Monday, December 13, 2010

Winner Winner

That's right, 2010 WPBT World Champion.

I'll have a much more extensive trip report and a recap of the tourney run very soon. I got to do it right this year, thanks to Skidoo and Waffles sharing their room. With no worrying about driving home I got to do the late night at the Geisha bar which I closed down around 5:30am with none other than my good friend Iggy.

Iggy actually pulled the trophy out of the box right before we crashed and although I took a quick look I wasn't going to touch it until I won it, and as we all know now it's exactly what I did. Not bad, closing down the Geisha bar with Iggy, three hours sleep, trying not to puke during breakfast at Aria, a zombie like state as the tourney started, then lots and lots of focus as the tourney started going deep.

While you wait for the rest of the details I will leave you with this.

I always try to keep them satisfied!

What a great way to start off my moving back to Las Vegas.