shit though, Oklahoma has three of the top four picks. How did they never win a National Championship.

5. Kansas City Eric Berry S Tennessee- KC can go OT here but I think there is too much value here for the Chiefs to pass up.

6. Seattle Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St- Seattle fills a major need on an OT that many have as the top rated.

7. Cleveland Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech- Browns can go a lot of ways here but I think they take Morgan a highly rated DE from Georgia Tech who can play stand-up OLB in the 3-4. Kyle Wilson CB could be the surprise pick here as well.

8. Oakland Mike Iupati G Idaho- Raiders will always make a surprise pick and I think they go with easily the top rated interior lineman. An OT is probably the better way to go but we all know Al Davis has what's left of a mind of his own.

9. Buffalo Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa- a QB may be an option here but I think they go with the OT from Iowa.

10.Jacksonville CJ Spiller RB Clemson- a surprise pick here as most have them going with one of the DEs.

11. Denver Rolando McClain ILB Alabama- many think Dez Bryant goes here but I don't think Denver wants another diva WR after dumping Marshall so they go with a solid LB who also fills a need.

12.Miami- I really hope this is a trade down to pick up a second or third round pick but if they are unable to do that I think without a doubt the pick is an OLB for the 3-4. Many of the Dolphin fans are calling for Earl Thomas S Texas to be the pick as it fills a huge need with a talented player but I just can't see Parcells selecting a safety this early in Round One. There are a handful of players who could fill this need at OLB so which one the do select is the mystery. Derrick Morgan if he falls could be an option as well as Sergio Kindle Texas, Jason Pierre-Paul South Florida, Brandon Graham Michigan but when they finally make the pick I think they make a big surprise and select Jerry Hughes OLB TCU.

Hughes is top flight edge pass rusher but also appears to have the size/speed combo to also hold the edge v. the run as well as being able to drop back into pass coverage. I see Hughes being able to make a smooth transition from hand on the ground DE to stand-up 3-4 OLB with the proper coaching from a fantastic coaching staff and becoming an instant starter opposite Cameron Wake as those two replace the old and tired Joey Porter and Jason Taylor. Add in Channing Crowder and top free agent pick up Karlos Dansby and Miami's LB corp will become an instant strength.

I'm fired up and can't wait for the fun to begin.

I miss you already baby. Be strong beautiful.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Glad that the BBT is back. After some confusion and an old email address I got everything squared away with Al and got added to the Invitational with the last wave of players. Unfortunately I ran good early and like shit late and went out with the ugly AJ losing to 99 and coming in 19th place. Congrats to JJ and Maigrey for securing the first two TOC seats.

This should be an interesting event with only 24 players qualifying to the TOC, (provided no multiple winners) so the pressure to win something is right there from the door. I know missing the BBT3 TOC sucked ass when I didn't qualify so hopefully I can knock the rust off what little of a tournament game I did have and I can win myself a seat.

I look forward to seeing some of the old faces back for the BBT5 and I do think this short and sweet 18 event qualifier should keep the rants and fights to a minimum. I know I've tried not to be a D-Bag since I've stepped away from poker for most of the last year so don't expect any epic rants from me anymore. I'm really a nice guy most of the time and I know there are more important things than poker so my idea is to have fun but the competitive fire will still burn bright so I hope like hell I can win a seat.

Major league baseball, NBA playoffs, the NFL draft, I like this time of the year. I'm stoked Miami went out and got Brandon Marshall last week and I know I'm already looking forward to the NFL season in September. The schedules will be announced tomorrow so that's always an interesting event in mapping out and predicting how the season may go. Add the three day draft coverage and I can get my football fix in Mid-April.