Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday Oct 3

At least I didn't lose. I really thought long and hard about betting both Stanford and Florida but thankfully I decided to pass on both games. Both games had trap lines, where the books where giving the bettor what looked like a ton of points and in both cases they just looked too good to be true. In Vegas, any time it looks too good to be true immediately bet the other way so while I didn't make bet against the too good to be true and make money, at least I didn't fall into the trap to throw money away on Stanford and Florida.

Denard "Shoelace" Robinson, from down here in Deerfield Beach and now the QB at Michigan has to be the front runner for the Heisman Trophy. The kid puts up 500 yards of total offense every week and he has all the RIch Rodriquez doubters up in Ann Arbor quiet for a change. If I hear Tyrell Pryor's name in the same breathe as Shoelace then the Heisman is a popularity contest and it should be cancelled for the travesty. I'm just saying.

Hilton Contest 7-8, Yes that sucks.
San Fran +7
Buffalo +5
Washington +6
NY Giants -4
Miami +1

Last Man Standing 1 pick remaining.
Washington +6

Okay I'll bite on McNabb coming back to Philly and making it a game v. the way overrated Eagles. I had it narrowed the Skins or taking the Giants over the horribly phony 3-0 Chicago Bears. In the eyes of a bettor the Bears are 1-2 and were absolutely gifted two wins so I see let down time on a short week for that phony bunch.

I hate laying big numbers and I got bit in the ass for relapsing and betting on N England laying -13 last week but I'm not sure how a crappy phony 2-1 Arizona will keep it close to an angry and pissed off San Diego. That line is up to 9' and if you like San Diego I'd say get it before it gets to 10.

My plays for this week. 8-5 +2.9 units on the season.
Washington +6
NY Giants -4
Miami +1'

Donkey bet- 3 team six point teaser. 1:8 to 1
Tenn Pick
Atlanta -1
NY Jets Pick

Two Team Parlay 2.6 to 1
NY Giants -4
Miami +1'

I will be checking out the lines for the single matches at the Ryder Cup and I might make a wager or two depending on the match ups. I'm not a fan of Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Jim Furyk, and I am a fan of Jeff Overton, Hunter Mahan, and Steawrt Cink. We'll see how those match-ups go before I pull the trigger.

And finally a big shout out to my baby. May you do well in your mini-triathlon this morning and that you are able to set personal bests in all three phases. I know for you it's all about competing against yourself and finishing more than it is the times but I'll still be rooting for personal bests. Also, don't forget the full body massage when it's all over. I'll be sure to get all those special areas that aren't totally used to swimming and biking okay babes, with particular close attention to those that fits perfectly into the palms of my hands. Love you baby. I know you kicked ass!


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