Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft Day and Mookie 7th

Had a nice run to the Final table in THE MOOKIE but flamed out when my QQ ran into 99 AIPF and instead of being the cheap leader I went to the rail in 7th place. I busted Monday night when I ran AA into 99 so if you happen to have 99 when you are playing me, well prepare for the set and getting all my chips.

This is the first hand that got me going. I believe the blinds were 25/50 at this point.

On the turn there was a bet, Wes re-raised, then I re-raised again and called Wes' shove. No way I'm folding this OESF draw, it's either get a bunch of chips or go home early and I hit the straight flush on the river. From there I went on a big run, winning some huge pots including winning with AA over KK that had me in the chip lead with about 50 players left.

Oh well, it was a good run and I really thought I was going to win my 7th Mookie but they dreaded QQ was again my demise. Nice to see 122 runners out last night too. Was that the biggest Mookie of all time? I'm thinking yes.

Today begins what used to be one of my favorite day although it's now turned into a three day prime time extravaganza which is the NFL Draft. I love all the hype and I'll be tuned into the seven hour pre-draft special all day long on NFL Network. I will say that the NFL Network coverage of the draft is about 8000% percent better than ESPN and if you have NFL Network and you are a draftnik like myself I would certainly suggest giving it a go over ESPN. NFL Network blows ESPN and Chris "Fucking Retire Already" Berman and Mel "Helmet Head" Kiper. Mike Mayock and Charley Casserly are fantastic and they blow the ESPN loudmouths away.

I'm hoping Miami is able to trade down later into the first tound so they can recoup the second round pick they traded to Denver for superstud WR Brandon Marshall. I'm hearing some word that it might be with Philly who wants to move up and they also have two second round picks so that might make the most sense for both teams. I do think Miami will draft a pass rushing OLB with their first round pick as they now need to replace Joey Porter and the phony diva Jason Taylor who signed with J-E-T-S suck suck suck.

Here's my thoughts on the first twelve picks on how things will shape up.

1. St Louis Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma- Rams passed on QB last two years and they go with the top rated QB

2. Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska- seems Detroit can't go wrong picking up either DT but they go with Suh. Detroit has totally rebuilt their DL this off season and it should be a strength on that team as early as next year.

3. Tampa Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma- McCoy is the perfect fit for what I think is an outdated Tampa 2 defense. He's a quick one gap DT who can also rush the passer. Another Warren Sapp perhaps.

4. Washington Trent Williams OT Oklahoma- Williams is the surpise pick as he's the first OT taken off the board over Okung. Holy shit though, Oklahoma has three of the top four picks. How did they never win a National Championship.

5. Kansas City Eric Berry S Tennessee- KC can go OT here but I think there is too much value here for the Chiefs to pass up.

6. Seattle Russell Okung OT Oklahoma St- Seattle fills a major need on an OT that many have as the top rated.

7. Cleveland Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech- Browns can go a lot of ways here but I think they take Morgan a highly rated DE from Georgia Tech who can play stand-up OLB in the 3-4. Kyle Wilson CB could be the surprise pick here as well.

8. Oakland Mike Iupati G Idaho- Raiders will always make a surprise pick and I think they go with easily the top rated interior lineman. An OT is probably the better way to go but we all know Al Davis has what's left of a mind of his own.

9. Buffalo Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa- a QB may be an option here but I think they go with the OT from Iowa.

10.Jacksonville CJ Spiller RB Clemson- a surprise pick here as most have them going with one of the DEs.

11. Denver Rolando McClain ILB Alabama- many think Dez Bryant goes here but I don't think Denver wants another diva WR after dumping Marshall so they go with a solid LB who also fills a need.

12.Miami- I really hope this is a trade down to pick up a second or third round pick but if they are unable to do that I think without a doubt the pick is an OLB for the 3-4. Many of the Dolphin fans are calling for Earl Thomas S Texas to be the pick as it fills a huge need with a talented player but I just can't see Parcells selecting a safety this early in Round One. There are a handful of players who could fill this need at OLB so which one the do select is the mystery. Derrick Morgan if he falls could be an option as well as Sergio Kindle Texas, Jason Pierre-Paul South Florida, Brandon Graham Michigan but when they finally make the pick I think they make a big surprise and select Jerry Hughes OLB TCU.

Hughes is top flight edge pass rusher but also appears to have the size/speed combo to also hold the edge v. the run as well as being able to drop back into pass coverage. I see Hughes being able to make a smooth transition from hand on the ground DE to stand-up 3-4 OLB with the proper coaching from a fantastic coaching staff and becoming an instant starter opposite Cameron Wake as those two replace the old and tired Joey Porter and Jason Taylor. Add in Channing Crowder and top free agent pick up Karlos Dansby and Miami's LB corp will become an instant strength.

I'm fired up and can't wait for the fun to begin.

I miss you already baby. Be strong beautiful.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

nice run man. gl Sunday.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Champ said...

Good playing last night.


The Serial "Commentor" :P

At 1:33 PM, Blogger BWoP said...

UGH. What is it with QQ and you???

Nice to see you at the tables again.

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