Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've played maybe 10 Mookie's this year, I've won two and get two outed on the river in the other 8. I can't bitch too much about last night because BrainMc two outed me but of course I two outed him at the WPBT and that led me to the win. I want to take lessons from Joe C to learn how to run like Athena. Someday right?

So what's up in Vegas? Cash games good, tournaments meh. Played the Orleans last Friday and bubbled the fucker. Out in 28th, top 25 paid. It's actually a very good tournament, mostly all locals, lots of dealers, floor people, semi-grinders, and occasionally the big named pros. For $125 and with first place usually over $7K it's a great tournament to build ones game. I hope to take that down within the next few weeks.

It is March Madness so I'll be living at the Venetian for the next couple weeks playing all cash games. Lots of people in town wanting to gamble, drink, bet on the basketball games, and playing poker. The room will be jam packed, so good times all around. It won't be a good weekend for the ladies since most of these guys leave their other half at home but if a girl ever wanted to come to Vegas and life multiple fantasies (other than the girl-girl) these next two weeks would be it. Sausage fest of gambling, drinking, and playing poker.

Two years ago March 13th. Crazy how things began and how they've progressed but they are still going with no end in sight. Love you baby.

I'm thinking Duke back-to-back.

Oh and since every other fucking old/new school blogger is getting in shape, I'm getting on the band(wagon) as well. Running, gym, better diet, less Vodka, and I'm in the game too. I haven't stepped on a scale lately but I'm guessing just over 230 seeing how the pants are fitting. The goal is 215. You think you love me now ladies, wait for another six months and you'll seriously be in big trouble.

Boring right. I hope I don't lose that edge, my appeal right?

You're beautiful baby.

Run well everybody.


At 6:30 AM, Blogger Josie said...

You want to run like Joe C? nevah happen. :)


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