Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So the Super Bowl is going to New York? If that is not the dumbest shit I ever heard. I can only hope for a monster Nor'easter to hit the area, close all the airports, and to wreak havoc on all the festivities.

While on New York, and as a Miami Dolphin fan, it's obvious I hate the Jets so I'll give you some good reading about how the Jets ownership is dumb, continually fucking their fans, and a total low class outfit. So you got the first class Giants and no class Jets. Are the fans divided along those lines too?

Anyway, the Jet's have 17,000 PSLs still left to sell, and if they don't sell them all of their games will be blacked out in the New York area. What a total embarrassment that would be.

Here is some more good reading about the draft parties the Giants and the Jets had. Now will finish it off with screwing the fans ever more on the parking issues.

The New York Jets... no class baby.

Okay it's Wednesday how about a story.

So I drove down to the South Side, around the Jefferson and Chippewa area, and started my life as a booster. I stopped at this flop house that would be home for the next couple months that belonged to a life long addict who went by Two Liter. Well it didn't belong to him, he was allowed to sleep in the basement and he had no access to the main floor of the house but recently his step father had died and his mother was in the hospital on her death bed too so Two Liter had taken over the house. Staying with him was his cousin Bobby who would make up the third person on our crew.

So I picked them up, we went and copped some dope, and started working. Now I had some experience in crime, but nothing had me prepared for being a full time booster. These guys were going to show me the ropes on how to make it on the street as a heroin addict, how to make money, what to steal, who the fences were, what each fence bought, how to spot security, where to park, planning exits, and how to think on your feet in the heat was on. Man talk about exciting, I was fired up.

Now my buddy Drunken Pete from earlier stories had been a booster for a long time and in the past I had driven him around as he stole bottles of booze that we would sell to bar owners down in the scary North side. My role here had consisted of driving but at times it was also to distract. Say we'd go into Walgreens, I'd go the person at the counter and start asking them questions about the high priced bottles then kept behind the counter. I'd have them take some bottles down saying I needed to by a gift for a bachelor party or some other shit, I'd quiz them about the bottle, why did it cost so much, and while I did that Pete would slip in and put three .750 mls. into his waist band and walk out the door. If the place looked really good, I'd keep talking to the oblivious clerk and Pete would come back in and take three more bottles.

We do this for a while, hitting a bunch of different stores until we had enough to head in. We got paid $8 a bottle from the crooked bar owners so the goal was to get 20 bottles, make $160, head to the dealer, get enough for two hits, then take the rest of the money and put $10 in the gas tank and then go spend $6 or $8 on the dollar menu at Wendy's or Mc Donald's. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday or a Sunday, I'd get my dope free for the weekend then I'd be home on Sunday night ready for the next week or work.

With Two Liter and Bobby we took that to a whole new level. They were on to about ten different capers which was good because we could mix up what we did and not burn out the scam so we could keep on getting paid for as long as possible. These guys had a bunch of different things we could get in order to make money and it blew me away how easy it was to get and to make money on things I'd never even consider stealing.

Now you have to remember this was the mid 90's so being a booster was much easier than I imagine it is today. Not as much security, not as many security cameras, cash register systems weren't all computerized so you didn't get put on black lists like I'm sure they do today. Really stores were not up to speed on how to protect their merchandise and they must have just wrote it off then, not caring what they lost or who knows maybe they had the loses budgeted in.

Meat, booze, cigarettes, silverware, computer software, baseball cards, clothes, cabinet handles, Roundup, on and on the list went.I started off by just driving those two from store to store, then to the fences, then to the dope man. Soon after I became a return guy, which was when certain places would take merchandise back without receipts, I was a new face and I didn't at that point look like a junkie so I could get away with it easier. Eventually wanting to learn how to actually boost the goods and again because I was a fresh face with the stores and their security, I was taught how to actually get the goods.

At first I would just shadow Two Liter or Bobby when they went into a store. They taught me the routes in and out of the stores, what exactly I was going to boost, where in the store I was going to put the merchandise into my waist ban, how to act cool walking out of the store with the goods on me. I'd been running with these guys for a few months now and we'd been running schemes every single day but the heat was starting to get after those two and it was time to mix things up so the next logical step was for me to be the booster. I'd done enough follows and now it was finally time for me to do my first boost.

I got an easy one. This one took money something drug addicts couldn't hold onto for long but for some reason at this point we had the money tucked away to pull this caper off. What it involved was stealing the product then going back in and buying the same product with cash. What I was going to boost were cabinet handles, that's right cabinet handles. Cabinet handles came in a variety of styles and price ranges but most of them had a conventional two inch gap between where they were fastened to a drawer or cabinet. Stuff 20 handles in your pockets and walk right out the door. Easy as pie right. Off to Lowe's or Home Depot, or Central Hardware we went.

So in I go not following Bobby or Two Liter, I'm all by my lonesome. I had to the back of the store, out of the way where they have the handles. I'm looking around casually, not drawing any attention like I've been taught. It's early afternoon the store is kind of empty, and heck, you can never find a clerk when you need one right? There is nobody around, nobody following me, I'm just a construction worker coming in to buy some handles for the cabinets I'm installing this afternoon.

I find a nice looking handle for the $8.00, I open the drawer, yup, gotta be about 100 in there, plenty to steal and to buy. I look around quick, nobody even near me, not a worker, not another customer, it's just me. My heart is thumping slightly, but for the most part I'm calm as can be considering this is my first time at this. I count out ten and put them on top of the box that encloses all the containers of handles. I count out another ten and just leave them in my right hand. I scoop off the other ten into my left hand, take one more look around, cost is clear, my mouth gets a tad bit dry, my heart rate picks up slightly, my hands shake a tiny bit, one more look around, nothing, and I shove both hands into my oversized front pockets and drop the handles in.

I have on an untucked shirt that easily hides the pockets. The pockets are baggy enough that they easily hide the bulk of the handles. I turn and head toward the door taking a different route from my way in. I cut down one aisle making sure I'm not being followed. I get to the end of the aisle, make a right, walk down the main cross aisle, then head down a different aisle. Nope nobody following at all. I get to the front, I don't see any managers, any security, or any workers for that matter other than the check out clerks. I ease between two check out clerks, get to the front door, they automatically open, I walk out then....

....Nothing. Nothing happens. I casually walk over to the car, we don't see anybody after us, I let out a great big sigh and it was done. That fucking easy. I get a nice job man, way to go, how was it, and just that quick it's over. I walked in took the handles, walked out, all told took maybe 90 seconds. Man was that easy. The adrenaline started flowing and I started to really enjoy what I had just down. I was getting that rush man. Wow, life was so fucking good. Boosting, no job, no rules, make some money, shoot some dope, man, life is fucking good.

Anyway here is how the rest of the next ninety minutes of so works out. It won't be long before all three of us do get four caps a piece, which will be a real nice nod. Maybe we'll cop and go into Forest Park and sit in the shade, and watch the regular people play golf, of bike ride, or jog, or have picnics, doing whatever it is real people do.

So then the next guy writes down the SCU number of the handle, goes in and gets twenty, goes through the checkout and buys the 20 handles for cash. Say we got $8 handles that meant $160 plus sales tax of 6% so $169.60. Take the handles, the receipt and walk right out the door.

We'd wait for about thirty minutes, call the store up and say I'm Dick Hertz from Dumbass Construction and my guy was just in the store thirty minutes ago and he bought the some cabinet handles but he bought two inch handles and we'd already had the drawers and cabinets pre-drilled for 3 inches handles and we need to return these. As a safety we make sure the store doesn't carry 3 inch handles just in case they try to get you to exchange them. Nice right, always thinking ahead. So we go back to the store, we make a big tear in the bag and walk up to the exchange counter, telling the clerk we called, the manager said to bring them in.

She asks for the receipt which, oh shit, we must have lost with ripping the bag open. The clerk says, "well with no receipt I'll have to call my manager for approval." Now the manager come over and of course no receipt so he starts talking about no cash back without a receipt and here you lay it on thick. "Look sir, I'm the guy that just called, I was just in the store 30 minutes ago, I went through cashier lane number 4, that woman right there took my money. It was only thirty minutes ago...she'll tell you."

Sure as shit and it never failed, the manager walks over to the clerk, asks if she remembers this guy,

"Yes I do,"

"Do you remember what he bought?"

"Cabinet handles maybe?"


"Yes I think he paid cash,"

Then the manager pull out the receipt roll from the register, unrolls it back, and yup there it is in black and white, 20 cabinet handles, $169.60, paid in cash.

"Okay sir, sorry about all that, you'd be surprised at the lengths people go through to commit fraud here. Please try to save all receipts as it makes this process much easier. Luckily we were able to look at the tape and see that you were here and because of that I'm able to give you your cash back. If not I would have had to issue you a store credit. I hope you understand."

"Well thank you sir, it was just a mix up, my guy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed if you know what I mean, pun intended, hahahaha....have a good day."

Back in the car, we drive down the road to the next Home Depot or whichever store it was where we got the handles, walk in, give the stolen handles and the receipt to the clerk, collect the $169.60 and off we go. Not a bad score for about 90 minutes time.

There you go folks. First story I've blasted out in a while. Let's hope I can stay on schedule and keep them coming every Wednesday. If you have anything you want to me to write about let me know, if I did it, I'll have a story about it.

Good luck to everybody in the Mookie tonight. Last chance for a TOC seat.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Riding a Bike

Wow, you can say I'm slightly out of shape. I rejoined the gym I used to belong to last time I lived in Florida and at least I'm smart enough to start off slow. I do plan on working out in either the mid mornings or late afternoons though. Yup, lots of hotties, not too many dudes, plus easy access to the machines, great combo actually. That and the fact those are the times I mostly spent long hours with my beautiful baby so I think that will help with the transition of moving on.(yes I'm struggling) Heck, maybe I'll even try some yoga as I saw about fifteen hotties coming out of the class when I was in there today.

Gym, beach, some rocking South Florida happy hours, golf, live poker, should keep me busy. Toss in a date or two and I'll be good to go in no time.

BBT is coming to an end and unless I somehow donk my way to a Mookie win, well I'll eliminated for the shot at 10K. If you are in the TOC good luck and hopefully one of the asshats can come through again and win the big prize. As for poker, I'm back to being all about the cash games and I better be because it's how I'm going to pay the bills. I'll take a shot at some MTTs every now and then but I'm going to stick to where I play my best and win. Back to grinder status and with Florida starting real poker on July 1, 2010 I look forward to hitting the felt in full force, taking down some of those retirees pensions and some of those tourist dollars. Once I do start grinding full time I'll keep all of you up-to-date on how I'm running.

This blog has been boring I know, and I haven't delivered any of the promised stories as of yet, so maybe what I can do is one day a week put together a story from the past and the other days you'll get poker exploits, dating/happy hour stories as I delve into the South Florida meat market, (perhaps pics included) and also some sports and sports betting. Maybe all of that will liven this place up somewhat.

USA-Czech Republic friendly tonight in a tune up for World Cup 2010, which I cannot start soon enough. I'm not sure how many of you are fans but I love soccer. Maybe it was from being raised in the soccer hot bed of St Louis and playing it as a youth and also playing in some highly competitive adult leagues throughout my 20s. I follow the US men's national team of course, I'm a huge fan of the English Premier League with Fulham being the club I support, and I also follow MLS and yes even college soccer. So I can't wait to watch World Cup 2010 and I can't wait to wager on World Cup 2010. Once the games start I'll post some picks on here in case anybody is looking to make a little coin during the month long extravaganza.

Nice. Phone just rang and that was one of my boys and it looks like Happy Hour is on for tonight. I doubt I'm ready to go get knee deep in some strange just yet because of this heart broken thing but hey I can get back out there and see how it plays out right. See if I still got that gift of gab with all the hotties and I'm sure it's like riding a bike right, you never forget how.

Big week for the Cardinals as the travel to San Diego to take on the surprise team of baseball, then back to Wrigley for the first series of the year against the Cubs. Brad Penny went on the DL and now it looks like Kyle Lohse will be joining him so the Cards might have three rookies in the starting rotation for the first time in probably forever. Hopefully the bats wake up and we can have a winning road trip.

I'm going to try hard to make Wednesday story day. I'm going to set some time aside today and knock most of it out so I can take you all on a ride tomorrow. I've narrowed it down to the first stolen car high speed chase, the first safe cracking, or the simple first day of professional shoplifting. I'll give it some thought and see which way my motivation takes me.

Oh and I'm glad to say I missed out on the night time soap opera called Lost. I know many of you did enjoy it so I hope you won't be too sad now that it's over and that maybe something else will catch your attention. Try some Breaking Bad, it's the best show I've seen on TV since The Wire and other than last Sunday's episode it keeps getting better and better, and unlike Lost it's based on Real Life shit and not some make believe soap opera. Give it a shot donks.

That is all for today. I hope you didn't fall asleep reading unless you really needed a nap.


Monday, May 17, 2010


I've been doing a lot of reflecting the last week or so, taking looks back, playing the what if game, trying to chart a path going forward, contemplating, trying to make sense of it, and it all comes down to I'm not the sure what.

Although it doesn't seem it, it was fifteen years ago that, I basically gave up and threw what little of a life I had away. I can remember the freedom I felt when I finally said fuck it and quit my job, my family, my friends, and my life, and lived on the streets chasing drugs, stealing for a living, and not even pretending like I gave a shit.

It's amazing where we can sometimes find freedom, and my freedom finally came from no longer carrying or worrying, shutting down my feelings and emotions, and for the first time in my life really just letting go. I had a functioning car, registered and legal, which made me a valuable asset in the freedom I was about to pursue. I hooked up with some long time addicts, as their driver, riding them all over the St. Louis area so they could boost (shoplift) getting a percentage of whatever was made. We drove around all day, stealing what we could, getting high four or five times a day, crashing in a flop house or the drug and hooker motel, not a fucking care in the world.

I didn't think about the job at UPS that I walked away from after seven years, I didn't think about my family or whatever worry they might have had not knowing if I was dead or alive month after month, I had forgotten about my square friends, you know the ones that only drank too much and smoked too much weed, and I took to freedom on the road like I'd finally found my calling in life. My brain was shut off, I was totally living in the moment, the only care I had was the next boost or the next fix, nothing further ahead than that. I was young, wild, and free.

I feel as if I'm back to that point again fifteen years later. No, I'm not ready to give up what little I have to go back out and live a life of drugs on the street, but I'm looking again for that freedom I had fifteen years ago, and again, four years ago when I moved to Vegas, when I just didn't think past today, and I didn't look back at the past, and I just let go, turned off my brain, and lived in freedom.

Anyway with all that said, I know I promised some stories from the past, so maybe just maybe we'll go back to this era, where some unbelievable shit happened, some good, mostly bad, but definitely what you donks are looking for.


BBT 5 sucks ass, as did the MFTOPS ME. In the last three BBT events I never got more than 4000 chips, had shit for cards, couldn't hit a flop if I did raise, and was getting called my stations left and right. Disaster right! So what happens is my stack dwindles down, and I make some risky play in the hopes of doubling or going home. No sense playing that short stack ninja shit when only 1 or 2 players win TOC seats, and there are no points to fold to so fuck it, me go home before two hours if me have no cards and no chips.

In the MFTOPS ME we started with 7500 and I think I peaked at 8800. I was three seats to the left of this Italian maniac who was reraising anybody that opened before him and I was waiting to set a trap and get his ass. I floated him a couple times and was able to push him off hands but finally after having only one pocket pair in the first two and a half hours my chance came.

A big aggro stack raised in EP, and super donk Eye talian, does he customary reraise. I find JJ in the small blind and shove. The open raise was for 400, the reraise was to 1100 and I shipped about 6200 and felt damn good about it. The opener folded, and the super donk snap calls with 88. Needless to say an 8 on the river and instead of being up 13K (avg was about 10K) I went home. FML.

I do love playing those slow structure events, 7500 chips 12 minute levels, donks everywhere, but the suckout factor is extremely high but if you can avoid them early and build some chips, and are patient one can go far. Oh well, we'll try again in all the Mini-WSOP events Full Tilt will be running along side the WSOP.

The tournament was funny last night, my boy Chad was directly to my left and there must have been ten times nobody opened and it was a blind v. blind battle. We were showing down shit like 52 beating 43, 74 beating 23, and on and on. I did get TT once no action, and he once in the BB gets AA and nothing, it's folded around to him. Sucked balls.

I do look forward to when Florida gets real poker on July 1. I plan on playing a lot of live cash games and I'm going to bust my ass to build a big roll. The games are very juicy down here and that's with only $100 buy-ins. They will be much juicier when they start having 100-150 BB buy-ins on July 1. It's a great mix down here of old retirees, tourists, and young guns, and I think it will have a nice feel to it once it's up and running. It won't be up to speed with the Venetian or the always juicy MGM out in Vegas but hopefully my roll will allow me to spend 3-6 months a year in Vegas doing well in those games too.

6-9 months in Florida and 3-6 months in Vegas grinding cash sounds like a good plan to me. Less lazy/vodka, more hours grinding will be the plan. Sometimes you don't realize what you had until it's gone and I totally feel that way about playing live cash games. The second time is going to be the charm.

Turn those bats around Cardinals and good luck if you have a team in the NBA lottery tonight.

Friday, May 14, 2010

King James

TGIF, or same old same old depending on your view.

Did you know that there are only four people that play sports? Yup. LeBron, Tiger, Tim Tebow, and Brett Favre. That's it man, nobody else is worth two shits if you are competing with those four...clowns.

Boston upsets Cleveland at about +300. Huge upset since all the analysts/idiots picked Cleveland to win it all since they have one of the Big Four LeBron but nope, the old cagey vets from Boston have a different idea and they spank Cleveland in Six. So instead of any Celtics props, or how well they played, or how spectacular their game plan was, or how fantastic their coach is, we get to hear where is LeBron going to play next year. Yup, LeBron of the zero rings, the guy who ends every single season with a loss, yup on of the Big Four Donkeys. Anyway, let's hope for a two good Conference Finals.

As awesome as I thought the Cardinals were going to be, they have holes. No clutch hitting, a suspect bullpen, and their minimum priced fill-ins aren't getting it done. Sure they should still win the NL Central but in a short series when pitching dominates, they could be in trouble. Teams will pitch around Pujols and force Holliday to beat them and from what I've seen of Holliday since he was traded last July, he can't hit in the clutch. A long way to go so time to shore up those holes so we'll see.

Be careful what you wish for. I faded away in the Mookie on Wednesday since I didn't get any AA or KK to get snapped off. So instead I got total shit cards and stole a few pots to stay afloat then faded away in the mid-20s. Ghey fucking tournaments? Nope. I think I'm going to get that TOC seat this week. I think I'm also going to play in the Mini FTOPS Main Event on Sunday. Sure there will be about 15,000 entrants (I refuse to use runners, it's so utterly British and ghey) but wtf, 7500 chips and 12 minute levels maybe I'll luckbox my way deep in that biatch. Fuck somebody is going to win a hundred fifty large, might as well be my unlucky ass.

Hey Waffles did you rent that cool ass bachelor pad with the queen sized air mattress yet? Get to it lad.

Nothing else to report.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Back Yo.

I'm watching my favorite EPL side Fulham play in the Europa Finals and it's 1-1 in the 80th minute. Fulham totally getting outplayed but the match is all square and anything can happen. I have a small wager at +235 that it ends in a draw after 90 minutes and injury time. Let's hope Fulham wins in the extra 30 minute session so I can collect the bet and see the lads get the Europa Championship.

I know Josie I owe you a story and shit it's probably up to two by now so cut me some slack for just a bit longer and I'll get there. Really I will.

I just heard during the Marlins-Cubs broadcast that there are accusations the Phillies are cheating and stealing signs electronically, and if this is so it's a big big no no according to MLB rules. I have not starting to look into this yet so no links but the announcer claimed the Mets were bitching about it, and now Colorado is making the same accusations. It's obvious that the Phils have easily been the best team in the NL for the last two years but if any of these accusations turn out to be true, well I'll have to put them in the Patriots class of cheating, you know the best team and to cheat would just be stupid because they are the best team. More will be revealed.

The BBT sucks so far for me but I am finally recovered from the last two savage beatings.. Maybe since I pissed of Al by talking shit to Michael Craig during Invitational #3 and Al had to hear about from his bosses, that Full Tilt has fucked my RNG even worse than usual. Ever since Al wrote me the riot act, I lost with KK < 55 and QQ AIPF, and AA < KK AIPF. I guess that's not so unusal though, that is six times out of ten I've played that I got two outed AIPF so I guess I'll stop bitching. I will say, don't let me get some fucking chips in the Mookie tonight because I'm going to win this fucker if I do, then I'm going to take that TOC, then I'm going to Vegas and blog every day about how wonderful the BBT and Al are and I'm going to go deep in the Main Event and get lots of TV time wearing all my FTP swag and maybe even one day I'll get a long hippy wig and glasses and wear that get up in honor of our host.

FUCK Fulham 1-2 horrible goal to give up in the 116th minute. Great run anyway.

See all you donks tonight at the Mookie. If you have a pocket pair, do your best to get all the chips in the middle preflop and you will get all of my chips no matter how high my pocket pair.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Mookie

Wow, it's Wednesday already, now I remember how easy it is to slack on writing (or anything else for that matter) and before you know it days, or weeks, or months have gone by and the old adage, "I'm gonna kick tomorrow," comes into play over and over and over again. Guess I'm going to have to pound away until it becomes a habit.

Seeing it's Cinco De Mayo, I'm not going to touch on the Arizona Immigration Law but so far I'm pleased that there has been no interference from the Federal Government, and right or wrong, I'm all about States Rights.

I don't give a shit what anybody says but if you run on the field of a professional sporting event well then be ready to get your ass tased. Who is to say if this idiot fan had a weapon, was going to hurt somebody, or what his intent was, so I'm all for the use of less deadly force, not just in this situation but in any questionable situation to stop a potential threat. I for one am tired for all the rights given to scumbag criminals and terrorists.

Looks like a preview of the NLCS this week as the Cardinals are in Philadelphi and playing tense playoff like games in the beginning of May. Last night's pitchers dual between Hamels and Wainwright was certain playoff mode baseball that unfortunately the Phils won in extras. The Cards need to win tonight against Kendrick seeing they have to face Halladay on Thursday with their #5 starter Kyle Loshe. I'll be checking it out on ESPN tonight.

I do have the MLB.TV package that allows me to watch all 162 Cardinal games and one of the interesting aspects is watching other teams play and getting to hear those other teams announcers. For every good announcing team there are probably three bad ones. I actually wind up watching a lot of west coast games after the Cards or Marlin games are over and I find myself watching more Seattle games then any others because I like their ballpark and they have great announcers. Same as I avoid the Dodger games because I'm one of the minority who think vin Scully broadcast games solo, he's boring, monotone, and tells too many stories. The more I think about it, I like Dick Enberg now doing San Diego games and Jon Miller who does the San Fran games so I do bounce around to those games as well.

Oh, I forgot about this last week but starting July 1, 2010 Florida is going to have real live poker. Up until now I think the highest buy-in for a tournament was $800 and the highest buy-in for a cash game was $100, no matter what limits the game was. How some of these donks played $5/10 with only a $100 buy-in is beyond me. They also extended poker room hours at the para-mutuals from 12 hours a day to 18 hour a day Monday-Friday and 24 hours on Weekends and Holidays. Once this kicks off I'm going to start playing a lot more live poker, probably on a semi-professional basis, with the goal being to again play full-time and to play between Florida and Vegas. Sounds like a plan to me.

Me and the girl are just about done even though I've been thinking that for the last few months. I'm just about to the point where it's time to fold and take what chips I have left and go find a new game. What's the hang up you ask? Well without a doubt the passion has not died by any means, man if you all only knew right baby, but the circumstances are just too difficult to overcome at this point, and a clean break is probably what's best but totally cutting off those ties so far has not worked for either of us. Let's see how it all plays out. Maybe some real heart break and pain and longing, mixed in with a little passion may make for some good emotional writing. That and some vodka.

I'll see everybody tonight at the Mookie. Oh ya, go save Waffles from his a certain horrible ending.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Derby Picks

Okay, here we go with a couple of Kentucky Derby Picks. This race is wide open and as I type this the favorite is all the way up to 8:1 which is the highest I've ever seen a favorite.

I've narrowed the field down to two that I like the best.

# 1 Looking at Lucky
#12 Conveyance

So I'll start with a $4 exacta box 2-12.

Since the odds are so high on all the horse I have to take a stab at a couple trifectas. Hit a tri win a couple grand I think.

$1 Tri 1 w/ 3, 4, 12
$1 Tri 12 w/ 1, 3, 4
$1 Tri 1,12 w/ 1,12 w/ 3,4, 6, 13, 20

$40 to take a shot at a couple thousand, sounds good to me.

Hope everybody is having a fabulous weekend, especially to those that want to be somewhere else.