Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Tough Ending

I did it again. I ran AA into TT and was sent to the rail in 36th place instead of being the chipleader. Sorry to disappoint but still no rants from me despite the major frustration of playing excellent poker only to take a massive beat at a critical juncture. I still don't know who won the two seats as I gave the gl all, then quickly signed off FTP and closed down the computer. So the scorecard reads AA < 99, QQ < 99, and AA < TT AIPF.

The three day NFL draft was quite the spectacle. I do like how they drag this thing out now as I like drafting just the first round, regroup, study more tape, work the phones, come back for two more rounds, do it again, draft for rounds 3-7.

Miami's draft is consistently being graded at C- and lots of fans down here are disappointed because they thought the team had certain needs that Parcells and Co. disagreed with and the message boards and call in shows were hysterical to read and listen to. I understand, but don't agree with, youngsters and the whole immediately gratification of society as a whole anymore but to have a huge majority of fans doubt Bill Parcells is laughable. His track record speaks for itself, his blueprint for success has been laid out for years, he's sticks to the plan and draft BPA and does not reach for needs, and he puts out big, strong, tough, versatile, high motor players, and teams that win. So stfu, trust in what he does based on experience, and realize what you think the team needs may not be what the big man thinks the team needs.

Anyway, IMO if you can get 3 starters and at least a couple rotation/special team players than the draft is successful. Miami was graded C- last year and they got 3 starters, a potential starter for this year, plus thee depth and special teamers so by my grading that equals A+.

Now for this year, and I included two players we got from Denver Brandon Marshall and Tim Dobbins, whom were traded for picks with the draft class, right now I see potentially freakin' eight guys who are going to come and contribute to this team immediately in Week One.

Brandon Marshall WR -starter superstar.
Tim Dobbins ILB- potential starter/special teams demon

1. Jared Odrick RDE – starter/rotation DE and DT in pass situations
2. Koa Misi SOLB- starter/special team demon
3. John Jerry LG- potential starter/rotation
4. AJ Edds ILB- depth/special teams
5a. Nolan Carroll CB- nickel back/rotation/special teams
5b. Reshad Jones S- potential starter FS/SS, special teams

So I'm seeing this as a fantastic draft and if it pans out as I'm hopeful than we will have a solid team and it should be an extremely tough battle with the Jets and Pats for supremacy in the best conference in football, the AFC East. Bring on the NFL baby.

Hey Mike. Did you have a good weekend?

I miss you beautiful. I'm glad we got some things defined baby even though they are not all to my liking. Stay strong and good luck on your journey for truth and self discovery. Remember open arms.

See you all tonight at 10pm edt.


At 3:00 PM, Blogger Chad C said...

Brandon Marshall for two 2nd rounders IS A DRAFT ALL ALONE! Random NFL donk fans don't understand how few elite WRs there are in the NFL. I would bet what, 1/20 are even good at any point in their careers? WR is one of the most classic bust positions in drafts as well (see teddy ginn, david terrell, braylon edwards, mike williams, roy williams, charles rogers, god I could go all day). So you get a playmaker WR, a sure fire DE starter and maybe NT pass rusher, and even if nobody else pans out that is helluva draft! Oh, and FUCKING CARLOS DANSBY the best FA available probably, waaaahhhhhh random QB loving NFL donk fans, waaaahhhhhhhh


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