Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen time. Vegas won't be rockin' quite as crazy as last weekend but there still will be plenty of action at the sports books and poker rooms. I had a break even first weekend and luckily I bailed out late on Florida St to get to there but I primed for some wins this weekend.

First pick is BYU +3 and BYU +135 on Money Line. I was wrong on BYU last weekend but I think the seeds are backwards and the wrong team is favored.

I also like San Diego St which is currently a Pick'em. I'm going to wait and hope some UConn public money comes in and hope gets me a point or a point and a half.

That's it for today as I'm passing on the other two games.

On the Poker front, I'll be heading down to the Venetian for some more cash games today, then I'll probably play the Orleans tourney tomorrow night. The Venetian has been packed lately so let's hope for some juicy games with all the March Madness nuts in town to drink, bet basketball, and gamble.

Also hoping for some overflown crowd at the Orleans tourney tomorrow. That has become the Friday night spot and a chance to turn $125 into $7000 knocking off the locals.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Friday action. Good luck on the wagers and run well.


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