Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oct 10

Dolphins got blown out on National TV. The Hurricanes not only got blown out but they quit on National TV. I'm single again (for real this time) after 18 months. Rough week man. On the bright side the weather broke here about three weeks early so no humidity and it's gorgeous outside.

I love Les Miles. He's got the biggest nut sack out of any coach, at any sport, at any level. Man that guy gambles, he's not afraid to lose, he's not afraid to be criticized, and his teams are exciting and fun to watch. It's also nice to see him beat Florida too.

How about Boise St.? Put them in the SEC West and tell me how they do against LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and Arkansas throw in Florida and South Carolina from the SEC East and do they even finish .500 in conference? Answer that question please before you rank them #3 in the country.

Tough week in the NFL

Hilton Contest 10-10. Stupidly took Miami two weeks in a row. 12-8 would look much better.
Baltimore -7
Buffalo -1
Green Bay -2'
Houston -2'
Detroit -3

Shit five favorites. How scary is that especially since I'm mostly a dog bettor.

Last Man Standing Amazingly made it to Week 5 and I'm totally undecided this week.
Green Bay -2'

I don't have any real huge plays this week. It's a strange week because there is only one division game so we get lots of match-ups with teams who aren't used to playing the other team so there is really no extra emotion involved. Maybe try to find a trap game where a team is coming off a big divisional win and then has a big divisional game again next week.

Enjoy the games.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger lightning36 said...

NFL = playing the slots so far.


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