Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a Week

I love this time of the year. March Madness heating up, Baseball opening day, the NBA play-offs around the corner, the April Venetian Deep Stack which leads right into the WSOP. It's a great time to be in Vegas.

Opening day sucked for the Cardinals. The team was uninspired, they made too many mistakes, a real lackluster effort. I wonder if this contract thing is going to weigh on Albert Pujols seeing he went 0-5. He popped up in the first with a runner on third and one out, then proceeded to hit in to three double plays. I expect a big year from Albert but the pressure is really on him. He sucks this year St. Louis will have a ton of payroll to play with the next few years. Let's hope today was just a horrible day and the Cards will fight for the pennant.

I've been playing poker on off days the last couple of weeks. Usually it's Thursday-Sunday but since March Madness it's been more random days instead. I start watching the tournament games that started at 9am Vegas time and I just can't seem to pull myself away. That's alright though, next few months I'll probably be spending 60-80 hours a week grinding out a years worth of bills in a three to four month period.

Speaking of poker I'm still taking some shots playing the Texas Hold'em Poker tournament at the Orleans. Last week I donked off early but still there were 271 players which gave a first place of just over $6700. Awesome really for $125. Decent field, great structure if any locals want to come down and play.

Finally got some couches for my living room.

I only had a recliner but now I'm styling with some real furniture. A big thanks to Angelo and Ellen for getting a new leather set and kicking me their out (late2008) set. Between the new couches and the awesome foam bed, I'll be having the hotties up here in no time. Oh and if you are a hottie and want to come over, give me a shout, I promise I'll show you a great time.

Yes my twitter followers know but here is another great picture.

Some white trash neighbor, who just happened to get evicted two days after, sucker punched my ass. I did get up off the sidewalk and beat that fucker down. Yes a couple of drinks before the ruckus, but no need to sucker punch. I guess his life is fucked and I'm the big guy he wanted a shot at. That certainly backfired for his punk ass. Cops came a couple hours later and it was either we both go or we both stay. He got shy on the Clark County Detention Center so we both got to stay. Punk ass.

I do have some other good stories to tell, but I'll save them in case nothing interesting happens in the next few days. Well interesting seems to follow me around but they involve me, a poker table, two hot married woman,  (separate days separate woman) and my talents. I guess it's a good week to win at poker, break even almost at college hoops, have two different married chicks want me badly (are any married women happy) get in a fight, get new furniture, and have a very successful meeting. Ya, just an average week.

Play well. Run Good, Get lucky, Get Laid, and tell somebody to kiss your ass.

Peace out.

Miami Don

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen time. Vegas won't be rockin' quite as crazy as last weekend but there still will be plenty of action at the sports books and poker rooms. I had a break even first weekend and luckily I bailed out late on Florida St to get to there but I primed for some wins this weekend.

First pick is BYU +3 and BYU +135 on Money Line. I was wrong on BYU last weekend but I think the seeds are backwards and the wrong team is favored.

I also like San Diego St which is currently a Pick'em. I'm going to wait and hope some UConn public money comes in and hope gets me a point or a point and a half.

That's it for today as I'm passing on the other two games.

On the Poker front, I'll be heading down to the Venetian for some more cash games today, then I'll probably play the Orleans tourney tomorrow night. The Venetian has been packed lately so let's hope for some juicy games with all the March Madness nuts in town to drink, bet basketball, and gamble.

Also hoping for some overflown crowd at the Orleans tourney tomorrow. That has become the Friday night spot and a chance to turn $125 into $7000 knocking off the locals.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Friday action. Good luck on the wagers and run well.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've played maybe 10 Mookie's this year, I've won two and get two outed on the river in the other 8. I can't bitch too much about last night because BrainMc two outed me but of course I two outed him at the WPBT and that led me to the win. I want to take lessons from Joe C to learn how to run like Athena. Someday right?

So what's up in Vegas? Cash games good, tournaments meh. Played the Orleans last Friday and bubbled the fucker. Out in 28th, top 25 paid. It's actually a very good tournament, mostly all locals, lots of dealers, floor people, semi-grinders, and occasionally the big named pros. For $125 and with first place usually over $7K it's a great tournament to build ones game. I hope to take that down within the next few weeks.

It is March Madness so I'll be living at the Venetian for the next couple weeks playing all cash games. Lots of people in town wanting to gamble, drink, bet on the basketball games, and playing poker. The room will be jam packed, so good times all around. It won't be a good weekend for the ladies since most of these guys leave their other half at home but if a girl ever wanted to come to Vegas and life multiple fantasies (other than the girl-girl) these next two weeks would be it. Sausage fest of gambling, drinking, and playing poker.

Two years ago March 13th. Crazy how things began and how they've progressed but they are still going with no end in sight. Love you baby.

I'm thinking Duke back-to-back.

Oh and since every other fucking old/new school blogger is getting in shape, I'm getting on the band(wagon) as well. Running, gym, better diet, less Vodka, and I'm in the game too. I haven't stepped on a scale lately but I'm guessing just over 230 seeing how the pants are fitting. The goal is 215. You think you love me now ladies, wait for another six months and you'll seriously be in big trouble.

Boring right. I hope I don't lose that edge, my appeal right?

You're beautiful baby.

Run well everybody.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still Waiting

Yes, it's time for another blog post, yes I promised two a week no matter what but let me say this one officially doesn't count due to perhaps circumstances beyond my control. Tomorrow will be a monumental day either good or bad and I give a pardon until then.

Today meant a lot to me and not just because of the NCAA brackets but for personal reasons. I guess I'll find out MY standing after the pardon period expires. Until then, know I'm glad to be back, I will continue writing, I'll keep everybody up-to-date on my comings and goings and I feel I'm about to make a run of epic least for me.

Keep running good everybody, stay positive, and it's all about Hope.

Miami Don

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Return

señores y señoras
nosotros tenemos más influencia con sus hijos que tu tiene
pero los queremos…
creado y regado de Las Vegas
Miami Don!
He were go!
Yes, blatantly pilfered. 
Here's the word. I'm back in Vegas, I'm living small, I'm grinding again for a living, and I've got the wood for March Madness. Golf has just begun again, 70s within' 4 months, (I'll take all side bets even money) I've started getting back in shape, pharmie free for over 4 months, still like a taste of vodka from time to time...oh yes and an occasion escort/hooker/bar pick up but just be gone in the morning when I wake up with a sans opiate hangover.
And of course I still miss my beautiful baby in St. Louis. Actually I hope to grind an airline ticket and some buy-ins for the WSOP-Circuit at Harrah's St. Louis from March 29th-April 13th. Anybody want to take a trip to the Lou for some Circuit donkaments and some juicy Midwest cash games? Free digs, you just have to go drink or grind cash when my baby comes over because we certainly take over the whole crib. Seriously though, free digs, we can swap shares, two weeks in the Lou, catch some Cardinal games, and of course, cocktails.
The best thing I did was leave Vegas, quit poker, and go back to work. 20 months I was gone. I'll say this to anybody who took a shot and either got bored, flamed out, or that that work would fulfill that missing piece or your soul,'ll be back. It's just the fact. I had a successful business and sold it, I got recruited to go back to Florida and get hands on to do a start up. I thought my ego and needs would be met, make big money, be in charge and my assessment of that; it sucked ball(s). I'd much rather grind, take some shots at tournaments, live on the cheap, bang random fly-over-state hotties, and come and go as I want.
Look, this is all just me. There are a lot of days I think a wife, three kids, 9-5, would sooth my soul, but at almost 46 years old, time for that has passed me by. Perhaps a hottie from E'ville with a late born child, yes I'd raise that beautiful child, but other than that, I just think it's too late to be tamed. For the other 98%, yes at times I envy the stability, but when it comes down to it, why now?
I'm still on a small string, I need to run good early as my buy-in level is under 15. I still like to take chances and if I love a college hoops bet this week I'll take a shot. Same at the poker table, if the game is great, if the situation is perfect, shit yes I'd put my whole roll down on one cash game, I'd take my shot, I'd fucking go for it. I did that with my life in the past, way more important than a bankroll, never mind I invested everything I had and what I could borrow on a wing and a prayer and I turned that into a successful business. Sometimes you just have to go for it, take a risk, let the walls down and put your ball(s) or vag on the the line.
And one big lesson, no sense judging people. I've learned how wrong that is. Unless you've walked in somebodies shoes, well you certainly can't know what they think. I will give unsolicited advice to many Twitter friends that constantly call people dumb or stupid, you might want to stop. Intelligence is way overrated, and those who thing they are superior when it comes to smarts, really you show your insecurities. And really nobody gives a fuck when you take a shit, or rub one out, or are at the bar, or this store, or this restaurant. Check yourself. Again just advice.
I think I've grown up, I think I see more clearly although I know I need 'readers' but I'm too lazy to go get some even though I want to be a semi-grey hair with a the rope around my neck that lets my glasses hang. I've been humbled but I'm still confident. I'm still highly competitive and I still think I'll kick your ass although variance may play a roll. I've stop judging although I'll always observe. Don't ask me what I think if you don't want to hear what I may say. I'll also stand up for those who can't for themselves. Don't hit a woman, or bully somebody, or talk out your ass because I will intervene. 
Live and learn. Live and let live. Get busy living or get busy dying. 
For those I've offended, I'm sorry, I hope you forgive. For those who saw past the facade, I embrace you. Thank you for seeing the real me. 
Carpe Diem my friends and above all, No Regrets, Never any Regrets.
I'm back. Oh and stop over playing Ace-Jack you donkey.
Miami Don