Saturday, September 18, 2010

College Football Saturday 09/18

College Football for Saturday.

2-2-1 on the season for college.

Well I made a bet on Arizona +2 and Arizona on the ML +125 on Wednesday after Chad and I reviewed this weekends action. We also took the Pats at -1 then too before that line got bet up but I'll add that in on tomorrow's plays.

As for what I've been posting on this blog I have no college picks this week. The schedule sucks, the lines suck, so I'm not going to force anything at this point. I will continue to look into the later games and if something catches my eye or I get a hot tip I'll post the play.

There has been a lot of line movement so far this year and if you are playing the games this year I hope you are keeping an eye on the numbers from as soon as Monday and you're not afraid to make a bet early in the Week if you really like the game. Even half a point makes a huge difference so there is no sense in liking a game and losing 2 points because you didn't pull the trigger early.

Look at the Pats-Jets game on Sunday. If you liked the Pats and you see the game opened at -1 and you think the Pats will win then you have to bet it right then. Sure it could swing the other way but then you can still get your money in again on the Pats at say Pick'em but with all the Jets meltdown the is everywhere in the media it was obvious the Pats number was going to go up and it's now actually up to -3. Huge difference between -1 and -3 and it makes no sense to miss -1.

Of course if you like the Jets well it was smart to wait and you might be able to wait even more because while I don't think it will go to +3' it may go to +3 -105 or +3 even.If you do like the Jets I'd take it at +3 now just in case it goes down to +2' then you can still put more on it if you can get -105 or even.

I hope everybody is kicking ass on the games as well as on the felt, heck in life too. I'll catch you all in the morning with some pro picks. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going there as I destroyed the books in Week One of the NFL.

I'm holding on tight for both of us baby. I've got you right now beautiful so lean on me for the whatever strength you need.


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